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  1. Something is definitely still going on. I've been trying last night to dip trackables into a cache I found yesterday and whenever I submit, the request times out.
  2. Hi Rock Chalk, Do you maintain the Google sheets doc at: https://www.google.com/fusiontables/DataSource?docid=1aXakWhBACrujKsQJNBgTmw9X4kXJG_q1YRAbDEvG#rows:id=1 Is this the doc you were going to update?
  3. All the caches are in Denver proper. I live in the middle of the series and the furthest one is about 20 minutes away.
  4. Hi. Yes, the Montbello cache is ours. If you decide to go after any more of the series and would like a lifeline, let us know. We're happy to help! That goes for everyone else as well!
  5. Hi All, In case you weren't aware, and are planning on visiting Denver in the near future (for GeoWoodstock or otherwise) the Denver Public Library has created a system-wide GeoTrail across all 26 of its branches. Many of the geocaches in this series are creative and each contains a special code that can be collected and used to redeem a special limited-edition geocoin upon completion of the series. The last time I checked (about a month ago), DPL had well over 100 geocoins left to hand out, so if you're interested come on down! More information about the series, a copy of the DPL "passport" used to collect the codes, and images of the geocoin can be found here: https://www.denverlibrary.org/blog/stacey/dpl-geocaching
  6. If those actions are condemned by the organization then no. If those actions are condoned and/or encouraged by the organization (whether directly by their leaders or indirectly through their own inactions), then I would say yes. Obviously context is key here.
  7. Since I have first hand knowledge of this exchange with the "friend" to which you refer, I suggest you revisit your exchanges with this person before further portraying inaccuracies in a public setting. That said, and for what it's worth, I have met a few DGS members and a few cachers who eventually became DGS members. I have interacted with a few DGS members on Facebook groups on several occasions and have seen many screenshots (not "stories") of DGS member exchanges with other cachers in forums, on geocache logs, etc. etc. Some of these exchanges were positive, friendly, and complimentary. Some of these exchanges were aggressive, mean-spirited, and of low moral fiber (IMHO). After reflecting, however, on these exchanges, I started to consider other people I've encountered in my life... from other hobbyist groups, forums, jobs, places I've lived, etc. etc. and the personal conclusion I eventually reached is that the DGS is just another group comprised of, you guessed it, the same personality types you might expect to find pretty much ANYWHERE: Some people are very nice For others, you have to chip away at the outer "ego" layer a bit to get to the "soft gooey center" Some people are hypercritical cynics (<-- Hey look, here's my category!) Some members are troublemakers and warmongers Some people are two-faced liars Some people are one step above pond scum ... etc... etc... My experiences led me to form opinions about specific individuals, but certainly not EVERY member. As with elsewhere in life, it only takes a few "bad eggs" to ruin things for everyone else. My advice (for the little it's worth) is to form YOUR OWN conclusions based on first hand experiences and facts, then decide for yourself.
  8. A Choose your own adventure for kids... bring your own wands: http://coord.info/GC2VEBH
  9. A lot of people cared about their Challenge find counts... Unfortunately, Groundspeak doesn't care that we care... I don't care about find counts. I care about the time and energy some of us put into trying to create quality challenges just to have them to completely evaporate. They could easily have deprecated the feature, migrated the data off to a slower server and allowed the existing challenges to be played for some amount of time. Lame.
  10. Nice design, Mike. When is the Thunderbolt version coming out?
  11. I dislike [insert element here] and because I seem to have a compulsive disorder that prevents me from ignoring this aspect of the game and, instead, focusing on what I do enjoy, everyone else should feel the same as I do and it must be removed... There's logic for you.
  12. It may not be a "feature" in today's app, but providing an inconsistent user experience between web browser users and app users is a usability issue. Thanks for the route.
  13. When viewing a cache description (e.g. http://coord.info/GC37QVN ) on the iPhone GC app that contains an "implied link" (that is, a link not expressed as an HTML description <a> tag but rather just as a URL that has been auto-magically converted to "Visit Link" by the web site) the app does not convert the URL to an automatic link like the web users experience when visiting the cache page from the browser. The app only displays the URL, but you can't tap on it (or copy and paste it into Safari). The only way around this behavioral inconsistency seems to be to re-encode the cache description as HTML on the website itself (which can be troublesome for some CO's). If CO's don't do this, it creates a troublesome and sub-par experience for the app user. Hope this hasn't been reported before. I searched the "forums" but didn't find anything similar. []
  14. The ability to swipe to delete individual list elements from the saved cache list disappeared a while ago. This is much more useful and time-saving than having to tap into each individual cache and remove it from the saved list (especially when editing lists from pocket queries). Is this a bug or a feature request? It was a feature before. Either way, I'm entering it. Thanks.
  15. How about a bug submission control from within "Settings"? The GC app can populate the last cache I viewed for reference purposes (if the issue was data related) as well as provide a text box to more adequately describe the issue at hand.
  16. Hence the problem with any kind of list like this. In the same way as favourite points, "awesomeness" is completely subjective, and everyone will have their own definition. Any kind of list, personal recommendation from friends, etc. etc. That said, I'd rather have some personal recommendations than looking solely at favorite points.
  17. That one's a must. Combined with the bright colors and illegible fonts. And don't forget to make it all a graphic file instead of text like I suggested before. Oooo! Ooooo! And the background image should be a brightly-colored ANIMATED GIF!
  18. Mark it as a regular (now, medium) and kid-friendly.
  19. The top 10 favorited caches I own have a total of 229 favorite points. Some of my newer ones have been mysteries though, which certainly slows down the find/favorite rates.
  20. You might want to try them again. They appear to be working. If you spot any other errors, or you'd like to contribute to the list, feel free to drop us a line at edgecaching@gmail.com or try our facebook group (please be sure to include the gc code of the cache in question!) Thanks!
  21. Excellent! Thanks for your help! We're also looking for input on non-US caches as well, so if you know anyone, please send them our way!
  22. Now that I've experimented some more I think I agree. If you tap just slightly above the menu link it seems to not select anything else in the menu list. Otherwise if you just tap on the menu link text itself (e.g. Community) it seems to go to some default location (like the forums). What's weird is it doesn't pick the first item in the menu. Still, there should be a way to minimize that effect for people with smaller screens.
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