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  1. On that point, I must disagree. I have been banned several times - they always say I was being disrespectful, but based on the way the policies are written (and similar to what I say in my signature line), everything everyone says is offensive in some way to someone. I feel they were trying to influence the discussion by removing members/posters who voice opposition.


    Some people do nothing other than make jokes about others postings, or argue the opposite of whatever is being posted. (I have been accused of the latter, but I actually do have a theme to my postings). They often continue to post without fail. Others get warned and banned because they point out flaws in the system and argue to have them fixed instead of just accepting the status quo.


    I would be willing to bet that there is a level of difference in the two. I would say that the jester is just that, joking and the other is intentionally causing issues and problems. So the Jester is treated that way and the other is getting what they earned due to the way they act in the forums.


    Or they are just out to get you for no reason what so ever. Perhaps you have never ever done anything to make people suspicious of your actions. Its not like the mods are human and like every one, can get protective of the group they serve. Nahhhhhhh They are just out to get you.

  2. After 4 calls and a return call that never happened after a month an a half I gave up and called Garmin one last time and demanded a RMA on my 400T that has a clock that does not run all the time. I was constantly told it was a software issue and what finally did the trick was my question "If its a software issue then why are not all of them doing the same thing. Only some have this problem" It might just have been to shut me up but they agreed to replace the unit. Promised me it would have 4 gig and would work. I also requested a call tag. For those of you that do not know what that is it is a prepaid shipping label. You print it and use it so that Garmin pays the return shipping not you. Its insured and has the RMA already on the label.


    I shipped it today. Lets see how long it takes to get back.

  3. If you want auto routing then you need auto routing maps. I am sorry but you bought topo maps that are very accurate. Its the road overlays that suck but thats not a part of the accuracy of the maps. Its just a add on that is not supported. It may suck but its true. Its not a fix or a feature change. If you want auto routing you need to add auto routing maps.


    It is very possible to cache with no maps so the lack of auto routing and accurate street overlays will only slow you down a little. Its not going to stop you from finding a cache. You just have to pay more attention to how to get there.


    Hang in there, Its a good GPS and if you want to auto route you have to buy the auto routing maps.

  4. It happens all the time, but it doesn't make people happy.


    I think the vast majority of cachers are happy.. There's a few vocal few in the forums that keep bringing this topic up that appear to be unhappy. When did Groundspeak become responsible for making these people happy? If they aren't happy caching, perhaps finding a different hobby that makes them happy would be in order? They need to be responsible for their own happiness, not blame others and put the responsibility on others to make them happy.


    :unsure: <-- Happy


    Maybe this will help: http://www.happynews.com


    [edit to add happy link]

    Maybe I'm not seeing the same thing, but what I see is a trickle of new people bringing up the topic as it becomes an issue for them, rather than a few vocal people bringing it up over and over (granted, that has happened to some degree, but I don't think that's the case for the most part)

    You have it right. The vocal forum member jump into the threads started by others. We don't create thread after thead on these issues. They crop up just fine with no help.

    Key word -- trickle. Hundreds of thousands of happy cachers out there having fun.


    Anyone look at the cache page in question? Lots of happy cachers. One posted in this topic.


    Archive all virtual caches tomorrow -- the forums would be totally slammed with complaints.

    Groundspeak partners with a GPS related company on a cache page -- yawn, there are caches to find.


    Case in point... there were four "Meet Groundspeak and Garmin" events located around the country just a short while ago. I don't recall a single complaint topic regarding the events.



    User_____#posts in this thread.


    genegene ______13

    mtn-man _______11


    nakia319 _______8

    Renegade Knight_7

    Sioneva ________6

    tozainamboku ___4

    baloo&bd _______4

    Cornerstone4 ___3

    XopherN71 _____2

    Kit Fox_________2


    85 out of 103 posts in this thread are from 12 people. the other 18 are by 18 individuals.

    If that isn't a trickle I don't know what is.

    It has 1404 views on 103 posts. There are threads here that are about no angst things that have 33 posts and 1621 views.


    This is much ado about nothing when compaired to the stuff most people are interested in. Just the same people trying to make a little issue into a big issue.

  5. One big thread for the upcoming work on CO, MT & CA.


    Colorado Update


    I've released a new version of the Colorado mapset, the website is here:




    The release information is:


    Ver 1.30 - 10 Mar 2008

    - New: Added high resolution water data

    - New: Added more detailed land status data

    - New: Added an overview preview image for MapSource

    - Fix: Split tile size in half to help with performance

    - Fix: Tuned zooms/levels to help with performance


    This update was done in preparation of adding an extensive set of track and POI data which is being generously shared by n0wae. I will be releasing incremental updates to the mapset as I finish each quad...


    Montana Build


    Yogazoo (and friends?) have be collecting and processing data with gusto and I've been told the CDs are in the mail.


    California Build


    I've received the DVD/CDs from Marky and Barrikady and will start processing them this week.


