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  1. Check caches in your area put out by Bamboozle. He does a very nice job and has a bunch of them out in the NOLA area. He has some really neat ones, some very easy ones, and some a bit more difficult. First look for some of his 1:1 or slightly harder caches. Once you get into the "zone" of what to look for then gradually look for more difficult caches.


    Thanks for the information. I've tried one twice and still nothing. It is close to my house and walking distance. Do you think it's possible some of these are no longer at there designated spot?

    Just a newbie!

    Thanks, cyndi :(

  2. i noticed on facebook you have a trading card i would like to get one and have a trading card of my own to swap. if interested let me know at rgraythen9@netscape.net thanks richard

    Those are really nice cards! I've never seen personal geocaching trading cards, although we've cached in quite a few states along the east coast, including a few caches in New York. I would certainly be happy to find a personal sig item like those.


    A trend I've noticed in our area (northern Virginia) is that almost all the new caches are nanos and micros, with no space for trading anything! We have some photo cards, made up for me when I worked at a print shop a few years back, that we leave if we do find a cache big enough to put one inside.

  3. I have a magellan xl. I am 62 and the exta large sreen is a help. it runs on aa batteries not aaa. I find it very accurate with having possibilites of obtaining 14 sats. many time i have been within 1or 2 feet of cache. you also may want to add lastest version of direct route. I went from new orleans to ruston , la. and all around with no difficulty. I have used the back light on from sun up to sundown without changing batteries. i use regular rechargeables. i owned a sportrak pro before getting this one.

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