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  1. Well no coins for me,, but today is Zariah's 3rd birthday, and someone sent her a nice lil minnie mouse card, and addressed it to herself, and it said to our fav geo-girl. i had a hunch but i was wrong,, so were not sure who sent the card.. but that was super nice of you and also what was included was nice of you to send.


    just the fact that someone here remembered her birthday, is special to me... THANK YOU !!! WHO EVER YOU ARE..... i hope i find out who sent that card..because that means alot to me.. and she loved it!! YOU ROCK!!!



  2. VERY SWEET, i never herd from ya, how you doin? im leaving for a few days but can reply from my phone, if your still intrested in getting some wire wrapped, just contact me. p.s. i still oue you a pic of the moon i wrapped, it was quite the challange, but turned out really cool!!

  3. HI EVERYONE,, I would like to trade for the new neptunes to keep my set full, i have a pile of coins here to trade, please send me a mail if intrested. im gonna be gone from tuesday till the 6th but will reply from my phone if you mail me during that time...thanks!!! Jay DJ.J.ROCK

  4. a VERY Nice susprize landed in my mail box today... seems like forever scence a coin landed in my mailbox,,, oh thats because it has been forever!!! but Sivota sent me a guardians of the night AE version!!!! for no reason what so ever.. def. gave me a smile to see a bubbler in my mail box again ,, but geesh what a nice thing for her to send me this coin out of the blue!! and its a special coin because i have all the other versions except the xxxxxxxxxxxxle version :laughing: that ive only herd about lol..


    Sivota, thank you very much for sending me this coin, and also for thinking of me. im very greatful for it and also your warmth you send with it> thank you!!! :huh:





    nice to see you back!



    well i never really left, i just dont have any new coins to show off and my mail box is quite boring the past 6 months. so i just been reading , a peep-er as i call it. i post from time to time. im still here though!! like a ninja!! :)

  6. Holy Moly! :D

    Looks like quite the contest!

    Would have got here sooner but our avatar is a pretty fair representation of our computers speed! :(

    Besides, we were busy rippin' open the mail! :)

    Guess what arrived today! :laughing:






    The coin is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! :D


    Sorry folks, it's not for sale or trade. :(


    We will, however be "sharing" it with our Geobuds by way of discovery! :laughing:


    If it is not too late as far as this challenge goes, it is just to close to tell so we will be deciding the ole fashioned way.......

    we're gonna flip a coin! :(

    And the winner is.......................


    i love it.. may have to discover that at the next local event i see ya at :anibad: awesome job,, still wish i coulda been there to share my laughs!!!

  7. WELL well well after 40 emails from this thread forwarded to my phone today i had to come see what the heck was going on,, so now after catching up on the last 3 pages because i was super busy with the start of last friday our transmission went out and a rockies game on saturday and a rapids fireworks show in the rain sunday and my wifes birthday yesterday, and and and ..my vote gos to cats n fish for partaking in the vocals of my forum mix i did awhile back, and for hosting something i said in the cachinton thread on their news.. good job both of you,, it was a hard decision of who to vote for!!

  8. My dad is an a**. He's a raging alcoholic, a pitiful old man with no friends except those at the bar. He refuses to be a part of my or my familys life. He has only met my 20 month old baby once. And that was when my uncle was in town and He called to meet him. I am glad all of you have a good father. Hopefully I can keep up my ways of NOT being like my father and be the best one I can be.


    Thanks and Happy Fathers Day


    i know im late but i thought i might as well post late better then never...


    my dad was the same way,, my mom and dad couldent be around eachother for 5 min befor they started to fight.. i learned like you how to be a father from what i did not get from my father.. tho the one thing is... and let me tell you if you havent done this you might consider it ..'

    my dad passed away when i was in my late teens..on st pactricks day.. i still have so many regrets of what i was never able to say..there is alot on my chest when it comes to the subject of my so called dad..or more less sperm doner any way my advice is if you have anything good or bad to say to you A** father...just say it!! i deeply wish i coulda got all the things off my chest i wanted to say and have so many things i woulda done if i would have had the chance. but due to a pint of schnapps every day he died in his early 50s. oh and the pain he caused me will never go away.. i dont think anyway... so like i say,, if you have ANYTHING you want to say to your father say it,, before its too late and your filled with regret like i am.


    i love my lil girl and promised myself along time before i ever had her id allway be there for her,, and 3 yrs in ive held up my promise and going strong!! i couldent imagine a day go by with out her!!


    so happy late fathers day too all the good fathers out there who are there for their kids, and to the ones who choose not to be.. your kid will pay for that in the long run!! trust me when i say that!

  9. Very pretty, and a very elegant drawing -- I like it!

    elegant indeed, i like it,,, looks like something ive been working on for a lil bit,,, but not too much like it,, so ill continue forward, but your design is neat good hand

  10. MAN!!! those are fantastic 2 tones!! great detail and the different tones make the elements stand out, i like the look of the edge too with the triangles the different tones,, at least thats what the pics look like!! fantastic design!! :laughing:


    The pictures don't really do these coins justice, especially the two-tones... which will unfortunately be delayed! However, I have complete faith in the people responsible for getting them to look as good as they should.


    I'm considering having some XLE's and XXLE's minted, but these won't be availabe for quite some time yet and only a small number of these coins will be gifted or offered as Cointest prizes. Photographs will eventually be posted (if I decide to go ahead with these) along with minting numbers for all versions, very handy for future reference!


    And... several coin packets were posted on Friday, ten more mystery coins will be flying out tomorrow :laughing:


    Who feels lucky?


    well who ever gets the 2 tones, will be worth the wait. however thanks for being so giving, mystery coiners allways floor me!!!

  11. coins4.jpg






    Here is the front of the NWO Mystery Coins in Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Silver on Gold, and Gold on Silver finishes.


    Still awaiting photographs of the new Gold and Silver coins, so I'll post those once they arrive.


    - Enjoy.

    MAN!!! those are fantastic 2 tones!! great detail and the different tones make the elements stand out, i like the look of the edge too with the triangles the different tones,, at least thats what the pics look like!! fantastic design!! :laughing:

  12. the sun and the moon are my djing insperation,, after the sun and the moon rave.. a dance of electronic music where it starts at night and ends when the sun comes up!! this was my first rave i went to .. havent seen one around in awhile,, but saw dj scribbles from mtv dj,, he was very talented ,, i went home the next day and put some cdj turntables on layaway and boom started djing.. that was probably 15 yrs ago!!

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