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  1. Are you collecting. Coins for their Value?? If you like the coin it shouldent really màtter its value, becides value of a coin is in the beholder as there are really no set value on geocoins, I guess the more ppl seek them and the less their are the harder they are to get so maybe there worth more then but again the worth is held in what someone else will pay, kinda like stock, as my old teacher would say, you buy in hopes someone else will pay more then you did. My opinion tho is, if your collecting geocoins for worth your in it for the wrong reasons, again that's just my opinion.
  2. Doin the do!!!LOL Did ya get the coin yet./ Fairyhoney got her's. nope, not yet maybe tomarrow?? GOT IT YESTERDAY,, I HOPE IT HELPED YA OUT,, THAT WAS MY INTENT!
  3. Doin the do!!!LOL Did ya get the coin yet./ Fairyhoney got her's. nope, not yet maybe tomarrow??
  4. Ive been very lucky and also very greatful to recieve quite a few mystery coins.. i traded one when i first started for a LE tengwar, silver around gold 12 minted.. but i dont know if now i would do the same thing, i did not have the understanding i do now.. so i dont think i would ,,plus i have other valueable wanted coins now i could trade instead then i only had very few.. so probably not. i recieved one reciently carpe diem!!! and its final resting place is with me!!!! im very greatful to recieve a mystery coin.. so it stays with me!!!!
  5. ohh ok i remember this coin.. the name threw me off.. i was thinking of another one. thanks for the pics
  6. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! When your ready to part if ever with that LE PLEASE!!!!! let me know.. id trade some of my top keepers and probably a handful of um to get ahold of that coin you covet!!! thanks!!
  7. im focused on finding the remaining tengwars i need, tho they keep commin out..lol i know it a hard mission but would like to keep tring...never give up...!!no never!!! so ones i still need are the .925 silver and 24 k gold old tengwars also a polished nickel around black nickel. and a purple 2.125 that just came out this year if any one has any of these i will trade hefty for the older ones. also i might mention i am going thru my keepers and getting rid of a butt load of them i was not able to aquire this coin or that to complete the set.. so those will be up for grabs during upcoming trades.. so if anyone would like to prebuy one or two of the tengwars that are on presale right now for me and set up the trade id be very happy and greatfull.... p.s. my trade and seeking lists are way way way out of date so please email me for the list
  8. im tring to think what coin this is anyone have pics of the different versions?
  9. omg you are killing me with that tengwar collection! my fav too can we have a closer look to them? please here ya go... enjoy!! the other photos i took did not come out very well.. ones i still need are the .925 silver and 24 k gold old tengwars also a polished nickel around black nickel. and a purple 2.125 that just came out this year if any one has any of these i will trade hefty for the older ones.
  10. <snip>they stay pretty much right where i place them, all uniform, straight, and as neat as can be! i am a bit obsessive about how certain things are displayed! </snip> OV & DJ ~ I find both of your displays very impressive! ~J thank you very much i love them !!!
  11. omg you are killing me with that tengwar collection! my fav too can we have a closer look to them? please SHURE... let me bust out my camera.. also i dont know what ones you have so when you get time send me your list of what you have and a trade list and ill see if i have any traders..
  12. so what your saying is i dont own my own coin?? what??? this is pretty ridiculious!! if you payed for the coin it is your property!! and there for can be sold at the owners will without violation of anything. what am i violating by selling my own property that i own and payed for. i hate to say this because you seem to be a decient guy,, but your opening a whole new can of worms here and i think your over stepping your boundires..infact your stepping on many many toes here, by even implicating such things, and to be quite frank i have to agree with joni,, i dont like it,, and think this is gonna get ulgy!
  13. This from the man who owns 24 different versions of Tengwar and is ernestly seeking the remaining 2 In answer to your points, look at it this way; All Tengwar collectors can go to Scavok's website and see the names of all the versions and how many of each have been minted. They can read the Tengwar thread on this forum and find out which of those versions were minted a 2nd time. Tranquility collectors don't have that luxury because their vendor has not released that information. Add to this the fact that more Tranqs have been minted than any other geocoin. Add to this that the Tranq is one of the most expensive coins on ebay. Add to this that the vendor had previously stated to at least one collector that he had no more tranqs and now (12 months later) lists a bunch on ebay (with NEW in the title). And you wonder what all the fuss is about ? The tranq screams FUSS. It screams CONTROVERSY. Heck, the Tranquility is NOTORIOUS !!! In a perfect world we would all be as tranquil as the coin encourages us to be. Unfortunately we live in the real world where we have to poke the gorilla with a stick in order to see how many bananas he is sitting on. Yes this was from me the man with the tengwars.... If there was as much fuss and low possibilitys of actually collecting the tengwars I probably wouldent be collecting those eather. I never said there was anything wrong with anything. All I said basicly is that its a shame there's so much drama over this coin. I collect the tengwars for many of the reasons you mentioned... The info is well kept,. The designer is a good friend and great person and honest.there hasent been a lot of drama over the coin,ppl don't get mad at cha for owning a handfull of tengwars lol The coins are more realistic for me to collect. Never once did I WONDER what the fuss was about here as I can read and , trust me I totally get it. But that is why I never ventured into the tranq. World. It is a beautiful coin, I love the one I have, but if you think about the number of ppl collecting them and the number minted per version vs how many might have been activated and set free, and or stolen/lost/sitting in an old cachers drawer... To ME its not very realistic to collect them unless I had unlimited funds... And certanly in my case I cannot afford even 1. I've actually not been able to buy ANY coins for a very long time so I'm quite behind on the tengwars. I think with the new ones I'm needing probably about 6-10 of them. Any one want to trade.. Hahaha
  14. the tranquility craze is one of the reasons i never collected them.. way too many want them,, way too many crave them... kinda like tring to get all of tsuns coins.. way to hard. i have 1 tranq. and it was gifited to me by someone special here during a trade.. anyway.. i think theres been too much fuss about this coin.. i know everyone loves them but common ppl lets be realistic here,, 38 versions!!! probably only 1-2 maybe 3 whole ppl know how many were made and its gotts be in the thousands of coins alltogeather. i just think theres been to much drama over one coin here.. just my opinion.
