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  1. Do you not have a background layer?
  2. Your Canon software does a nice job of stitching - that's a beautiful photo (must help to have a Canon camera!!)
  3. Here's a new Banter Project: Deck of Postcards Panorama Step 1 - stand somewhere and take a bunch of photos. Don't worry about lining things up, but do make sure that your photos overlap and generally are vertically centered around the same horizon. Step 2 - download your photos to your pc Step 3 - resize your photos to 640x480 (usually results in images that are 50-100KB each). Step 4 - open up each photo in your photo editing program and resize each one bigger by 2 pixels setting the background color to white with the current background centered - the end result is your photo now has a 1 pixel white outline Step 5 - repeat using black as the background color - end result is your photo has a 1 pixel black border around the 1 pixel white border - save your photos Step 6 - create a new image document that is roughly 600 pixels high by 640 x # of photos wide - I've added the forum color to my palette so I can select it for the background color of images that will be posted here. Step 7 - paste each of your photos into the new document as objects or layers Step 8 - if you want no shadows between the photos, make sure you layer them in order (which order determines which direction the shadow goes or vice versa). Line them up as best you can (sometimes it helps to increase transparency of the one on top while nudgng it around). You don't necessarily want them lined up perfectly (sometimes your perspective had changed enough to make it impossible anyway). Step 9 - You might have to rescale the image to 50% of the original size for posting to the forum (before you add the dropshadow) if you plan to upload it to gc.com. It would probably also be a good idea to make the white and black outlines 2 pixels rather than 1 (I neglected to do that - but then, I didn't really plan this out before I did it) so that they don't get lost during the rescaling. Otherwise, you might not be able to upload it to gc.com without it getting resized. Step 10 - Select all the photo objects/layers and add a drop shadow. Make the shadow fall left if the topmost photo is to the left or to the right if the topmost photo is on the right (so the shadow doesn't fall on the adjacent photo) Step 11 - Crop your image to just around the photos/shadows. Save as a jpeg, upload to gc.com, post to forum (perhaps someone can translate those from Photo PAINT-ese into Photoshop-ese).
  4. Thank you, Smiling Lady 13! I have a new Acrobot TB ready to set loose, but I didn't want to leave it sitting up on a mountain. I'll have to find a more reachable ammo can soon!
  5. Thank you! Here's the view South:
  6. Scenic photo of Double Peak for TrailGator's 1000th: (actual scenic photos to come when I have some time to splice 'em together)
  7. Congrats to TrailGators for 1000!! (I saw him do it too!)
  8. Oh, the more the merrier - it's all about page-turnover here (not that the *ahem* competition is even competitive)...
  9. I think it's a great idea, however, it didn't work. There needs to be a better way to pull that off.
  10. Whoa! I didn't even notice that!
  11. And didn't we even meet at 7am for one of them?!?!
  12. I'm all for nostalgia! I happened to be on the ugly side of the mountain and was checking it out - UGLY!!
  13. FYI, you can drive up a paved road to the icon at the bottom of this photo - that's the end of the pavement - a dirt road continues NE beyond that (with no gates) but I didn't have time to see where it went.
  14. Which is very important! I wish I bought my GPSr at REI! (assuming that return policy is true!) I just went and bought one of the REI staffs - couldn't wait to figure out that puzzle cache! I'll put it to the test on Saturday!
  15. I need any/all caches in that area The rest of the day... I'll probably be in intensive care!
  16. Actually, the REI one looks good too - has the tripod mount and weighs quite a bit less: Tracks Sherlock Walking Staff vs REI Hiker Vibra Stop Staff Price: $49.00 vs $57.00 Weight: 16.5 ounces vs 10.6 ounces Shaft material Aluminum vs Aluminum Maximum length 57.5 inches vs 57 inches Minimum length 42.5 inches vs 27.5 inches Item 471038 vs Item 703524 Hmm, that's something to mention to Santa (but not via that #$#$% puzzle cache!)
  17. That's it!! I'm excluding all puzzle caches from my pocket queries now!
  18. Got me! Mine looks like this: I'll play around and maybe figure out what the limits are using my software (Corel PHOTO PAINT). I'll probably continue this on the Banter thread once I have a better idea! Thanks again for getting the full sized version to show up here!
  19. Thanks for uploading it elsewhere! So it doesn't work on a log either - strange. Maybe there's an upper limit on the width (mine is 1075 vs yours 1000) and height that is undocumented.
  20. Ahh, it looks like I've stumbled into an old bug somehow?!
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