    I have the new update but Ill be honest, I have no idea how to load this into MapSource V 6.12.4 and it wont recognize any of the files.

    Can someone please help me. It is my understanding I can use mapsource to view this file and to load it into the Colorado 400T.


  6. Can you describe the free 24k maps you mentioned in more detail? From what I can tell the only 24k Topo maps Garmin offers are the National Parks East/West series. What are the options for 24k topographic maps that cover areas other than just national parks and can be loaded onto a GPS like the Garmin Colorado?
    I'm assuming - please let me know if I'm wrong - he is talking about the topo mapsets I created, specifically the CO one. The website for CO (and WY, UT) is:



    MT, CA and AZ are currently being worked on by myself and others...


    There's also an set for Canada:



    There's also commercial versions for CO and WA - google for Above the Timber...


    Hope that helps,

    Yes I am, However the term "he" is probably an incorrect assessment. :unsure:


    Thanks for the maps by the way. VERY nice.

  7. I searched and didn't find this.


    I had my 400T out today and while driving around Denver I noticed the GPS had me 60-100 feet of the road. I switched to the new free 24K maps and the GPS was dead on with the road. I called Garmin and was told that there is a problem with the topo 2008 on the 400T. "The maps are accurate but the roads are not placed where they should be" I asked about a fix and was told that Garmin was not sure if it would be fixed or not.


    Its a shame that the "Free" maps are more accurate with the road placement than the "professional ones.


    I hope they do fix the road placement as I cant afford the city maps.

  8. Websites are turning GeoCaching into a business. I thought it was just supposed to be a fun game.

    (No offence Geocaching.com)


    you have to pay for:

    ability to be a premium member

    ability to list caches as premium members only $3

    ability to download coordinates of caches - free (or $3 to get coordinates for PMOC)

    ability to download additional cache information - $3/month

    ability to list a trackable item - varies around $4.25 per item


    Gee its the business of caching that allows you to post this complaint it the first place. It seem like you don't care about the business if it helps you only when you don't like something.


    So since you are so upset about this you should stop using the services that you are objecting to.


    It only makes sense and make show us that you believe what you are saying.

  9. I don't post here often but I do read a lot.


    If you have a suggestion post it.


    If its a good suggestion it needs no defense.


    If its a bad suggestion all the defense in the world will not convince Groundspeak to do it.


    So either way, make your suggestion and move on. Constantly trying to defend it doesn't help your case or any others.


    All it does is cause angst and lead to a thread where only a few are really posting back and forth. There has not been a new idea from either side in 2 pages.


    You made your case, Groundspeak has already said they are not making a changes in this area at the moment. If Groundspeak thinks its a good idea it will show up at some point. Harping for or against it will not make Groundspeak accept or kill the idea. It has ti stand on it's own merit.


    Let it go.


    Because there has been no new ideas in the last 2 pages would a moderator consider closing this thread please?


    Thank you.

  10.    There's been a number of threads started by persons complaining about the proliferation of micro caches instead of larger ones.


      I haven't commented on this subject before, but I am somewhat in agreement that micro caches are less interesting, and less fun, than larger caches.  It seems to me to be, in many instances, a case of laziness on the part of the hider.  It's very easy to find somewhere to hide a micro, while larger caches present something more of a challenge to the hider.


      There are some places where only a micro can be hidden, and I have no complaint about that.  Better a micro than no cache at all.


      I know that among the guidlines regarding virtual caches is that one should not attempt a virtual cache in a location where hiding a micro is feasible.


    Prior to considering a virtual cache, you must have given consideration to the question “why couldn’t a microcache or multi-cache be placed there?”  Physical caches have priority, so please consider adding a micro or making the location a step in an offset or multi-stage cache with the physical cache placed in an area that is appropriate.

    Perhaps a similar principle ought to apply to microcaches with regard to larger caches.  Before placing a microcache, perhaps one ought to be obligated to consider why a larger cache couldn't be placed there, with larger caches being given prioerity over micros, just as physical caches have priority over virtuals.


      I'm not of the opinion that the micro vs. larger cache issue calls for as solid a policy as the virtual vs. physical cache issue, but I would very much like to see a policy that encourages larger-sized caches where they are feasible.  If you're going to hide a micro, at the very least, I'd prefer to see it hidden somewhere where it doesn't prevent a site that would easily accommodate a larger cache from being used that way.

    It seems to me to be, in many instances, a case of laziness on the part of the hider.


    That seems a bit rude. I find it interesting that you seem to have the power to read minds.


    As an example, just becasue you think its lazy does not make it that way nor does it give you the right to insult the people that place micros.


    I have a location in mind that I'd like you to try to find a place to hide a micro that is easy.


    I'm not of the opinion that the micro vs. larger cache issue calls for as solid a policy as the virtual vs. physical cache issue, but I would very much like to see a policy that encourages larger-sized caches where they are feasible.  If you're going to hide a micro, at the very least, I'd prefer to see it hidden somewhere where it doesn't prevent a site that would easily accommodate a larger cache from being used that way.


