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  1. I too had some what of an issue sending my rino 120.... but only to one of the Canadian depots. If anyone is going to send a unit under warranty in Canada.... send it to raytech.... not the othe depot. All i had to do was make one call to the other depot, and realized that there had to be a better place. lol Had a fast turn-around (10 working days) and sent a 100% new unit... not refurbished. I would also agree wit a few of the other posters.... shop around when looking for non-warranty work parker2
  2. What is CTCSS? CTCSS is short for Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System. These are tones that your radio uses to make your calls more private. Other names for this are PL, Tone Squelch, and many others. All this does is allow more than 1 group of people to use the same freq. with too much conflict. On your frs and/or gmrs radios.... the CTCSS is known as sub channels or privacy codes. For more info on CTCSS... look at THIS site. parker2
  3. No. I have the 3.60 version. It is simply the early models of the 120. Not sure what the difference is. I've heard that the 3.xx versions have a bad microphone. I've had GMRS all along. I'm sure the basemap would be a good way of differentiating between the USA and Canada. If you look at garmin's site for the Rino 120 unit, you will see that they ship with Marine Point Database (Americas) and Americas Highway Basemap. These also ship with other units sold in North America. The Canadian Gov. (Industry Canada - Spectrum Management) has also allowed the use of the GMRS freq. to transmit data (ie locaton info.) where the FCC does not allow this on repeter freq. that they added as well and IC did not. This was updated in the last release of firmware from Garmin.
  4. Also.... if you are testing the ability to use repeaters on your units..... find someone with a frequency counter or radio scanner and plug in the transmit frequency.... GMRS FREQUENCY CHART CH - - TX - - - - RX - - 15R 467.5500 462.5500 GMRS Repeater 1 16R 467.5750 462.5750 GMRS Repeater 2 17R 467.6000 462.6000 GMRS Repeater 3 18R 467.6250 462.6250 GMRS Repeater 4 19R 467.6500 462.6500 GMRS Repeater 5 20R 467.6750 462.6750 GMRS Repeater 6 21R 467.7000 462.7000 GMRS Repeater 7 22R 467.7250 462.7250 GMRS Repeater 8 When you transmit from your unit it should be on one of the TX freq. from above... if not it will be one of the TX freq. from below or the RX from above..... CH - - TX - - - - RX - - 15 462.5500 462.5500 GMRS Primary 1 16 462.5750 462.5750 GMRS Primary 2 17 462.6000 462.6000 GMRS Primary 3 18 462.6250 462.6250 GMRS Primary 4 19 462.6500 462.6500 GMRS Primary 5 20 462.6750 462.6750 GMRS Primary 6 21 462.7000 462.7000 GMRS Primary 7 22 462.7250 462.7250 GMRS Primary 8 any other questions just post to this topic and i'll try to help parker2
  5. I beleave the diffrence between the 2 versions is that one is for canadian models ant the other for US models. This would be the only way for Garmin to seperate the difrences between Industry Canada and the FCC difrences in there regulations.
  6. parker2


    And yet another Cacher in SK. Man we seriously need to get a web site up and running. I had a personal GC site up on my site, but due to some poor service from my provider... my site will be down for a week or two. lol I'll have to try and get out a bit mor east this spring and pick up a few. I got over half of the Saskatoon ones as the G/F is from there. And thanx again for the cache in Yorkton 1Q4J.... it was a blast and a "learning" experience. Parker2
  7. No not exactly. As posted on the Geocaching.com web site, "Yes. The community has decided on channel 2 as the primary for both FRS and PMR, and 12 as the alternate FRS (Family Radio Service) channel and 8 for the alternate PMR (Europe). FRS and PMR radios are longer distance walkie talkies, like the Motorola Talkabout. " This would bacicaly say that Ch. 2 is the primary freq. being used for geocaching (as well as the only one I use while on a hunt). This Freq. is also used by gmrs in a dual gmrs/frs unit (stand alone units as well) as gm100guy stated in a previous post in this thread. So either way, this will be benificial for us cachers. If you are interested in knowing more about gmrs &/ or frs tx/rx ranges.... look up one of the biger companies that build the units or check out the govering agency in your country. parker2
  8. Try and contact Garmin directly. They have all the contact links on there website. I posted a not from there sight, and got a relpy within 24 hours. Every time I have tryed to make contact wit naviclub, i couldn't get an answer so i contacted raymarine and garmin directly.
  9. I'm not too sure. I do know that they are going to have the update available sometime this month. I received a us model, but i am going to do the updateif and when it comes out
  10. I called naviclub 3 times, then decided to call raytech instead. I went on line, filled out the forms, mailed my rino.... and no work of a lie.... I had a new unit in my hand in 9 working days.
  11. Well to tell you all about GMRS in Canada, we have the US beat. For starters as mentioned before, it will be free for all (business/pleasure). Secondly, they have already stated that digital data can be transfered on the GMRS channels and at a better timing intervals than the US (ie location). Thirdly, I think from my reading of the documents issued at IC, that the output power is the same, but the radiated power can be higher than the US. And finally, Canada is already in the works of setting up repeater frequencies for the GMRS (1in/1out). So all in all i think we might have a better GMRS allocation then the US, now all we have to do is hope and prey that Garmin picks up on this and give us dedicated Canadians the full use of our units. The origional Canadian units will have a software upgrade for the GMRS freq. as I have been told from tech. Supp. last week when I received my 120 back from warranty work. If anyone would like a copy of the official document from IC, I will post it in the fourm if you can not find it. Owen
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