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  1. That explains it. I forgot all about the platipus express. F_M
  2. I need to find someone in Australia to complete a locationless. I posted a message in the Australian forum yeasterday. I was shocked to discover that there is a grand total of 197 topics and 744 replies. This forum seems to do more than that in a day. I was surprised, to say the least. F_M
  3. Not sure yet if it was intended to be permanent or not. The last log entry was April last year. I'd guess that if it was going to be un-archived, it would have been by now. I'm going to drop him an e-mail to check. F_M
  4. I've located a nice little park nearby that I'd like to place a cache. I don't have an exact place picked out yet. I looked to see that there wasn't a cache too close, but found that there is an archived cache just outside the park. The park is small enough that anywhere I place the cache will be within .1 mile. Is this a problem? Will that archived cache keep mine from being approved? Should I contact the placer of that archived cache to see if they are going to un-archive it? (if that can be done) Thanks F_M
  5. Hello folks. I'm located in the United States and freezing. I don't particularly like tromping around in the snow filled woods looking for caches, so figured I'd look at some locationless caches. I came across GC3153 - Where's In A Name? and thought it looked interesting. Converted my handle and the south coordinates seem to run just north of Melbourne Australia. So my request is to hook up with someone from down under to reach S 37° 48.96 and take a picture. We both would score the find. Any takers? If so, feel free to drop me an e-mail. Thanks F_M
  6. I'll be hitting Walmart or Target this weekend to get some film canisters. Hopefully they are as free with them here as in your area. F_M
  7. I'm fairly new to caching, but camped for many years. I also believe in the "leave it cleaner than you found it" philosophy. I seldom remember to bring bags with me, but I always pick up some trash on the way out. Many times it is only a small handful, but the way I see it, at lease that trash isn't still out there. Every little bit helps. F_M
  8. I like this idea. Any idea how well Avery labels stick to film canisters? This your new signature item? If you hide a cache with a bunch of these in it, list what they should do on the cache page. Time for me to dig up some more film canisters. F_M
  9. You could also add a micro log and when they use the CITO bag, they can place a micro as well. Pop in a note explaining what to do and it would be a multi use container. Just my 2¢ F_M
  10. I make a wooden nickel and leave that as my sig in every cache that it fits. If I'm going to take something, I always leave something else of equal or greater value. What really bites is when you hit a cache and there's a really cool item and you have crap to trade. So, I try to make sure I have something good in my geo-bag. I might switch sig items at milestone caches, or may get something special for those. F_M
  11. I have to agree. I'm not crazy about micros in the woods. I have found a couple that are appropriate, but most are not. I do like a micro in the woods if it takes you someplace of interest. Like a nice view, or some sort of ruins. I feel that if the whole point of the cache is someone to that place, then a micro is appropriate. Unfortunately these types are few and far between. F_M P.S. I like that quote. Edit: Posted this, only to see that this is my 100 post. WOOHOO!!!!
  12. Your laminating machine ended up going for $95.01 Not a bad price, huh?
  13. Is it strictly a text display, or can you include the maps in your pages? Any graphics involved on the cache pages? What application do you use to show the pages on the PDA? F_M BTW, I will be joining, just haven't gotten around to it.
  14. Do you need to be a paying member to paperless cache? I'm not a paying member, yet. F_M
  15. While I agree with you all that an ammo can is the best, there are areas that they can not be used. For instance, to hide a cache in a MD state park, the guidelines read: So, a lot of tupperware containers are used here. F_M
  16. Now this is a good idea, mind if I make some of these? Only problem is that it looks a little like a round of ammo. You and I can see that it's not, but someone that's not overly familiar could make the mistake. Now the ends, is there a plug soldered in there? how does it seal up? F_M
  17. Well, looks like the consensus it that you want to know what the container it. When I put out some regular caches, I'll tell what the container is, in the clue. I will probably list future micros as what they are. How about multi caches? How many is too many? I see a lot of 3 stage. Is any more than that overkill? F_M
  18. I would agree with this if it was a micro in the woods. But this is an urban micro and the coordinates put you in a place where you can almost grab it out the car window. If I ever do a micro in the woods, I will definately give some clues. This one does have a clue that basically tells you where it is once you see the place. F_M
  19. I hid my first cache today, after 40+ finds. It was an urban micro, so the cache size gives the finder an idea as to what they are looking for. I'll be hiding a regular cache in the next couple weeks. My questions is should I say what the finder is hunting? I see it both ways. Some will say it's an ammo can, or a tuperware container with a blue lid, others give nothing. What's your opinion? Is it better to say what it is, or not? From the finder's side of things, I sometimes like to know what I'm looking for. But this gets me in trouble on occasion. I get looking for an ammo can, I fool myself into only looking where an ammo can will fit. F_M
  20. The little metal pads on the back are the contacts for the cable. There should be a screw hole right in the center of them. That's where the cable attaches. I've got a SporTrak Map and I use EasyGPS with it. I haven't gotten into the whole PDA caching, so EasyGPS works great for me. F_M
  21. Imajika pointed this out to me on one of my first posts. This is the best piece of information anyone has EVER given me on the forums. It's all been useful, but I use this piece almost every day. F_M
  22. Because they didn't read the guidelines, just checked the box. I know that I read them, but didn't study them. I have an idea of what's allowed, and what's not, but if you asked me a specific, I wouldn't be able to answer. However, if I place one and it's not approved, I'm not going to complain that it wasn't approved. I may complain that I don't think that particular guideline is very good, but if I don't follow the rules, I've got nobody to be mad at except me. F_M
  23. I have the SporTrak Map and really like it. I like the controls and that it will give me the name of the cache, not just the GC number. I've only had this for about 2 months, so with time I might find some dislikes, but working great for me now. I did get this strictly to geocache, and it's a great fit. If I was going to buy again, I would probably get the same unit. I might spring for the Meridian because of the expandable memory, but probably not. I've used a friend's Meridian and it just doesn't feel comfortable in my hand. I think it's the shape. F_M
  24. Haven't hit any yet, but they seem to be popular. The local one to me is Web Woods CD Swap Personally, I'd like to see one start up that is to have nothing but unsigned artists. Probably get a lot of junk in there, but there has to be a U2, Van Halen, etc out there waiting to be discovered. F_M
  25. I like your hand painted Geo-Rocks as FTF. One of my hobbies is glass etching, so I'm looking at doing something like etched shot glasses or beer steins, depending on the size of the cache, of course. F_M
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