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  1. Thanks for the blog entry - checking it out, especially GPS Tuner.
  2. It's possible (if not likely) that GMM for Blackberry is different than GMM for WM6 - but it would be unfortunate if they didn't have the same features.
  3. I made my own in Google Earth. Just create a waypoint and then right-click on it in the Places and Save As... .kml (not kmz). I'll try it with a bunch of geocaches and let you know what I find out. Ok, it worked, but it only shows the 1st 9 waypoints so that looks like the limit. Also, it only shows the waypoint name and not any of the other info (as far as I can tell). Here's my basic procedure: I have all my caches in GSAK so I set a filter to limit them to 5 miles then export to Google Earth. Then in Google Earth, I right click on the cache folder and save as .kml. I upload that (with the extension .txt) to a web site and then search for that URL from GMM and I see the 1st 9 caches.
  4. I made my own in Google Earth. Just create a waypoint and then right-click on it in the Places and Save As... .kml (not kmz). I'll try it with a bunch of geocaches and let you know what I find out.
  5. In GMM on WM6, I can type in a URL to a KML file in the search field and the waypoint shows up on the map. I've only tried this with one waypoint so far and the KML file has to be online (not on the device) and, of course, you have to type it in. Also, the web server needs to know what to do with a KML file - in my case, it works just fine with a .txt extension - GMM knows it's a KML file. If the file name doesn't change and you use it often, it should always show up in your last search list.
  6. Cool! Could you provide a link to that press release? The nuvifone page doesn't have anything about it, and neither does the Garmin Press Release page. I don't see anything about geocaching. http://www8.garmin.com/pressroom/mobile/013008.html If they used the same development team that made Garmin Mobile XT (and possibly the Colorado?), then geocaching functionality seems to have fallen off the back of the stove. At least Garmin isn't making any claims about their geocache-ability. However, if the developers who worked on the 60 series manage to sneak back in, maybe all their devices will have a usable geocaching mode once again! I'm hopeful (since I use Mobile XT for a PPC with built-in GPSr and it's crying out for a geocaching mode).
  7. Thanks for the info, MrOvation. I haven't checked out Handango, but I like how you can specify your device and see what's supposed to work with it. I'll try out TackyPro and let you know. My geocaching wish list is very short - see caches on a map, route to them onroad and offroad (with an arrow), and ideally show some cache info, but even just launching the online page would be fine. If Garmin would just realize that someone might want to geocache with their PDA phone and added the rudimentary geocaching features of their handhelds (ok, their OLD handhelds, like the 60cs(x) - it looks like their newest Colorados have the same geocaching features as GMXT!).
  8. I'm not able to get the tourguide feature to work at all with GMXT (for smartphones w/built in GPSr). I see the POI's as normal POI's but with no proximity warning. If I take the "tourguide" out of the file names, then I get proximity alerts, but of course, only when I am routing right past them. Can you tell me how you configured your GPX to get tourguide to work for you? I'm assuming you get a proximity warning even when you are in map mode and not routing right past the POI?
  9. Sorry you feel like that, but we adopted a Highway that just happens to be in the ABDSP. and we are going to clean the highway not the Desert state Park. Cal Trans owns the highway and the rightaway for the highway, about 20 ft each side and that's what some of us will be cleaning. So, lets just move the trash outside 20 feet I remember seeing cachers go out to 100 feet cleaning up trash. I take it you will remind them to stay within 20 feet of the roadway? Please, I hope you will consider, for the sake of all the people driving by and seeing the SD Geocacher's sign and not knowing about the ABDSP cache war, picking up all the trash visible from the roadway!
  10. Thank you - I've been trying to get this to work with Garmin Mobile XT but not having much luck. Maybe something that it just can't handle yet, but your "cookbook" will help me find out! GMXT, at least the palm version doesn't support custom sound for custom POI's. It also doesn't support pictures linked to custom POI's. I get the feeling the PPC version doesn't either. I can load a poi file that has speed/proximity alerts (they show up in the POI description) but if I rename the files to include "TourGuide", those disappear (which might actually make sense, probably wouldn't want to see them during a "tour") - although, the POI icon does become the one from the file with the same name. But I'm not getting alerted as I approach them (neither sound nor text).
  11. I don't think we have all the info to make that call since we aren't privy to the status of the negotiations. They asked us to wait. I meant, thanks to abdspcacher making it clear that gc.com can't regulate all physical caching in the park anyway, there might not be any point in reaching such an agreement. I certainly do not have any info on the current status -- and I'll try to be more optimistic!
