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  1. Thanks QJ, trying to blanket all venues I can
  2. I am working on a project for NS DNR and I am looking for help. I am trying to catalog caches in Provincial Parks for a Park Planner. He is very geocache-friendly and and wants to promote it as a park use. Please post wpts here for any caches in parks for a bookmark list I am building. http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.a...2d-7dc37d449289 Thanks
  3. right on TT, still in use today Russian accused British of using this in January. Over to TT A dead drop box.... I remember this from my days as an international spy. This is different from a drop dead box, more commonly known as a coffin.
  4. I got a good laugh form theit answers too... Next question: What is the name of a place where people can pass items or information without have to meet each other?
  5. on this date GC41 or GCBBA as it is now know was placed. Take a moment today to think about what geocaching means to you
  6. my high school history is blurry but was it I didn't tell you half of what I saw
  7. I am a bad programmer but not that bad. The whole site gc.com is messed this morning. Try later on.
  8. The event has been approved by the park people watch for the listing this week
  9. don't want to hijack the thread so second last post about the event, we finally got in touch with the park people and started the process so looks good. I will start its own thread after first meeting and but link in here. dragonflys the coin guys said a lot of coins sold yesterday so fence sitters should get to it as soon as possible
  10. Mark June 24th as the date for celebrating the 6th anniversary of Geocaching in Canada. We will be posting an event as soon as we get the necessary permissions to use a park. People who attend with their coins I am told will get a special certificate from eastriver, the original Canadian Geocacher dragonflys
  11. I got a coin for each member of the family, a little piece of history. I am helping with the event. Look for the event to be up in a couple of weeks once we get permission for DNR to use a park. dragonflys
  12. not sure Pushkin, the old server is in need of some TLC but we have been spoiled by Farside taking care of it all the time. If you really need a fix I went on to www.atlanticgeocaching.com. There are some interesting articles there. dragonflys
  13. looks like the put in a bogus placed date as the waypoint ids are new and they were placed before geocaching existed
  14. got into this as a family activity but no one wants to go anymore. I cache alone and it isn't quite the same but had to re-evaluate a couple of weeks ago. Got in the wrong area sprained ankle on one leg and twisted a knee on the other. Managed to hobbled out to the road and back to the car. Another cacher after thay read my log said I could tag along with them dragonflys
  15. did our server go up in flames? Just wondering cause I haven't have a fix in 2 days
  16. contact me if you want to log this cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6&Submit6=Find)
  17. thanks for the heads up, will watch for it
  18. I want to do a pack specialty badge in geocaching and wondering if anyone who has done it would share their guidelines Thanks
  19. I found a cache of a guy that claims to have caches in 7 continents. His name is Licorice.
  20. I am posting your topic on www.maritimegeocaching.com, we have a lot of cachers in New Glasgow. dragonflys
  21. good luck we will be watching your journey dragonflys
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