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  1. We have visited quite a few caches where there is a notable feature or item a short distance away. One of our own caches has such an unusual item to visit - a sandstone war memorial with unique carvings. The cache description mentions this (together with coords) and many cachers have stated that they have gone on the short distance to have a look at the figure. Frequently there is more than one way to achieve your desire to get cachers to visit another nearny location. As for logging the cache twice to increase your smiley count - NO. You have only found the one official Groundspeak cache.
  2. Given that you have only logged three caches may I endorse the sentiments that you should first get some experience of geocaching. I know of some other cachers who were very keen to create caches but have given up the sport after three months! Don't rush into setting caches or actively involving semi commercial spin offs.
  3. For me there is no debate - obtain permission and write that on the cache description. It is good manners to thank the land owner for granting permission and enables the cacher to searchwith a clear conscience.
  4. Why do you require two seperate caches so close together. The rules are clear. If you particularly want people to visit two locations make it into a multi. Btter still question yourself why is it essential to have two caches.
  5. Looking forward to the new 'charity' patches where the money does not go to a commercial organisation.!
  6. Pengy and Tigger Thanks for your input. There have been many times when we have stopped the car. Clicked through tomtom to find the map, identify the cache. Then spend ages inding the cache details just to find thatit is a puzzle or multi for which we have no time. Edit - Just done a quick check and cannot see how to select 'any POI category'perhaps this is a newer version!
  7. Fom te posts here it seems that the system only works part of the time. So let's change part of the guidelines!
  8. Introduce yourself and OFFER to join the hunt. I have made some great geocaching friends this way.
  9. Is there another forum where I can solicit help / issue invitation for local cachers to join us in late October for a day's caching. Jacqueline and Peter
  10. When searching for a cache it is always reassuring to know that the placer has received permission. The description should include a line indicating permission has been granted - something like a thanks to xxx for granting permission for the cache.
  11. It is surprising how difficult it is to explain yourself on the forum when you cannot wave your hands and check for understanding. 1. We now have the cache type icons on tomtom which we can see when we browse the map. So far so good and it is a great step forward. 2. However when you want to enter the navigate to as a POI you have to select the POI category. With the additional icons thereis a POI category for each type of cache. This means that when you want to navigate to you have to first select the POI category - eg traditional cache; enter the cache name and then navigate to. 3. At the moment we have a single category for all caches and types so only have to select the 'tomtomall' POI category and then we can enter the cache name for the navigate to. We wondered if anyione has a way to select the "navigate to" the cache without defining the cache type. I hope that I have explained myself better ths time! Peter
  12. Yrt more wonderful goodies to use with GSAK. Have downloaded the macro and seems to work fine after updating GSAK. But there is a but Currently we download all caches to a single POI category tomtomall. We then look in tomtomall for the cache of interest, select it and off wego. Using this new macro it seems that we will have to look in the sub category cache type and then selectthe cache. I tried leaving tomtomall loaded but iy obliterated all the new icons. How are people using the macro? Peter
  13. We often think that there needs to be more than one hint associated with a cache. We have seen several mutli's where you get a seperate hint for each stage. Excellent The next step though is to have more hints for completing the puzzle. Perhaps a series of hints giving stronger and stronger clues for puzzles needs to be developed but how would they be controlled? Peter
  14. Well done to the two geocachers Alwager and Shmair for getting their heads together and resolving the situation. Inriguingly it seems that Groundspeak did not provide any detailed advice but common sense won through in the end.
  15. I am very pleased that the reviewer has responded to your emails. The willingness to show common courtesy should be a pre requisite to being a reviewer. Should reviewers be reviewed?? LOL
  16. I am very disappointed that the reviewer has not responded to your emails. The willingness to show common courtesy should be a pre requisite to being a reviewer. Should reviewers be reviewed??
  17. We have a Mio A201 which I guess is now VERY old technology. We are struggling to always have the correct maps so are considering buying a bigger SD card. I have successfully used a 2G card but wonder if anyone has tried a bigger one - thinking about the 8G card. Any ideas if it will work. Peter
  18. In answer to the question - misrepresentation? What's that? Wikepedia suggests the following: It means a false statement of fact made by one party to another party, which has the effect of inducing that party into the contract. For example, under certain circumstances, false statements or promises made by a seller of goods regarding the quality or nature of the product that the seller has may constitute misrepresentation. A finding of misrepresentation allows for a remedy of rescission and sometimes damages depending on the type of misrepresentation. Looking forward to the assessment opf damages for misrepresentation!
  19. Living in a free country comes with responsiilities - one man's freedom fighter is another's terrorist!
  20. Yes I did mean Mio 201!! Mine does crash what I thought was randomly but it may be due to region changes. I have to perform a complete reboot and then all is fine for a while! Looks like the 8G may be an issue Thanks for the input.
  21. A related question. I have an 'old' mio 210. We are frequently having to load different memory maps and so am going to buy an 8G card. Has anyone tried this as I have been warned that some PDAs have a limit on the size of the card. Thanks Peter
  22. I checked up on the status of a German cache which had recent DNFs by emailing the owner. I received plenty of help for which I was most grateful. We even met up and had a splendid night out! Given that English was not their first language we exchanged some strange looks as we frequently misunderstood each other. O the joys of international geocaching. Peterstrangeb
  23. So it was a mysterious 3 inch pipe. I think we have gone full circle as the mod stated!
  24. Lost in Reno Looking at the entry before yours. Would you share it or push it? LOL
  25. I find that the best way to decide where to place a cache is to get lots of ecperience of finding caches. Then reflect on what was fun, challenging and what was not a good idea. Design the cache characteristocs and think about the potential experience for the cache seeker, remembering how the scenario will dramatically change at different times of year.
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