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  1. Hey.. while all of the Calgary cachers are looking.. I am going to be flying into Calgary on August 15th and wondered if there were a few decent quick caches to do in and around the airport to do before we depart for Banff?? We are headed to Banff on our Honeymoon, and naturally expect to geocache the entire week!! haha!

  2. I'm all for having a Euchre tourney on Saturday night.


    Euchre sounds like a good Idea! Know that GeoWife and I would be IN IN IN!!


    We wouldn't want to have to school everyone in the art of Euchre though.. I guess we could go easy on everyone!! :o

  3. Hey,


    Got the "Team Lethargy" cabin all booked up! :(


    as we get closer to the date, will there be an agenda/itinerary for the events going on? I plan on bringing FRS anyhow so I guess that will work too! This is cool everyone! look forward to meeting up with everyone and having some fun!!

  4. I had some problems with my rubber seal on my eTrex Venture. I recieved the Venture used as a gift, and it was pretty battered, with a few other problems as well. I contacted Garmin and was able to get them to completely replace the unit! :tired:


    Garmin customer service for me went WAY over and above the call of duty to fix my unit. I would highly recommend contacting them. They even arranged to pay for expedited shipping back to me from the US to Canada.

  5. Would you say that it is appropriate to find one of your own team member's caches if you didn't assist in the placement of that cache in any way?

    Thats a bit different, but are your #'s all just go to the team? Or do you all have individual accounts?

    We all log our finds individually. We are all quite a long distance away from each other, so logging our individual finds as a combined team effort would seem silly IMO. Of course if we find a cache together, everyone that participates in the find/no-find logs it as their own.

  6. On a similar note, I cache as part of a team. We regularily cache together, and have placed a few caches as part of the "Team". Some caches we have placed as the team, but most we place independantly of the other members.


    Would you say that it is appropriate to find one of your own team member's caches if you didn't assist in the placement of that cache in any way?

  7. One of my more recent caches allowed me to sit right down on an old dead stump to sign the log. only about 30 seconds to sign the log but I was overcome by a full community of some variety of red ants. They got me real good. nothing like stripping down on the edge of a golf course and doing the "Ant Dance" in your gotchies.. I think about it now and I still itch. That has been the worst yet.


    Have also had some good frostbite after fording a 20M wide river in November in northern Ontario without shoes, socks, or pants. Sheesh.. some of the fun things we do. Must be a fun pasttime or somethin!

  8. <removed> and vote your <removed> president out of power


    Im drunk

    HAHA.. how can I do that when im Canadian?


    Ok, I have said enough. Thanks all this has been entertaining.

  9. I am bitterly disappointed.


    I just joined up with you all, thinking this sounded like a really nice way to get exercise, hone my GPS-ing skills and generally have fun.


    This petty bickering is disgusting, most assuredly NOT in keeping with a group with whom I'd like to share my precious and sparse free time.


    Think I will just work amongst a group of friends and to heck with a large, in-fighting, back stabbing group. Not worth it. :(

    Don't let these people get you down Mz Jay.


    Some people have more fun bickering in the forums and forget that Geocaching involves wonderful hikes in nature to seek out a prize at the end of the adventure.


    Don't let them make you believe that everyone in the Geocaching community is of this persuasion.


    Whether they bicker or not, there are still gorgeous places to visit where there is a small plastic-type container at the end!



  10. this is a matter of PRINCIPLES and about being SLANDERED by an individual who knows NOTHING about me and has NO precedent to be treating me like a criminal..


    Hmmm....sounds vaguely familiar.........

    ...Your remarks aren't "respectful" either, Sparky!



    ...and we never asked for comments from the American Contigent, this is a Canadian matter and it will be settled without guns, bombs, invasions or missions to discover WMD...that's how WE do things north of 49.


    ...thanks so much for your concern.

    Wow you are a very angry person.


    That remark just made this topic even LESS credible IMO.

  11. The more I have dwelled on this today the more I think I am starting to lean toward a moratorium as well. Let's just take the choice away so we have one less thing to argue about period.


    I too like virtual caches, but you are right. All the forum arguments about "My cache was denied - I disagree" gets a little much. I am new to the forums specifically, but already have seen my share of posts from people trying to "Rally" the troops to their side.


    The nature of argumentative forum posters however would still show through in the event of a moratorium on virts, only then, the argument would be about a moratorium on virts. :o


  12. But, if you look at all of my virtual finds (in particular most the 4 most recent finds) and virtual hides, the majority are are exactly the same as the Miller Peak Virtual. Difficult to reach locations with a very satisfing view as a reward, nothing else Hmmmm, Wonder how they all got approved? Miller Peak is as good as the ones I've found and the ones that I've placed. Furthermore, it has the added benifit of a historic lookout tower on top.


    Ok, I didn't wanna jump into this blender of geocaching love, but I had to ask.. if the majority of the virtuals you have found are like the Miller Peak cache, why do we need to keep making more?

  13. Wow.. I think what you did was in the true spirit of Geocaching. I cannot think of any reason why I wouldn't appreciate someone doing that for me. Many of us know how it feels to have a good cache trashed, and any help is apprecated IMO.


    I always carry around extra ZL bags when im caching and always have added "Stuff" to add to a cache whether its ruined/empty/wet. I dont know of the rules, written or unwritten, however, unless there was a really specific reason they didn't want someone tampering with it, I wouldn't see any problem. Chances are, if there is a reason that you shouldn't tamper with the cache, it would be noted in the details I would imagine.


    I will never understand ignorant geomuggles! ;)

  14. on my Honeymoon from the Barrie area


    I don't know, will you have time to go caching?



    We only have 1 week for our honeymoon! We have to get all the Geocaches in we possibly can. I dont know if there will be time for anything "Else".. :D


    Unfortunately we wont be able to hit the prairies as we are flyin out, but im sure Banff holds its fair share of beautiful caches!!


    Thanks all for the great updates! lookin forward to an excellent Canadian getaway!

  15. Hey Res,


    I looked over that bug. As I was printing out the cache location to go pick it up, I thought to myself.. This bug has only been to 2 caches since it was dropped off.. Talk about completing your goal with excessive speed! :unsure:


    I guess it *IS* the bug's goal to get back to banff.. so maybe I will go ahead and grab it! hehe.

  16. Hey Canadian Geocaching world. In exactly a month from yesterday I am headed out west to Banff AB, on my Honeymoon from the Barrie area, and both my wife and I plan on doing a bunch of caches in the area.


    I wanted to offer my travels to any Travel bugs that are headed out west (or back east for that matter) to try and get them out of the "GTA TB Black Hole" :unsure:


    I also wanted to get anyones opinions on good caches in that location.

  17. Its all over now LS..


    You have entered into a lifetime of Fresh air, Excercise, exploration, fun, awareness, health, excitement, and all around good times.


    I would say your doomed. :D

  18. So apparently the cabins have computers with highspeed internet connections? That is great! if we go.. we wont even have to associate with anyone.. we can just use the forum!!! hehe.. j/k

  19. I saw the flooding all over the news in the last few days. I wonder if things are going to be worked out in the next few days. I seriously would believe not. Team Lethargy was going to head out Peterborough way this weekend. Anyone have updates on the situation there? Probably best to wait it out.

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