  15. Yoda, Thanks, the top picture is my Tengwars, the bottom 2 rows are very big Tengwar coins i think at 2.125 inches. about the gluing of the stands,, it would depend on how careful you are.. and where you live.. if your in an area that gets earth quakes like calli.. then i would suggest glueing them.. so the stands dont move.. i have full sets of coins so i was sure i wouldent want to move them around. also when i hang them im not the most stable holder,, so when they were not glued the stands would slide.. i also have a 2 1/2 yr old who loves coins so she touches the boxes quite a bit.. and when they get knocked around from her the stands do not move around,, so i glued them. and im happy i did. now if your wanting to move them around or dont have any kids and what nott, dont glue them,, just know if the stands slide one direction or the other the coins will clank on the edges and they will not look uniform. all in all i think its your decision on how your lifestyle fits glueing or not. nice look to your box odyssey
  16. here is how i keep mine, i did alot of reaserch to find out whats out there, and did alot of work to figure out what would be best for my idea of display.. if you look to the far right of the top picture you can see one of my old ideas witch was hot glueing the flips to a display board....but that quickly became very hard to move coins around when i got more of an edition,, so now (the main pics).. i buy a shadow box, and some baseboard and cut the base, to fit the box.. i found out the long way fits more coins.. and i staple thru the edge to the box to make shelfs,, and my latest thing is i got some plastic stands off e-bay very very cheap.... and hot glue them on the shelfs so the coins dont fall over when hanging or moving the display boxes ive made ,, over all cost is about 30- 40 bucks a box, and love being able to look at them every day with out having to pull out a bunch of coins and handle them alot. mind you i did all this before we hit rock bottom on our money situation, but if you have the time and effort they come out great and i would even consider making them to sell if i could afford it!!
  17. it did bring a big smile that was well needed.. were doing ok.. not horribal but not great eather.. weve definatly had our share of trial.and tests this last whie..but just thinking positive, focusing,and working hard, Cass now has 3 jobs, 2 part timers and her hair cutting biz, some days she works 18 hr days. but the important thing is we still have a roof over our head and food on the table and gas in the car, so i have to be thankful,,, we would be alot worse off , but friends have helped us out in huge!! and im very thankfull i joined these forums as i wouldent have knowen such great ppl if i hadent! so all in all were blessed!
  18. im very sad for you.... i cant help much.. but i can swing 1 buy to help ya out ... email sent
  19. OH WOW!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! We've been down and out for awhile now. were trying really hard to get our finaces in order and pay our never ending med bills and so i haven't been able to aquire ANY new coins for a long time ,except a very few i was able to trade for. on Thursday i grabbed my usual boring mail , and wrapped inside the boring mail and bills was a GOLD MAILER!! I took it out with a quickness thinking my mom had sent Zariah something,, but it was labeled to me from me. , and the fact i havent been able to spend tons of time here on the forums, i hadent ever herd of the gold mailer.... so i opened it and turned it upside down,, nothing came out.. so now im thinking someone was playing a joke on me... but then i reached in and there was a small thing taped inside.. i dident know what it was due to not haven any coin mail for quite awhile.. it was this cool mystery coin!!! i was overwhelmed with joy,, how thoughtfull i thought to my self... im number 010 ,, how cool to have such a low numbered coin too!! i really like it, its very fitting for our time in our life!!! THANK YOU MYSTERY GIVER.. I WILL KEEP THIS SPECIAL COIN WITH MY MYSTERY COINS.. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
  20. Indeed it did! Since Chick and I are always talking all things garden, when the mission arrived in a camera case I thought she wanted me to take some pics and send it back to her. lol Actually, she sent the garden to me: a beautiful white Yorkshire Day rose coin, one of Jay's green and copper Eye of the Tribal Flower coins and the cutest pair of rainbow flip flops coin. I can't choose a favorite. Thank you so much! When deciding where to send Mission 1 next, I noticed that some people have been waiting forever. I got it back on the road today though so hopefully it will arrive soon. Regnat populus! Thanks so much, Chickahominy and opalsns. THATS AWESOME, Those were a special version,, and i never recieved my shipment of them and was gifted one so i could have one in my collection.. hope you like it!
  21. I think the first thing is to become an aproved vendor with Groundspeak if you haven't allready. Then after that make a few of each and post a pic and start taking orders thru your website.
  22. your too much bro!!! hope someone post a pic of this years,, id like to see, havent been able to get on much so i wasent able to play this year but still find it funny as heck!!! cheers all!!
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