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  1. I just emailed it to you - I've been uploading them to my cache itself - not a log or my profile. This is the first time I've had this happen as well.
  2. That's what I thought, but the original image is only 118KB - so it seems that there's some correlation to the actual compression used in the jpg as well. I can email you the image and you'll see what I mean. Because of all the detail in the topo and GE images, I had to compress it to 75% to get it under 120KB. GC.com must be checking the image size uncompressed or something. Most of the images I've uploaded I compress to about 20% to get them under 120KB.
  3. Well, I found the flaw in relying on uploading photos to GC.com - the resizing!! Here's a nice topo GE overlay of the area, which got shrunk when I uploaded it! Here's a piece of the topo I used as the overlay: And a slice of the overlay in GE:
  4. Well, I found the flaw in relying on uploading photos to GC.com - the resizing!! Here's a nice topo GE overlay of the area, which got shrunk when I uploaded it!
  5. You could wrap yourself in duct tape and try to crawl under some SUVs? Y'all gonna.. get greasy!
  6. I think it would work with any log - on any cache (assuming you can delete photos you've uploaded to them), even your profile. I think it's great because I've probably posted a hundred photos by now!
  7. I don't think it's always (or even generally) offensive - a "newbie" is someone who is new at something. But maybe a "noob" is different than a "newbie?" In any case, I don't think TrailGators was trying to offend himself!
  8. Here's a little known secret (or maybe widely known) - you can also delete the photo from the log and it'll still show up here (they never actually get deleted from the server, it seems). I just upload all my photos to our own cache and then delete them as soon as I capture the URL.
  9. If you're trying to make us envious, well, it's not going to work!!
  10. Google Maps version for the Google Earth-impaired (the waypoint is for that cache, but you can see the airfield) On edit - funny, I don't see a J&J log for that cache!
  11. Hmm, I see what you mean, if he underrates his caches by a star and this is a 4.5 star....
  12. So if we organized a cache event expedition to get this card, can we pick the next dozen candidates?
  13. Excellent! We just need to make sure someone goes up there occasionally to retrieve the bodies. B.R.A?
  14. I dunno, after Thing Valley wiped me out on it's 50' elevation climb... I'd like to try though!
  15. Shhhh! Don't introduce logic here!
  16. It's so expensive here because... there are no oil wells in SoCal there are no ports in SoCal there are no refineries in SoCal oh, i know, it's because by the time the gas flows down the pipe from Denver, everyone along the way has siphoned it off! Just like that river over yonder!
  17. Hey, make it an event! We'll all bring confetti --er, maybe birdseed (since I don't want to CITO it)!
  18. How many caches did you end up bagging yesterday?
  19. Congrats to TrailGators and Miragee on 1 ! If they haven't hit it yet, they will very soon (they were very close yesterday)! Got any special cache plans for the big one?
  20. Thanks for the great adventure today!
  21. Congrats to GoBolts! on 1 ! If he hasn't hit it yet, he will very soon (he was very close yesterday)!
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