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  1. The SD card is memory expansion only for maps and media. The 400 is limited to 1000 waypoints, 1000 geocaches, 20 routes, 15 tracks, and only on the internal memory for user content of 20 MB total. What is eating up the memory on the unit? Do you have other maps loaded there?


    Use Vantage Point to back up the internal memory, clear it all out and then reload only the geocaches, point, routes, tracks needed. Keep all maps on the SD card except the original base map.

  2. The quick and easy way to get the PQ on the Explorist:


    1) attach it to the PC with the USB cable

    2) power it on

    3) select "connect to pc"

    4) should be recognized and open the drive to view files, or browse for the drive and open it

    5) open the "Geocaches" folder

    6) unzip the PQ file and drag it to this folder (to unzip, right click and "extract all")

    7) you can place the additional waypoints within the PQ into the "Waypoints" folder if you want them (not necessary)

    8) a good practice to disconnect is to use the "safely remove hardware" icon in the lower right task bar of the PC (right click)

  3. There are several map options that will work in the Triton. The problem is the 300 has limited available memory (20 MB) to add maps. You will need to use a program such as Mapsend topo 3D, or NG Topo to be able to cut a map area you need within the file size limit. There are ways to create your own custom image maps, but again the 300 does not have expandable memory so the map cut area will be small.

  4. Connect the GC to the computer, select "connect to pc" on the unit, don't do anything else with the GC once it is connected. Open the drive letter assigned to the connection (G is what you told us), there should be some files and folders on that drive (it's the internal files of the GC), open up the "Geocaches" folder and drag and drop, or copy and paste your downloaded .gpx geocache files in that folder. Now close the drive, "safely remove hardware" icon in the start bar on the lower left of your computer screen. Unplug the GC and it will startup as normal.

  5. Nice rigging there in the pics, I'm interested to know has your gps ever vibrated out or gotten loose after biking on less-than-smooth terrain? I like the idea, I may have to try it.


    It is very secure at that angle. Take your time with the filing and fit. The GC slot is double tapered and gets tighter as you push it in place.

  6. You've been reading posts all over the place but missed reading the user manual here: http://www.magellangps.com/assets/manuals/..._UserManual.pdf


    There are selectable fields on different screens. You can have a "distance to end" field on the compass screen that will show you the distance down to "0" ft. I use this same field from the map screen.


    This product is not inferior, just not the same as the other one, just as that one is not the same as the other one and so on.....

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