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  1. By a series of experiments we have concluded that this work around was successful when attempting the 'test' as an actual attempt in the field. Delete the app from the android. Reload from google. Update the adventure on the adventure build site.
  2. A similar problem for us when attempting to test our first adventure trail. Looking around the forum this appears to be a standard problem experienced by many. We used the delete adventure menu item but to no avail. A clear step by step guide would be appreciated for developing and checking answers.
  3. Creating our first adventure cache and have the same issue with incorrect answers. We used the delete adventure menu item but to no avail. Please provide a step by step guide on how to completely delete an old version and replace with the latest version.
  4. when working offline the message facility appears to be available. However after apparently 'sending' a message off line it never gets delivered. It is not saved until you are back online. Is this a bug -?
  5. After an hour the drafts were downloaded. We had started to manually post individual drafts from the app. Not sure if this had any impact on the success of the delayed download.
  6. Using the latest version of the android app. Previously successfully saved drafts on the app. App used online and andoid connected to wifi. Connection is valid as messages are received, Fired up the browser version and the drafts were not loaded onto the website. Tried restrarting laptop, android, app but all to no avail. The uploading of drafts to the web had previously been used successfully for an extended period but now fails. Any hints on how to over come this bug?
  7. Used the app the send earthcache answers while off line but they were not saved and transmitted. Is this the same bug as being discussed or is it offline app usage error.
  8. I have justv spent over an hour posting earthcache detailed replies which have not been sent. I used the geocaching website - not the app and used the message owner menu. This is most frustrating and i recommend the feature is disabled
  9. Running version 7.6.0 android 7.0 The lists open now we are back home. The problem occurred when on holiday and we were dependent upon off line usage. Does the system give error messages when failing to access off line information?
  10. Running the latest version. Downloaded offline caches but when I attempt to open the lists the app crashes. Reloaded the app. Still crashes when lists are accessed. Reloaded downloaded caches - still crashes. Seems to work when I am in range of a wifi connection.
  11. Thanks for the in depth analysis - hope a technical representative from the developers of the app spots this.
  12. Thanks for your assistance. I am using version 7.2.0 android 7.0 on a motorola moto G4 Beginning to wonder is there is a setting somewhere dor downloading images with offline information.
  13. Using the official ap but the pictures did not get downloaded for offline use - this time anyway. One work around when online is to open in browser view on chrome click the download arrow and pictures and text are saved for that one cache. Then view downloads when offline in the field. However this is only for a single cache.
  14. When working ofline we frequently wish to look at images contained in the cache description eg for earthcaches. What is the recommended way to store and view images?
  15. I need to clarify but no that did not happen. When I successfully download and nominate as offline the system works. However when I do not nominate a download the geocache details as declared as not available offline. I suspect this happens when I view caches but not specifically download. The cache does not show the exclamation mark on the map and any logs are lost.
  16. Without realising it we were looking at caches which we had seen while using a temporary wifi. Drove to the cache location and all looked well. However the description etc was shown as not available while working offline. However it seemed that we could log the cache and add comments. It was only later that we realised the logging had not taken place despite no warning message. Do we need to set something to prevent this happening? Peter on holiday and now a little frustrated after failing to log.
  17. Thanks for the repair - now we can get back to planning our holiday routes.
  18. Is there a function to display the route that has already been completed ie an historic trail of a route taken? This function is on our Garmin Oregon.
  19. We are busy panning our trip today and are a little relieved that others have experienced the same problem as us. New route shows an empty frame - with search giving no results. Incidentally you can load previously created public routes.
  20. Continually fails today. The error message "List download failed" The list view on the app shows an open ended arrow circle. No problems with downloads in general. How can I check if the download is actually complete and just receiving an ererroneous error message,
  21. on4bam amazing - such a quick response and such a simple solution. I had been contemplating the export menu rather than the geocaching access. Using the app has just been made even better. Thank you
  22. I wish to create a list of caches (possibly from a GSAK export) so that I can load them onto the app. All hints and tips are welcome
  23. It seems that if we write a note the addition NM does not appear as a log. However after we logged a DNF and used the NM field there was an additional entry.
  24. We use chrome as our browser. Previously we have been able to select needs maintenance or archiving from the drop down list. The new system only has three types of log: found; DNF or note. There is a NM menu at the bottom of the entry screen but we cannot get it to flag up and leave the correct log type.
  25. Thanks for the tip _ we will give it a try next time we are out. The other option is to get a garmin sat nav. We are confident that the NUVI series shows caches on the map as you drive but these models have not been replaced by the DRIVE series. Asking at our local store was a waste of time as, to be expected, the staff are not trained on the details.
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