    O goodie, more rules, Please sir, may I have another?


    As an example. There are Many Many Many thread on this forum system that are only about the need for less guidelines not more. I am willing to bet they equal or exceed the number of "micros are bad threads"


    Suggestion to go with the examples.


    If you do not like micros do not do them. Perhaps you should not try to force your idea of what the site needs on everyone else.



    [Personal Attacks and Flames will not be tolerated. If you want to praise or criticize, give examples as to why it is good or bad, general attacks on a person or idea will not be tolerated. ]

  11. It's easy to see how people can get caught up in  their forum posting activities  and get really nasty in the middle of a heated argument. I've been there myself and have wanted to throttle someone who was too much of an idiot to agree with my cherished position of the moment on some earth shattering momentous topic. It's understandable. Having said that, however, it seems to me, that SOME people post in the forums with a definite bad attitude, one of sarcasm and meaness, right off the bat, without needing the slightest provocation. What's up with that?

    Regardless of why people have bad attitudes (there are many reasons), they eventually go away or, more rarely, become civil, IF they are universally ignored (i.e. other people either ignore the thread or reply to it as if they, or at least their bad attititude, doesn't exist). They may try posting a few more zingers, but they invariably give up and move on to another forum where they get the desired reaction.


    In the "real" world, the best way to calm someone down who's shouting at you is to lower your own voice. It's remarkable how well this works.


    The problem in online forums is that someone almost always bites and feeds the vituperation! What's up with that? Instead of responding in kind, respond as if you are so naive that you KNOW the person didn't mean it the way it reads (i.e. ignore the trolling). Half the time you'll be right (they didn't mean it the way it reads), and you'll always have done your part to increase the civility of the forums!

    for those like me that had to look


    vi·tu·per·a·tion ( P ) Pronunciation Key (v-tp-rshn, -ty-, v-)


    1.The act or an instance of vituperating; abusive censure.

    2.Sustained, harshly abusive language; invective.


    Still not sure if it fit, but what the hey.

  12. Dumping the database once or twice a day could be a solution to this matter. GC.COM could allow Buxley to download a subset of the database. How big is would the file be?


    This would mean Buxley would not need to query GC.COM. Inactive caches could be weeded out... Buxley could even put a different icon for inactive caches.


    The only way this can happen if TPTB is willing to make this available and if Buxley is willing work with GC.COM.

    So again, we don't know anything because we are not in the loop. Nor should we be. This seems to be between Groundspeak and Buxley. All the good intentions in the world are not going to change that fact.

  13. Hi tiny,


    my question regarding your post (and TPTB's glaring silence) is...why now?


    Buxley has been mining this data in the open for years, as have lots of other sites...why wait until now to shut him down, what has changed?


    at any rate...thanks for telling me what my business is, and to keep quiet about stuff I don't have all of the info on (and then posting in RED and Underline about stuff you may not have all of the info about) ;):lol::o



    My posting is My opinion not an order to you.


    It takes nothing to read the guidelines. They are VERY clear on this subject. There was no interpretation made.


    The red was because its my favorite color and the underline was because you cant HEAR my verbal emphasis in print.


    I could have easily used the quote box but I don't like those.


    As for "why now" we don't know. Sometimes "we don't know" is the only answer we might get. I know my father is fond of saying "Because". Sometimes that the best answer I get from him.

  14. Groundspeak is not required to respond to a post just because someone asks about it in a thread. Its a business matter and it has been said that they do not discuss business in the forums.


    Since Ed has decided to wash his dirty under ware in public all we have is his side and we have no way to verify if his side is even the truth. (it might be, we don't know) I do know that the Terms of Use do prohibit what he was doing. Other than that I dont know. I only know that what he was doing is against the Terms of Use becasue the terms of use are very clear on the subject.


    "5. Access and Interference

    Much of the information on the Site is updated on a real time basis and is proprietary or is licensed to Groundspeak by our users or third parties. You agree that you will not use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Site for any purpose without our express written permission. Additionally, you agree that you will not: (a) take any action that imposes, or may impose in our sole discretion an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure; or (:lol: interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Site or any activities conducted on the Site or other measures we may use to prevent or restrict access to the Site. "




    So it seems its a matter between Ed and Groundspeak. Its not any of our business. Unless you signed the Terms Of Use for Ed. Then it is your business.


    Therefor, it looks like everyone should wait and see. That's WAIT, not post endlessly on things none of us as accurate information about.

    Thats my 20 cents worth.


    [red and underlines added for my emphasis.]








    even woodstock had its protest signs.

    DANG it!


    If I'd known you were gonna go to all that trouble I would've left it there so we could have some fun with this! Bad timing (the story of my life in a nutshell - Heck! I was even BORN in the wrong year!) - I took it off a couple of hours ago but I could put it back!? Is it too late?

    Mine too.

    No problem, I had a friend do the pic. I thought it would add some levity to the thread.

    I guess its cus daddy was a protesting hippy in the OLD OLD days.

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