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  1. I have two other units with electronic compass and never use it to get me to the cache. I walk to it, distance to end, it gets me within the circle, and I start looking for the hide based on the description and hints. The electronic compass is helpful if you are standing still and trying to figure out which direction to go. I know my directions without a compass. The electronic compass can be helpful for those that do not have their own "built in compass". Or just start walking and the compass kicks in!
  2. There is a fix for the communicator for Triton use. Read about it on the German Magellanboard here: http://magellanboard.alpentourer-alpenpaes...opic.php?t=3797 It can also be referenced in this topic at Tritonforum
  3. Does your computer recognize the Triton? Driver installed?
  4. Ugh. That's a pretty serious bummer. I should have got a Garmin. Magellan Triton could have been an option. Best viewing free maps available for nearly the entire earth.
  5. It works fine if you connect through Vantage Point. Even asks to clear notes when done.
  6. Log them and add field notes as you find them. Upload the field notes days, weeks, months, years, after. The log date is part of the file. Yes you can sort by found, not found, not attempted, needs maintenance, date, type, etc.....
  7. Yes, and when you are finished logging it will ask if you want to clear all notes.
  8. Very little, since once you get within range of a cache you need to stop looking at the GPS and start looking for the logical hide location, along with the description and info given.
  9. all versions available from Here at Tritonforum.
  10. Only two clicks with the Exp GC...
  11. Apparently they will be selling direct from their online Magellan gps store. They have a "notify me" on their site, when the units are ready to ship.
  12. I think SkellyCa has it! What Magellan is going to announce (tomorrow?) for release is going to fill your request.
  13. All maps here are free after you register for under 8 bucks. maps4me Very good maps and Washington/Oregon are available.
  14. I'll answer #1 and #3: 1. Free maps. Yes, if you make your own, and almost free at maps4me ($8.00/year for all) Indiana is available. 3. Google, MSN (Bing), Yahoo, OSM, etc. by making your own. All the info and links to tools needed can be found at Tritonforum
  15. Is there a set criteria somewhere? I must have missed it. I'm not one to bash something that no one really knows about yet. I'm also not an easily frustrated person. I stay a fan of only a couple of professional sports teams and stay with them even in the down years. I tend to look forward, not backward. I am well educated on Magellan and getting very familiar with Delorme. If Magellan is coming out with a new handheld unit, it's probably not planned to turn even more buyers away. Their ownership changed along with their resources to produce something that will hopefully satisfy more users. However, it is impossible to satisfy everyone.
  16. You just happen to be NO ONE, and I am SOME ONE who happens to like Vantage Point and it's easy use. Magellan needs to come out with a new handheld unit or that part of their market will wither away.
  17. Mapsend Topo 3D can create maps compatable for the Triton. Select the region, export it to the hard drive by entering the Triton serial # less the first digit and last digit. Transfer the .imi file to the SD card with a card reader. maps4me is easier and better if the area you need is available.
  18. The user manual, addendum, and FAQ are available on the Magellan site here: http://www.magellangps.com/support/product.asp This will cover your basic use and set up options.
  19. Great maps from that site and continue to add to the global collection!
  20. Most of the instructions for Mapsend Topo 3D do not let you know that when entering the Triton serial # do not include the first and last digit. You might take a look at the similar, only better, maps from maps4me. Half of the US is complete along with several other areas around the globe. The maps are free with a small -$8.00 yearly registration fee. California is available.
  21. The unofficial user manual is Tritonforum, should be able to answer most any question you have.
  22. NG TOPO and TOPO Explorer communicate also. Most of these are from before MiTAC took ownership of Magellan early this year. Well worth it considering the bargains available.
  23. I use the "Send to GPS" quite often for the Delorme. This plug in is with IE only, but Google Chrome is my default browser that I prefer. Any chance of this being adapted to use with Chrome?
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