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  1. I"m very happy for you Valerie and I pray you continue to heal quickly <3
  2. Boy, I haven't been on here in forever but......OH. MY. GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I am in shock by what came in the mailbox to me!! I've been scouring the internet since opening it and I cannot find this version and I do not see anyone else posting it?!! Many many MANY heartfelt thank you's to the friend who gifted this to me. Was it part of a group project? I've missed some of tsuns lovely's so I don't know about all of them. I knew it was a surprise when I saw it sent to myself from myself and I thank my lucky stars it still got to me since it said 1445 instead of 14452 in my address. Thank you to whomever made my day most awesome!!! <3 YOU rock!!!! ps It came in a lovely yellow envelope but the round stamp is unreadable! Love this version!! <3 Thank you friend!! https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCJ486_lucky-13?guid=df5f6396-ed03-45a2-8c98-162f59e8d68c https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCJ486_lucky-13?guid=df5f6396-ed03-45a2-8c98-162f59e8d68c
  3. I thought like you did Karma....I've been out of the loop a bit too...but the wonderful SUPER mystery geocoiner made my day too!!! <3 I am so happy!!! Thank you very very very much....I think YOU are superduper!! :D
  4. I am so very very very VERY HAPPY!!! I went to visit my friend Lenny aka Toojin and look what she gave me! She said she was given an extra to pass along and she chose to pas it on to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much Lenny and thank you also to the kind mystery coin maker/gifter!!! You both rock!! {http://imgcdn.geocaching.com/cache/large/1f76645a-0ef9-4547-9bda-65ea162264d0.jpg?rnd=0.2177197}
  5. Been away from the boards for a bit...got back just in time to read this fun cointest. Way to go contestants, I could relate to many of them lol....thanks tsun!!
  6. Very nice coin (it looks thick in the picture) and I like your cool avatar too!!!
  7. I too was a lucky recipient of a very clever mystery coin giver!! Thank you so much kind smart witted person! Toojin was telling me about this thread at lunch and I got a kick out it. I was happy to later find out she got one. Boy was I suprised to find that my boys had placed our mail in a different place this weekend (they bring it in the house when they get off the bus) and low and behold it was a great mail day for me Thank you so very much It will be going on my coinament geocoin tree
  8. Thank you all for your different types of support. I was able to write Mike's mother a check for $834 and some odd cents this week. She and his brother Tom were both there when I gave it to her and they are both very very appreciative of the help of all the geocoining/geocaching friends Mike had. Mae purchased the headstone last night with the money. She is most grateful So thank you Writeshoprobert who helped out in these forums BIG TIME and thank you to all the people who bid on the ebay coins and thank you also to all the mystery coin owners too, that contributed to our cause hip hip hooray we couldnt have raised as much money without you! and hip hip hooray to lenny too (aka Toojin)...she gave up her jedi mickey to help out even more (I'm hoping she'll get another for her good deeds lol) BTW - It appears that Mike might be getting a 'specially' engraved headstone that he will be sharing with his mother. I will take pictures when they have the memorial service. I think you'll all like it. Again, many many thanks from River Cachers whole family.... ps, Mrs. Davis found three more trackable coins for me to ebay lol....stay tuned
  9. I probably should have mentioned too that Mike's mom was also very thankful for him learning about geocaching and geocoins because.... How he enjoyed spending that time with his family.... How much it helped him to stay well longer.... How much it helped him to keep his mind off his troubles.... How much we all meant to him, as he did to us.... She is thankful in several ways you could say.... Lastly, I also forgot to say that she also really liked this geocoin Someone people paid for her to get one and for each of her sons (Mike's brothers) to get one and for each of Mike's girls to get five each which she knows they will like and appreciate as she does
