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  1. Er, we're about the same speed - if it makes you feel any better, you'll probably beat me to 300.
  2. This is what I got from an online translator.. I have a couple coworkers who speak German if you don't get a response by Monday. Nimm with so alone am me. Okay you come also yet with greeting PRETENDER007 Take me with are so alone. Okay you also still comes along Greeting Pretender007 babelfish.altavista.com translation
  3. This is the approach we took (direct route up, leisure route down):
  4. http://bra.geocoin.net/ Thank you!!
  5. Can someone tell me the web site to log the B.R.A. smashed pennies? I left mine in Indian Head Peak. Thanks!
  6. Here are some Indian Head Peak shots: Dodgeocachemobiles at the staging area It doesn't look toooo far It sorta does look like an Indian Head Getting closer... TB Party at the top Contemplating the return trip SDCET looking at their elevation charts in awe
  7. Here are some photos from the event! Lights, lights... .. more lights... ..so many lights... ..getting dizzy... Thanks for the fun!
  8. Move back here - we'll create an event cache to help you unpack
  9. It's been disabled for a couple of days to try to solve some of the other forum problems. More info
  10. Seems to me that a cache like this is more punishment for the cache owner than the finders
  11. Since it's rolled off of most of the current pages in the forums, the event of the day is: Christmas Lights Geo-Walk 6:30-8:30 PM
  12. Hehe, maybe I'd better bring a couple of bikes and a trailer to hold the water
  13. Hey, that's strangely close to this: K Cache Hmm, that seems odd. Wonder why that would be? Is there a plan for tomorrow yet? Beyond that one cache at 8am?
  14. Yeah, like the DAK Girls multi-caches! Those are multi's that pay off in smileys!
  15. Whaa!? Moved on?!?! That wasn't in TG's book! Maybe I'd better read YOUR book!
  16. That's very cool (the logo) - I put it on my cache page! Thanks for sharing it!
  17. I was actually FTF for one puzzle cache - so I know I can actually do it. The cringing comes when I contemplate whether I have a few hours to spend puzzling over ONE CACHE! Not usually! But then when I went to one of the caches in "Puzzle Canyon" and had it list all the nearby caches, well, that made me cringe. P.S. You have to solve TG's Who Are You? cache to get the coords to the humongous ammo can with his books in it. P.P.S. to TG: See, I told you I could send some finders to your cache - now will you send me the Teacher's Edition?
  18. Uhhhh, I'm one of those who cringes at puzzles - if I tag along, will I have to log each cache with a note?
  19. Hey, that's strangely close to this: K Cache
  20. TG, thanks for the copy of your booklet ("San Diego Puzzle Caches for Dummies")! Ooops! Meant to send that privately...
  21. What did you think Santa did with them the other 11 1/2 months of the year? Made toys for 5 billion people..... Noooo, that was the *elves*!!!
  22. What did you think Santa did with them the other 11 1/2 months of the year?
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