  12. But, as abdspgeocacher makes clear, gc.com doesn't currently moderate all caches in the park. What would be the point of agreeing to anything with gc.com if freelancers will just do whatever they want anyway?
  13. Do you understand how what abdspgeocacher did could hurt all of us? I think if people don't understand this, then we will keep taking steps backward.... I'm hoping that all those "pirate" caches are actually "virtuals" (i.e. hoaxes). If unpublished, the only people logging DNF's on them will be the rangers. Which, I'm sure, will annoy them, but would not result in non-rangers trampling sensitive areas. This should not be surprising to either the park service or gc.com when it comes to trying to control the internets. Whether or not the park service and gc.com come to some sort of "understanding" will not prevent anyone else from doing their own thing, so maybe this will make it apparent to the park service that gc.com is not and cannot be responsible for what everyone does out there. Sadly, right now it appears unlikely any "understanding" can be reached where people can leave officially sanctioned boxes in the park. Maybe this will be an opportunity to elevate Waymarking.com usage in San Diego though (which I think is going to combine with gc.com at some point anyway).
  14. Thank you - I've been trying to get this to work with Garmin Mobile XT but not having much luck. Maybe something that it just can't handle yet, but your "cookbook" will help me find out!
  15. OK, it's January 11 - details please?
  16. I have it on an AT&T Tilt w/built in GPSr. I've created TourGuide files of caches and they appear in my Extras listings, but I never get proximity warnings. Does anyone have this working?
  17. Cache Logs January 3 by Notaranger (8 found) This cache has been removed per ABDSP new geocaching policy. btw...nice try. That is fine with me, the part I could live without would be the comments like................" nice try" or................"just out picking up trash" I suspect the "nice try" is a reference to a misunderstanding of why you archived the cache. NotARanger probably thought you did that to hide the cache listing from them, rather than to keep cachers from looking for the cache. If you had made it "members only", then that might have been appropriate but in this case, NotARanger should have thanked you for your cooperation instead. Oh, well, ugly situation all around - looks like San Diego is now ground zero for geocaching blowback. How we handle it will probably be very important to the future of geocaching in our area.
  18. The goal is to have Wherigo on every device known to man. If you add your device on this page it will give us an idea of which devices to focus on first! Is it supposed to work on Windows Mobile 6? I thought PocketPC and Windows Mobile were the same thing.
  19. Doesn't seem to work on WM6 either (AT&T Tilt)
  20. How the heck will they remove an Earthcache. If they feel cachers are destroying an area trying to get to the earth/virtual cache, they will ask GC to archive it. I'm curious to see what an indian cairn looks like. Anyone have pics of one? Skillet, thanks for relocating Ginger!'s cache. I wonder why they didn't put a little sign next to the cairn describing it and asking people not to touch it? I guess they thought that would encourage people to dismantle it?
  21. I have the current version of Garmin Mobile XT (not sure if it's 10?) for smart phones (WM6 w/built in GPSr) and the current version of POILoader sees the phone as a GPSr and copies the GPI file to the storage card on it. However, and this is really odd, it puts it in the \poi folder (at the root of the card) but I then have to copy it to \GARMIN\POI for them to show up in Garmin Mobile XT. If the GPI file is not in the \poi folder, it won't show up in Tools\Manage My Data (and when it does, it shows up twice), but if it's not in the \GARMIN\POI folder, the waypoints don't show up in the maps. Go figure!
  22. I got the Garmin XT card today and so far with the minimal testing I've been able to do, it's a very pleasant change from Google/LiveSearch. Several times in the last few weeks, I've actually brought my 60cs along because routing with Google/LiveSearch has been fairly unreliable. So right now, Cachemate & BeelineGPS for caching and Garmin XT for routing. I'm going to check out "smache" mentioned earlier. Garmin Mobile XT has been very nice for auto routing and I've been able to load caches in as custom poi's. Unfortunately, they don't show while you drive around, only when you route to them. So, still looking for a WM6 solution that will show caches on a map while you are driving around! But at least with XT, I can list all the caches nearby and route to one, then use Cachemate or BeeLineGPS to find it. I'm surprised Garmin did not think that anyone would want to use their software for geocaching after building that functionality into their handheld units.
  23. Hey, congrats on 4000 posts to the SDCE thread!! In 1, 2...
  24. I'd like there to be a Favorites for searches (so I don't have to type in "Starbucks" every time I'm looking for one!) P.S. I only have a 60cs so if the "x" has this, please ignore!
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