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  1. TO: CEMPORS 1 - The cointact has been made in Idaho!!! I retrieved from the glowing mailbox before any traveling by muggles could grab it and study it before I could. 2 - I shall study it while I keep it safe from muggles who might want to take it from me. 3 - I am reporting number 013 ..... whoopie!!!!!!!!! It really is a LUCKY number you know?!!! 4 - It has made this earthly recipient glow....from happiness Thank you so much for selecting me to be part of this cointact unit study group! Congrats to all other members!!! And good luck to others Signing out, LD/SPUD/OWNER OF 013
  2. Congrats to Toojin....I know she was happy about the coin in such a hard time for her .... glad it all worked out for you Lenny and.... Lookie who else got one of these beauties!!! I think he found it a few days late but better late than never huh??!!!! Talk about a happy guy!!! (and you shoulda seen him looking thru the rest of his coins after that LOL) River Cacher and his Goofy Geocoin
  3. oh my gosh!!! I was attempting to clear off the huge stack of papers, bills and newspapers on the table to make room for Toojin to coming visit today and as I was shifting through all the bills I screamed. LOUD!! I yelled "I GOT A GEOCOIN PACKAGE HERE" and "who brought in the mail?" (it was upside down at the time) .... so I turned it over and saw it was to myself from myself and screamed again while clutching it to my chest....AND IT'S A MYSTERY COIN!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I'm not sure how long it was stuck between bills but I quickly opened it up and saw a coin I had never seen or heard of (I fell off the face of the earth since getting my new job) and was totally in shock and awe of my newest number FIVE!!!! mystery coin!!!!! THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!! The timing of this coin was perfect as I have been overwhelmed on how to juggle everything with working both a full time job and a part time job and being a mom and wife...yada yada....and this beautful coin makes its way to me with its very special meaning. Next time I get overwhelmed I will remember to look at it. I really like how they buffed out part of the paint. Classy!!! sigh.... A million thank you mystery person!!! : ) :D Congrats to the other lucky recipients and good luck to others!!!
  4. I had a sweetie from BARSTOW, CA send me a package to myself from myself....and in it was a highly desired geocoin on my seeking list....THANK YOU FOR YOUR THOUGHTFULNESS!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
  5. Hello again everyone!! I have just listed the last of the geoocoins that were sent my way to help out our friend Mike Davis aka River Cacher. I am now all caught up. I just posted 15 coins from you wonderful people!!! Thank you!!!! This last go round is from dorsetgal, The Klever Boys, Burgessfour, shop99er, The G O'Coin B.U.G. Esquire and another anonymous donor. I am listing one link from here right now...from there you can view by seller's other items.....(dinner is waiting and i don't have time to post them all unless someone wants to help me out in that respect)....here is one of the beauties you will find on ebay for a great cause!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=STRK:MESELX:IT THANK YOU AGAIN TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT HAS BEEN HELPING MIKE OUT. YOU ROCK!!!! HUGS!
  6. close but no cigar....congrats to those that win
  7. oh my gosh. I am SO sorry to hear this really sad news. I have traded geocoins with Diane several times since discovering geocoins way back when and it has always been a pleasure corresponding & trading with her....whether it was personal coin trades or for other coins or to just talk about other issues we both had in common. My heart goes out to you and your entire family. She was a great person and will be missed. I will add you all to my prayers. My deepest condolences to you all.
  9. I got them today!!! I love them!! and Jonah got one in his birthday gift pile tonight too...He's a big fan of yours ya know just like I am
  10. I was bit by the bug too :wub: Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! I never knew how much I could love a bug!!! XOXOX
  11. Jacob was happy with his secret santa package too!!! Before: After: Thank you so much for the helping him to smile
  12. ohhhhh Butterfly Lady....do you know how to make my son happy or what?? I don't know that I've ever seen a box so crammed pack full of goodies in my life!! and the cost of shipping it here too???!!! Holy butterflies!!! You went soooooooooooo far above and beyond it is truly amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE YOU PUT INTO JONAH'S BOX. HE WAS SO EXCITED BEFORE OPENING, DURING OPENING AND STILL NOW. The coins you gave him were above and beyond let alone everything else. oh my goodness...thank you so much....he loves it all....
  13. I really, really, really want to thank my secret santa 2009 for making my Christmas complete!!! It's like you've known me forever with what you picked out!! How could you get everything so right and wonderful?? OH YOU SPOILED ME!!! WOW!!!! AND MY FAVORITE THING IS THE MRS. POTATOHEAD CANDY DISPENSER Thank you for all the thought, time and care that went into my package!! THANK YOU UFGATORGIRL!!!!
  14. Greetings. I just want you to know that The Cache-A-Teers (both Jacob and Jonah) and myself all got our packages and I will be posting about them this weekend. I am a bit behind on some things but am most ANXIOUS to post pictures of smiles and treasures!!! You all totallly made our Christmas!!!! Thank you!! and thank you for your patience in me getting the pics posted this weekend. hugs!
  15. Here is another coin that has been relisted (winner paid on it last time and said to relist it!!)) woohoo wonder who that sweetie was?? lol Here is your new auction!! ANASAZI SPIRIT DWELLER UTE GEOCOIN *RC CHARITY AUCTION*
  16. Thank you for posting those Lenny and thank you to everyone who donated to the baskets...they just loved them all thank you thank you!!!
