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  1. I think it's an awesome idea! As far as winning a Jeep goes, well, that would be O.K. as well! The saddest day for me was when I had to sell my '85 CJ, I'd love to customize one of these JTB's to look like my "baby" (looking forward to the official word on that)... Steve
  2. It looks like you chose the "Monthly Premium Membership (Renews Monthly) $3/month" option. Is that what you wanted? Steve
  3. Actually, this is a really cool idea! I'd be willing to "sponsor" some of the cost for this! Maybe we could even get Groundspeak to "donate" a TB to attach to it (the number could be engraved on the staff in case the tag was lost)! Then it could be logged and tracked as well! It would be awesome to see where it went! Steve EDIT: I can't spell
  4. We're new to caching (only 10 finds)... I take both of my kids with me (6 1/2 and 4), they love it (we've made it a weekend "ritual")! Not to sound like a broken record here, but we used to spend the weekends watching the "tube". We have been out and seen more in the past month then we have in the past year! Geocaching is an awesome family sport, we love doing it! I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend: out enjoying nature, and at the same time, enjoying time with my children! Steve And when the weather warms up, we may even be able to get Mom out as well!
  5. That is awesome! I'm going to be ordering a staff from you as soon as I can get my "team" to work out some details! I think what you did here is great for the community, you rock! Steve
  6. Have fun! I wish I could be there! Oh well, maybe next year! Steve
  7. Take a look at this thread... Steve
  8. Thanks everyone! I think I'll hit up a store for tick repellant. I'm just paranoid about using it on my kids. Oh well, I'll just have to be careful with it (I actually toyed with the idea of putting tick collars - the kind for dogs and cats - in their pockets while caching). Steve
  9. Found one getting fat and happy on me yesterday. Man, I really hate ticks! So let me ask: what is the best way to remove ticks? I used my special tcket removal tool: tweezers... I've heard you can use a lit match to get them to detach, also covering them with vasoline. I tend to think neither of these methods would work very well... Steve
  10. Great idea...but I cringe to think of the number of sockpuppet accounts that would be created. So many great pleas so far. This is going to be tough. El Diablo I am NOT a sock puppet, I am a human being! And I would love one of these staffs! You do awesome work El Diablo! Steve
  11. For us, the amount of time it takes to find the cache depends on how well it is hidden (some take 2 minutes some 20). Right now, the kids and I are just doing traditional caches, and most are picked based on location. We are "attacking the caches closest to home first... Steve
  12. I take my kids along with me caching. They love to see what's in the cache. In the beginning, we just did the TNLNSL. Now, since the kids are into it more, we went to the local Wal-Mart and bought some swag. They will trade with brand new, unused (in the package, if it will fit in the cache) toys. We have done 10 caches and only traded one or two times. We are having fun finding them though! For our first and tenth, we left GeoCoins... This sport rocks! If you want to trade, trade up. If you don't want to trade, enjoy the hunt... I must be lucky, for the most part, the swag in the caches we have seen, is all good stuff. The only things that seem to show some wear, are the TB's (to be expected)... Just my n00b .02! Steve
  13. Practise makes perfect! I'll have a liquid lunch and try again later! Steve
  14. A 3? That is such crap! What a biased rating system! You only gave me a 3 'cause I'm a noob... I'm outa here! This place sucks! Steve It's a multi-suicide
  15. What is this crap? I just had another of my virtuals shot down! Every time I try to do a new cache these freakin' cache nazis refuse to approve it! I've had it with this CRAZY sport! I'm archiving all of my hides and I want all of my posts removed IMMIDIATELY! If you need to contact me, I can be found at my NEW HOME (where my efforts and my input happens to be APPRECIATED!)... www.virtualneedlepoint.com Steve
  16. Been reading for awhile, been posting since...what time is it now? Steve
  17. For me, third times a charm!
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