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  1. another good one knitter (GCKC9G)

    GCKC9G "Ted the Boardwalk Beagle" was nice for taking you on a tour of the Halifax waterfront, an area we usually spend some time touring, along with the Pier 21 centre. There's a small pub right by the Cows ice cream booth that serves an awesome breakfast mess (Privateer's Breakfast, I think - a pile of breakfast stuff covered in Hollandaise sauce. All your daily calories and more in one sitting! <_< )

  2. here is a quick list:


    In Moncton Area

    Underground Lake (GC11F6)

    The Hopewell Rocks Earthcache (GC11F89)

    If you do the five caches in Fundy Park you get a free geocoin

    the drive from Moncton to Fundy is nice and lots of Park and Grabs

    Irishtown Park in the North of Moncton is really nice


    In Halifax area

    Plain as the nose on your face series is fun by BPCacher

    Creatures of the night cache (GCQA08) night cache is fun

    A bit out of town the "Fergus has an All Terrier Motive" series is a nice drive

    Point Pleasant Park is nice to visit in downtown Halifax is nice to visit and a few caches there


    I'll think and try to send you some more

  3. All great picks

    We do alot of caching on our trips to NS every summer.


    I really enjoyed Gaspereau River Trail and Sceptred Isle is along the way. Also Duncanson Brook Reservoir these are in the Annapolis Valley near Wolfville. Nice hikes along not well known trails.


    In Truro, NS's Victoria Park is A Covered Bridge in Truro. A great park will some nice trails and two waterfalls nearby. There are also 11 other caches in and around the park.


    Another fave is Hole in the Wall


    Enjoy. We go home every summer and are always amazed at how many new places we have discovered.


    The Gertridge Explorers

  4. Hi Chappie,

    I am not an islander but there are some excellent PEI Cachers around. We have lots of information on models etc and other helpful advice on forums.atlanticgeocaching.com



  5. Old guys rule!!!!!

    I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of rude comments by grumpy old farts. They're either complaining about the site of the cache, type of cache, condition of cache, whatever.... If they own a cache and someone criticizes their cache, they have a rude comment back. If they've tried to find a cache and can't find it, then it's the owner's fault. If a cache wasn't placed just right, then they complain about that. And so on... Have they forgotten that geocaching is just a game? Not a competition to get the most caches. As I read the logs lately, it seems the retired men are really very grumpy. Hope this is just a few isolated cases.

  6. cross border caching is a definite draw, many from Maine are going to the Quebec Mega as it is the closest Mega thay will be able to go to

    I'm sure BC could pull it off easily, but not sure if any other Canadian provinces could get the numbers that Quebec is getting.


    As New York state just pulled off a Mega in a park just an hour south of the Border, I'm going to suggest that it's neighbor Ontario could pull off a Mega should the local caching community(s) want to come together to do it.

  7. would be good if it would be east one year and west next to spread it out, I think Alberta or BC would be an great choice for 2009 :)


    maybe I am all hyped from Geowoodstock but wouldn't it be nice to have a Canadian Mega event that goes around the country each summer? There are some strong associations in Canada that could pull it off for sure. What do you think?


    Hmmm. Hopefully that would be out west.... I'm ALREADY touring Atlantic Canada this year before I head to the Quebec event.... need an excuse to go out to Banff :D

  8. knitter has some awesome picks, anything by Bush Babies are good.

    Hamgran and I enjoyed GC8A2C (I'm a Little Teapot) in PEI, and GCG5FJ (What Lies Beneath) and GC35B8 (Time and Tide) in NS. You need the tide tables for two of these caches.


    We're headed back to PEI in September with Banjosmom to spend the week caching, then close our week with the Shellfish Festival. Can't wait! I love PEI!

  9. What type of caches do you like? The oldest cache in Canada is just southwest of Halifax. There are so many great caches in Moncton and PEI it would be hard to narrow it down but I will try. Let me know what you like to do

  10. thanks for the input P&S, I think it went well. It would be nice if this spreads across Canada

    Living within 2 hours of Fundy for 4 years and having never been there, I think this is an awesome initiative. We took our two boys there and had a blast, even tho the water wasn't totally cooperative. Anyone who is thinking of heading to Fundy to do the caches (and earn a merit-based geocoin only available at the park) will not be sorry!


    Great job by the Parks Canada group at Fundy and the ACGA.


    Excellent, excellent, excellent!

  11. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Recently I could find a cache and the hint was morse code. One time a couple of years ago the weather was miserable and I wasn't doing paperless at the time, the clue was "I really like cheese". Which is nice for him I guess but made me a little preturbed ;)

  12. I was camping with the scouts a couple of weeks ago and I made them haul out everything that was not paper, no plastics on the fire. We also used a firepan and practiced leave no trace. The reason we were so careful was we camped in a place that was not an established campsite as we were a safety station for a 24 hour orienteering race and the organizers asked us to set up in a remote area.


    But no plastics ever on the fire

  13. What an awesome project, looking for trails to hike is what led me to geocaching in the first place. I will help down here in Mainland NS once i kind of get my head around exactly what needs to be done

  14. what if you geocache during work :)

    There is an argument to be made for a higher percentage... If you geocache for 2 hours on a week night, and 10 hours per weekend, that's 20 hours a week. I am sure you work 40-60 hours a week, so 20 hours geocaching and 60 hours working = 75% work :)

  15. Everyone welcome, June 28th in Chester Nova Scotia





    It will be hard to top last years coin design but we have some really talented people here. The rules are basically the same as last year.


    Design a coin befitting of our event

    submit art work to gravesislandgeobash@gmail.com by April 24th 11:59 PM ADT

    The winner will be announced May 2nd

    The winner will receive 2 free coins


    Good Luck to all

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