  17. 12-27-2009 Still catching up on my emails from the holiday weekend....and gosh...there is another sweetie out there who has just bought one of the other coins I auctioned off on behalf of Toojin....who has paid for it and said to relist it!! yay!!! HUGS TO YOU!!!! Thanks!! Off to read some more emails
  18. Thank you Toojin for helping dr.neal with his link. The holidays and my son's soccer tournament this weekend have kept me very busy I sure enjoyed your special story dr.neal about the person who bought it and then turned around and had you relist it again. That is awesome!! Such wonderful news!! This is the second time I have seen this happen. Another sweetie on here did the same thing to a coin I auctioned off for Toojin. Blessings!! Speaking of blessings....thank you everyone for all that you have done so far for Mike and his girls. They were invited to our home on Christmas eve day (with some other local River Cacher supporters) and were presented the holiday basket that many of you contributed to. His girls were just so excited about everything and ohhhing and awwwing that it was joyful to watch!!! I took plenty pictures to share (that Toojin has been sweet enough to offer to post for me so look for them soon!) Mike was very happy with his box too that included some coins and the rest of the cash that he hadn't gotten yet from auctions won and or direct deposits. They were all so very thankful. Thank you all for making this happen For those who sent coins to be auctioned (instead of gifting to the holiday basket) I have received them all I think and marked them all down in the spreadsheet. I will do my best to get them listed on ebay this week and some next week. I am starting a new job Tuesday so please bear with me as I try my hardest to juggle everything in a timely manner. Thanks again to all of you. You are the best!!! You truly truly are!!! Remember to watch for the pics Toojin is going to upload Off to get those to her and finish responding to the rest of the emails that came in over the weekend. HUGS, LD
  19. Thanks for all the help mutual friends of Mike You are doing a great job!! Here are three more auctions to add to the list! SquareD22 GEOQUAHOG GEOCOIN *RC CHARITY AUCTION* The last winner of this coin had me relist but gave the money to RC so it has a new name on the donator! Thank you !!!!!!! 2009 IDAHO STATE GEOCOIN SE VER. *RC CHARITY AUCTION* HAZARDOUS GEOCOIN 1ST IN SERIES *RC CHARITY AUCTION* READ THE STORY ON THIS ONE ~ TOO IRONIC THAT MIKE JUST MADE THIS ~ MIND BOGGLING REALLY I think I have responded to everyone emails thus far today, besides listing these coins and getting Mike more money today thanks to all of you. I am going to go *play* the rest of the night and tomorrow I will open your packages and let everyone know if their holiday basket stuff and/or auction stuff arrived. I am giving it until tomorrow since we have one more day of mail coming before the holiday. I don't *think* they do mail on Christmas eve...do they?? There sure is one really big box here lol ps Mike has really been appreciating all your efforts dear friends. He has been able to buy gas and food and used some of it for clothes for the girls too. He was really happy he found some good buys and was able to get the girls more stuff for the money. He is a good shopper lol He is SO thankful for your help!! ok I'll post more tomorrow!
  20. Hi everyone, I have been very busy working the last few days and so my appologies for being behind in replying to posts and answering emails. I will try to be caught up by tomorrow with everyone who has contacted me and/or posted on here that I have not responded to.....so hang tight and thank you for all your interest and care in helping out River Cacher. Thank also to our kind donators thus far and people who have bought those coins. You all are just wonderful people and I hope great things come back your way. I will comment more on this tomorrow. What I can say for now is.... Yes we are still accepting all sorts of help for them Yes we still accept things after Christmas too ps I have received some packages and will let those who sent them know or I will post about them here. Thanks again everyone
  21. Thank you Michigan Cacheman and pagenfrog You are very much appreciated!
  22. SILENT RIVER CACHER CHARITY AUCTIONS If you do not have an ebay account or paypal account and want to host a silent auction, you may do it here IN THIS THREAD if you follow a few rules: * Post RC silent auctions in THIS thread (so we can keep all them together/easier to track). * Only TRACKABLE coins are allowed. * Keep all communication between buyer and seller private (emails or pms). So post your coin and then the rest of it is done away from this thread. * You can then send River Cacher the funds direct to his paypal or to mine in care of him. PagenFrog - I suspect your auction might even get merged into this thread because I did seek permission from Eartha for this subject after talking with you, I just hadn't had a chance to post it yet. I was even debating about changing my mind in posting it wondering if we really needed to go this route with our other options out there....but it seems to be a hit so far so this is cool. Michigan Cacheman....about collecting fees on paypal....if you are going to invoice thru paypal then you need to be the one to ship it. When people pay you the buyer, then you are able to make the label from your account and you are the one responsible for shipping it and all. If you had them pay me instead of you (to bypass fees) then I'd have to make a label and ship it and of course i don't have the coin so I can't ship it and am not interested in doing that. My best advice is for you to seek the payment yourself and ship it off and then just send me the money as payment owed (personal) and it will not charge me or you anything. it is a new option available that maybe you haven't seen. People pay bills this way now. FYI about collecting money....Any coin that I sell for others or that others sell on their own and send me cache ooops cash for....is going into a spreadsheet for Mike and I both to keep track. I will be sending the paypal funds to my bank account and then caching it out and giving Mike that cash to use as he needs. I think he likes this option best. Its just easier for him and less stress. If anyone decides/wants to send Mike cash direct to his paypal, that is fine but please let me know so I can keep track of it on the spreadsheet for him. If he's having a bad week or something it might not get noticed and not get put on the SS. Thanks again everyone....you all ROCK!! ps Mike made it thru his chemo with a story today....but he's doing great!
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