  10. I just wanted to share something with everyone... I had the opportunity last night of giving Mike's mom aka River Cachers mother, a check from part of the first sales of the memorial coin our group made (Toojin, Dorkfish, Tsun, Georgia and myself) and that YOU all purchased in order to help Mike's family out. It was the first check she got. Another will be coming later. This one was close to $1000. She started crying the second she saw how much the check was written to her for. She was so touched and so moved and sooooo GRATEFUL that everyone did this she was almost speechless. She just kept crying and telling me to tell everyone THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. She has been so worried about getting everything paid for and times are so tough that I know it truly means the world to her -- and it will to the girls too when they get their shares. Thank you all for making a difference...you ROCK!!! []
  11. Hi all, I am starting another thread in order to help out our friend River Cacher's family. His mother recently gave me these remaning geocoins of his to sell for her to help out further with funeral expenses and cemetery expenses. These are all she has to do anything with, as his daughters have the rest of them. I am going to do a silent auction on these to end the same time as the ebay coins I am selling for them. I have posted those today and they end in 10 days, so at the end of 10 days, I will let the highest bidder here know they have won and will send them a paypal invoice at that time. If you are not contacted it means you did not win the auction. Please do not be offended if you do not win. Thank you all again for your help in helping the family out. The memorial coin (see Toojin's thread) we have made has also helped alot...but as you all know funerals and all its expenses can be expensive, especially to a mother who doesn't have a paying job and volunteers at school instead. She is very grateful for all the help with the funds from the sale of the memorial coin that is being given to her and mike's daughters and she is very excited that these geocoins are being sold to help out too as well as the ones on ebay. Here is a list of the silent auctions: ** Non Activated** 2 Ape Cachekinz Tags I came, I saw, I cached Sacramento micro geocoin, black nickel Team Misguided antique silver geocoin Mailbox Forum geocoin, silver (has dardevle on it) version ? Avroair was here geocoin, antique silver finish All in One geocoin, antique silver Geo Jelly version 3, black nickel "Butter" Geo Jelly version 3, black nickel "Habanero Honey" Cached and Confused silver puzzle geocoin (has scratches on the back) Non Activated Coins Mike made: Firetruck, Silver geocoin Football geocoin mike made (red and green glitter Christmas version) gold finish Football geocoin mike made (blue and yellow hard enamel version) gold finish (3) River Cacher Geocoinfest 2010 micro 2009 Black Canyon Beach Luau, antique gold Idaho 2009 geocoin, gold Idaho 2009 geocoin, antique silver Idaho 2009 geocoin, black nickel Idaho 2009 geocoin, antique copper River Cacher 2010 Personal geocoin, black nickel **Activated** Texas Blue Bonnet Geocoin, silver finish I can provide pictures if needed, and am available (except next weekend) to answer questions. I also have some geocoins (some mystery geocoins and some not on ebay) such as this rare geocoin: http://cgi.ebay.com/CACHE-AID-KIT-ARTIST-EDITION-RARE-GEOCOIN-25-MADE-/280682144288?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4159f5a220 Thank you all for your interest and help at this time YOU ROCK!!!
  12. Woohoooooooooo!!! I came home to an envelope addressed to myself from myself....and feeling the weight of it I was pretty SURE I had received a mystery pathtag and so I was doing the its my birthday celebration song with cheer on the walk up to the house...got in the house, put down my stuff and opened it being so excited to see what pathtag it was...and when I did...well I started crying lol...Jonah sees me and says what's wrong mom? why are you sad? I say I'm not sad...I'm happy!!! These are happy tears....look what I just got!!! lol whoooooooopie!!!! They think its funny to see me go crazy over mystery coins or special coins in the mail Thank you Jedi Mickey!!! You made my day!!! or as Jonah says...you probably made my whole month!!! THANK YOU :) and may the force continue on....YOU ROCK!!!!!
