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  1. You are an angel....when you wanna be which is MOST of the time....but .....
  2. I received two very special packages from two nice geocoin friends today I received a handmade lorca.nl sig item with her paw print and it has a star attached to it too for those who know me well know I really love stars and collect star stuff, though that wasn't why it was sent to me Thank you so much Anne for your thoughtfulness!! I love it!!! I also received a package from RedShoesGirl with several sig items in it and I thank you as well!!! I think maybe if I wear this ultra cool arrowhead necklace you made to a cowboy shoot it might bring me better luck!! Thank you so much for everything!!! I love them all! We are leaving for camping for 4 days so when I get back I'll try to upload some pics then but thank you both for your thoughtfulness!!
  3. awww that's just downright ROTTEN sorry to hear someone had to stoop so low....
  4. Love those Let It Snow coins in there Smort hehehe very nice!!
  5. Personally...I've had a package I mailed to the US from the US take THREE MONTHS to get there!! I'd give it more time before I did anything...you didn't send it long enough ago to worry about it yet. Good luck!!
  6. I'll have an extra Idaho one to trade ya!!
  7. You don't have to register to trade people on the trading gallery....i did it for years without joining...but now that i've joined it...its well worth it Happy Trails on your searches!!
  8. Cheapest way is to make your own, make it appealing and everyone will be knocking on your door to trade or buy it!! That being said, sometimes its better to start out buying double of every coin (keep one, trade the other) until you know if you want to keep doing it. Less out of pocket money that way.
  9. I've done a little of everything... 1:1 2:1 3:1 trackable-non trackable non-trackable - trackable multi trades - multi trades le - le htf - htf gift - gift & it keeps going and going ~~ hehe
  10. That dark knight sure is a swell knight congrats to the latest recipients!!!
  11. hehehe too funny!! For anyone wanting some really cool sig items and LARGE sig items too...you'll be happy with trading lordzogat...they are truly awesome!! We were both happy with our trades!!
  12. Congrats to all the latest recipients!! You are all angels! Just like the GA
  13. The other side is supposed to depict the Star Garnet which is found in Idaho and a few other places. Inside the "star" area is a potato waving (to show a bit of Idaho humor). A picture of a star garnet. oh boy a star......................... it`s a really beauty hè, is there a chance that it falls in my mailbox someday CONGRATS GATOULIS whit your IDAHO STAR. sent you an email
  14. I felt the same nervousness with my v1 coin and mine was the second to come out. Cornerstone's mint was faster than mine so he claims fame to being first, dirty scoundrel What I appreciated about those who didn't really care for it...was that they would trade me but find something else off my list, still allowing me to get the coin I wanted of theirs. There is a couple in particular I think of when I say this. Many others would just not respond and you sort of got the message. Someone that will still trade you, even if for something different in your traders, in my book, are TOPS!!
  15. Email me your addy Sparticus06 (thru geocaching.com)...I have an extra Idaho event coin for ya!!
  16. I'd love to trade you (or anyone else!!)
  17. I really loved lurking in this cointest....thanks for the great chuckles!! and congrats to the winners
  18. ps There has already been a gun coin made...MINE!! Not only does my mrs potatohead v2 coin on the backside have a gun belt on her but this is the backside of my latest gw6 non trackable micro coin that I did not use the Groundspeak logo on. I suppose I am opening up a can of worms here showing you all this. I didn't put my guns on there to promote violence but rather because its a reflection of me....a friend who knows me well suggested it. I love guns as long as they are used safely, love western stuff, live in the NW and yes i do use a gun as a tool when caching....sometimes but usually only in my own state lol
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