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  1. So far, So good. . . . but, how long should it take for a newly published cache to show up on the new map? Two caches published on 12/20/2010 do not show on the new map yet. They were visible on the older maps almost immediately.
  2. What a coincidence, we will be there also next week. We go down for a week most every year. Check out GCGJP9 over near downtown PC. It has a nice view, I wont spoil it with any more details. We thought it was a neat place. We also have enjoyed searching for others in the various downtown area mini parks. Also, there is a park "Frank Brown Park" located on Back Beach Road that contains a number of caches. As I recall most of the caches you will find will be typical of what you find in GA. Have fun.
  3. I should have been more clear. Roybassist' link is what I am thinking of using.
  4. Does anyone have any experience using an AC to DC Car Charger Socket Adapter to power their GPS with a car accessory power cable? I'm thinking of using my car cable with the above mentioned adapter to record a track log of an upcoming cruise, rather than relying entirely on the batteries. Also, any recommendations of a specific model? Is there any risk of frying my GPS (a Garmin 60csx)? Thanks in advance. geomapper
  5. Could it be "Head of the Dragon" (GCH8Q7) & "Tail of the Dragon" (GCG3N1)????
  6. Maybe a little research was in order before settling on a name for a product.
  7. Yep, we made it, had a great time on the beach and finding a few geocaches. We found caches in the airport area of Destin and a lot more out in the Fort Walton Beach area. I think it was 18 finds for 2 days of caching. geomapper
  8. Heading down for a week on the beach in about a week. I'm doing the PQ thing to grab all the nearby caches. Just wondering if there are any "must do's" or anyone put together any bookmark lists, etc. Thanks in advance.
  9. GE is only as accurate as the data it uses. What you are experiencing is your address being geocoded to a point along the street, based on an address range assigned to the street centerline. For example, on my street the actual addresses range from 4000 to 4020, however, the GE street centerline has an address range assigned of 4000 to 4099. So, when 4015 is geocoded, the geocoder thinks the address is near the beginning of the street when actually the address is almost at the end of the street. If the street address range was more accurate, the address would be placed more accurately. Generally speaking, a lot of the address range data was obtained from a Census bureau source. The Census bureau is notorious for having liberal address range data.
  10. I have used a program called Sportsim, sportsim.com. The program will upload a track log from a gps and creates a route. You can then click a button and the program will import the route into Google Earth. Sportsim also has features that will show a profile of the route elevation. avg. speed, etc. It's a pretty cool application. geomapper
  11. Another option is to download a program called "SportSim" at sportsim.com. It allows you to download tracks, view then, view elevation profiles, speed, etc. It has a neat button "Send tracks to Google earth". It works great!
  12. Last year, on our annual trip to the beach, we found several caches by "NatureDaddy" that were some of the more creative hides. Also, there were a couple of caches in a large park on the beach bypass road that involved a short hike, rather than the typical drive-by variety. Another cacher "PCBeach" has done a great job spreading a variety of caches throughout the area. We will be back at the beach next week. I hope to increase my cache find count while there. BTW, when is your trip scheduled. geomapper
  13. I will attempt a math puzzle cache if it is near home. I have found that many times a simple google search will reveal the answer to the puzzle. If my brain + google doesnt get it, I just move on to a cache requiring a nice hike. Those are much more enjoyable anyway.
  14. quills, I've only purchased one thing on ebay, a pda (Palm IIIxe) for about $50. I had a very good experience. I purchased from someone with the name "iwk4u". He sells lots of pda's and is apparently very reliable. Just my 2 cents worth.....
  15. I purchased a Legend almost 2 years ago. It has worked flawlessly up until about 6 weeks ago. Now the click stick works most of the time. Sometimes I just half to keep working with it to get it to work. At one point I thought moisture may be causing the problem but I'm not so sure now. I'm afraid that at some point in the near future I may have to send it in for repairs. I'm sure, by now, it is out of warranty.
  16. Stunod, after reading one of your earlier posts, about Ebay & the Palm IIxe, I got the fever, did a little research, and purchased one for $51 plus shipping. It arrived yesterday so I'm just beginning to learn about its standard features. I'll probably attempt to load some geocache files this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration. geomapper
  17. The most probable reason is to record the location of crime incidents. Not all crime occurs at a known street address. By recording a geographic location for each incident, you can map crime locations in a geographic information system (GIS). In addition, you will also be able to conduct all sorts of data analysis and map the results. For example, you can identify which neighborhoods a particular crime occurs in with the highest frequency which may lead to the reassignment of patrols. Or, you may be interested in "seeing" where most crimes occur on Saturday nights between the hours of 1 am & 3 am.
  18. You are correct Bazzle, I looked there last night and completely overlooked it. So much for late-night surfing. Thanks
  19. I saw somewhere in the forum a while back that the cache owner could see who approved their cache. Is this correct? If so, can someone tell me where to find this information? Thanks in advance!
  20. What's the latest information on the status of tne new cache map? The cache map page states a better mapping solution which should be available by the end of February.
  21. Looks like Tahosa beat me to the draw while I was looking for the site.
  22. I found this neat Degree/Minute/Second Converter utility some months ago. It's very handy. You can download it at: http://www.mentorsoftwareinc.com Look under the Freebies tab for the Novermber 1998 Freebie of the Month.
  23. If you are looking for a scanned quad sheet then you need the DRG. This is what you are viewing on the sites such as TopoZone.
  24. I'm not sure what state you are in but many states have web sites where you can download the 7.5 minute digital raster graphics for their state. For example, here in Georgia, the site is Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse For other states, try searching using keywords such as GIS, CLEARINGHOUSE, TOPO, etc. These files can be viewed as images or can be viewed with GIS software such as ArcExplorer. Good luck Also, check out the TVA website to download USGS Quads of areas they manage.
  25. Is it just me or has anyone else experienced a slow response to the "View Cache Map" option? I've been having this problem for several weeks. Sometimes I get the map to come up and sometimes I get a time-out error. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. Any comments from anyone?
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