  13. I am such a silly cacher...always waiting until I catch up on things and when I do I treat myself to something special. My last treat was that after getting caught up on some money things I would finally go thru my backpack from the last mega geocoin event I went to. Guess what I found in my backpack?? YEP!! A BELL WITCH GEOCOIN!!!! I cannot thank you enough Bell Witch. I truly love your geocoin and boy were you sneaky getting it in my backpack without me knowing. You rock!! Mega thanks!
  14. Every night I have watched the stars and the lights in the sky. They hover over our place and then take dash off quickly. I know the neighborhood skunk must have been scaring them off and that is why they would dash off so quickly. Recently, the skunk met his demise and finally the lights touched down! Yes!!! Off I went to investigate and low and behold...there it was....a beautiful precious mystery coin because I refused to give up and continued to believe!!! I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE, I BELIEVE!!! Thank you Mr. Gray!!!
  15. I have been meaning to post these ALL summer....some cuties that were given to me by good friends of mine. Sorry I have been so late in posting them. My new day job is making me tired at night lol
  16. We would love to see you next year!! It's much fun It is usually either the first or second weekend in August. Hope to see you here
  17. woohoo!!! We opened the packages up tonight...saved 'em for a local event so we could all see them at the same time....and we oowed and we awed over the booty from our generous friends!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH...you guys are awesome!!!! Want a sneak peak?? MICKEY DIVER MYSTERY COIN donated by Mickey Diver Mystery person WORLD FRIENDS (GC&PC NOV 09) donated by toojin MAUISON V2, HAWAIIAN HIBISCUS MICRO (1 BN, 1 S), SHOP99ER GEO LUAU 2, SHOP99ER GEO LUAU 3 donated by Mauison FLUTTERSHY BEE MY GEOCOIN, NEILSENC CHRISTMAS 05, MEDICINE WHEEL, AG, CHARGEMAN & NORDJAS 07, TEAM B&S, BREAST CANCER donated by Maine Family SHADOWS FRIEND (round) Bunny coin donated by NoSnow FRAGILIS EST VITA - CARPE DIEM MYSTERY COIN donated by a kind mystery coin giver He also has gotten some other stuff from local cachers but these are not listed going to be listed here. MANY MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL....FOR HELPING OUR EVENT TO BE EVEN FUNNER AND TO HELP MIKE RECOVER SOME COSTS HE IS PUTTING OUT....YOU ROCK!!!! Black Canyon Beach Luau Committee 2010 BLACK CANYON BEACH LUAU EVENT 2010
  18. awww!!!! Mickey Diver has come to visit Idaho for the Black Canyon Beach Luau!!! whoopie!!! Thank you kind mystery coin giver....you will make our event very exciting to see who wins it....come on ya'll...come to the event lol...you know you wanna!!! Thanks Mickey Diver....you are loved by many!
  19. shucks....toojin beat me to it!! lol At the local event tonight I brought a handful of envelopes to open up so we could see who had donated what to River Cachers upcoming event....and voila!!! This BEAUTIFUL coin popped out!!! Its going to be a great event!!! Anyone who hasn't gotten one yet...just make it to the Black Canyon Beach Luau in Emmett, Idaho this weekend for your chance to win one!! THANK YOU KIND MYSTERY GIVER!!
  20. You are the bestest in Montana my friend Hugs!!!
  21. Hello. I think you are looking for the activation code from a company that does not have them anymore. You need to write Groundspeak aka www.geocaching.com and ask them for the help you need. They can give you the numbers. Best of luck
  22. Hi everyone, It is time for the Black Canyon Beach Luau again.... River Cacher Event If anyone would like to send any donations to help it out...it would be greatly appreciated. River Cacher has put alot of his own money out for it to rent the property for the weekend. It would be cool to see all of you come to it also!! I will post everyones name and items received in this thread after you send them to me. They will be given to River Cacher to raffle off to help make the event money to recoup his costs. If you need my address please let me know. The event is Aug. 14 and it is coming up fast. We can't wait!! Thank you all for your help Ore/Ida Geocachers
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