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  1. Sorry, this page has been censored - please skip over to the next page. Management I am actually tempted to post that pixture again... Noooooo!
  2. Sorry, this page has been censored - please skip over to the next page. Management
  3. This thread is getting a bit low on the list!
  4. Jeepers, we just did Cerro de la Calevera - probably passed by a bunch of waypoints for that one (uh, didn't look in the cache closely enough either).
  5. I'll add my $.02 to the "kick-to-the-next-page" event
  6. I think it looks interesting - I have to admit I'm just a little confused by the web site. I can't quite figure out if I'm supposed to add waymarks that match a certain category (like locationless?) or log that I've found waymarks that someone else has added (like virtuals?). It doesn't seem quite as intuitive as the geocaching site. So don't give up yet - I think a lot of us just haven't really explored it enough yet.
  7. Yeah, that was pretty good - how about this? Oboy, western scenery is the best. Wonder what it looks like from the other side? Not to mention, there's probably something a bit more satisfying about using a paintbrush instead of photoshop...
  8. Yeah, that was pretty good - how about this?
  9. 1) Where is the meeting place? 2) Is it just the Hi Point trail that is narrow and steep or is Palomar Divide (where it isn't paved)?
  10. You do have a good memory - with the forums search function non-functional, I've lost my bearings. Mmmm ....
  11. I'm resisting FTF Fever - it's my only New Year's Resolution
  12. Ok, it's hard to keep up with this schedule (what with all the popcorn all over the desk) but - why not McGinty on Saturday and Palomar Divide on Sunday?
  13. Okay, SUUUURE you looked in the right spot!
  14. I'm looking forward to the photos in the critters thread! Uh, what, no photo!?!?
  15. Haha, just looking at those two caches made my brain hurt. Maybe one of my new year's resolutions should have been not to look at puzzle cache pages. The good news is they both look fine now.
  16. I don't see any photos on You In, but something seems wrong with that page - I don't see anything below the cache description (using IE). On edit - now I see it, but I also see a <![endif]> after it?
  17. That looks like fun! Mostly walking - no 4-wheeling? Oh, hehe - just read the description for Hi Point Lookout.
  18. Aaargh!! You got me on that one!
  19. Ok, Harmon, you can put the Just Kidding! cache container back now! P.S. What's the answer to your joke?
  20. I wasn't intending the car to be a ghost (QDMan can breathe now) - more like history fading away. I thought fading history could have a shadow!
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