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  1. I ended up getting a fantastic deal on Boxing Day on a Palm Z22 pda.


    89 bucks at Staples got me the Palm, Connector cable, power adapter, software and two neat flexi cases that I will surely ruin on the trails! :o


    within an hour I had Cachemate installed and had caches loaded onto it with ease.


    Look out world. Swifteroo has gone paperless!!!



    Central Ontario Geocachers

  2. "since there was already the Georgia coin, the Ontario coin would make a coin from each home residence of group members."


    "So - being the coin artist of the group - I designed the coin."


    "as for the pictures I chose to put on the coin..."


    "I picked the trillium for two reasons:" 1)


    "so it's a symbol of Ontario that I have personal experience with."


    Also on the front, I put the shield of Ontario - why? Well I could have put CNN tower, or the parlement buildings, or Niagra Falls etc. - and in fact, on the first draft of the coin, I did. I removed them because they don't really represent all of Ontario (as some of you pointed out - and I agree).


    "It's the yellow maple leaf that represents Ontario - so to feature the yellow leaf I used the shield."


    "I wanted something that could represent all of Ontario... this is why I drew a "generic" forest scene with the moose..."

    Please understand that I mean no hostility with this post, nor do I wish to incite an argument. I applaud your desire to have a coin like this and to make it part of your collection and of your group of friends and their collections.


    That being said, it just seems that you have designed this coin for your group, yourself, and for your own best interests. I can see that you have put thought into what you feel other Ontarioans would have liked to see on the coin, but besides having a Trillium, this coin doesn't really reflect what I had read through the posts here, and even from within our own Central Ontario website's forums where GA Cacher also asked for input.


    I appreciate your coming forth to explain why you feel this coin should be an Ontario-wide endeavor, but I just cannot bring myself to see it as that.

  3. I may consider buying a few. It is too bad that some of the other suggestions that were posted here to the forums were not considered a little more. I seem to remember a thread here that I will try to find that included ideas from SEVERAL ontario geocachers. I think there was even a more or less unanimous mention of including the outline of the province on the coin as in the Ontario Geocaching Association logo or similar.


    I know that Utsman had even proposed a great looking design in that same thread however I guess that wasn't looked at as these coins do not contain any of the features that were discussed.


    I applaud the effort. It is nice to see someone stepping up to take the initiative however (and correct me if I am wrong) it just seems like the project went ahead without a whole lot of consultation with everyone

  4. I have to admit that a Loon and a Trillium come to mind.


    The other thing I think may be appropriate would be a "Muskoka Style" windswept white pine.


    They have always been one of my favorite symbols of central and northern ontario.


    Seems hard to encompass all of ontario into a few simple icons. Great idea though, I know I would be in for some Ontario coins.

  5. 1) If you owned a cache that you knew was more than 10 meters off the trail, would you move it closer to the trail, archive it, or leave it as it is?


    If I owned a cache that was 10 meters off a given trail (and I do) I would not have placed it there if there were immediate concerns about others finding that cache with disregard to nature. In other words, if I can see that people would be able to trample vegetation and snap tree limbs and disturb birds nests etc, I would not have placed the cache there in the first place. If the need ever arose for me to move and/or archive a cache because it were too far off the trail, I would do so immediately without hesitation.


    The impact of a cache that is 10 meters off a trail in a Simcoe County Forest with a solid Pine Needle floor will likely be negligable. The same cannot be said for other areas that might contain small regenerating trees or Trilliums for example.


    2) If you were hunting a cache and discovered to the best of your knowledge that the cache was more than 10 meters off the trail, would you go for it, or would you turn back?


    If cache placement rules dictated that the cache I was seeking could NOT be more than 10 meters from the trail and if this was explained in the cache description, then I would stop seeking that cache.


    Apart from placement rules, it all comes down to the terrain. Again, I would likely not think twice about broadening my search somewhat in a Pine forest where Pine Needles blanket the ground. I guess it depends on what kind of terrain I am faced with.

  6. Just a reminder to anyone in the Southern Ontario area that several new cachers will be meeting at Scanlon Creek for a fun morning of learning how to cache and getting an injection of the rules and regs, and of the finer points of nature preservation from yours truly.


    Again, if you know of any new cachers in the area that would like to learn more about the sport, or if you are interested in a good outdoors healthy walk, feel free to come along!


    Email me for further details: dan@centralontariocachers.com

  7. Hello Bibba,


    I believe it is as simple as greater accuracy with added decimal points. I know that a friend of mine does surveying for a living, and was surprised to find that my GPS receiver only had 3 digits following the decimal.


    He had indicated that they use the same co-ordinate structure, but with 6 following digits for added accuracy.


    My guess is that surveying equipment needs to be, and is a little more precise. Anyhow, with the co-ordinates that you have found, it is likely that you will just need to round the last digit appropriately to 3 decimal places to get the proper co-ordinates.

  8. It wasn't me who contacted A-Channel although, I applaud that they at least are reporting based on fact rather than just assuming.


    This article at least tells it like it truly is. for once. A-Channel gets my vote.

  9. As an addendum, does anyone have an idea of how to stop the spread of this horrific story? I understand that there is an attempt to have this story retracted, but I mean, its already being reported in Montreal


    We cannot possibly write to every newspaper that pops up can we? I guess we must try. I have responded similarily to the Gazette as I have with the Barrie Examiner.

  10. Wow.. what a whirlwind issue! Nozzletime, thank you for really stepping up to the plate when the need arose.


    The issue did create a scar which will obviously take time to heal on a nationwide basis. I think that based on the reaction that we gave to the Township of Oro-Medonte as a Geocaching entity, we will be able to take such a catastrophe and turn it into a vastly more positive spin. We already have some of the members of Council of the Township of Oro-Medonte throwing out ideas for possible integration of geocaching related activites into their future tourism industry plans.


    And yes Annie, there will be a pile of followup to do not only with the Mayor of Oro-Medonte, but with the local media as well. You better believe that I will be doing everything in my power to get through to these outlets that I have listened to, and trusted for so long. I am about 24 hours away from cancelling my Barrie Examiner subscription permanently if I do not get word back from them ;)


    In terms of how long it took the OGA to respond to this issue, by the time I had heard about all of this on the radio, and began to react, I had already begun to recieve the emails that were flying back and forth between the OGA and various other recipients. While it may have been possible to approach the Oro-Medonte city council, I don't think it would have been as effective or beneficial as what has now transpired. I can not believe how well it worked out that Nozzletime was in the right place at the right time. Its like it was meant to be.


    Again, congrats Nozzletime, congrats OGA and lets work to make this a good scenario for everyone involved.

  11. On Sunday October 30th, Simcoe County Trails will be hosting a "Geocaching Walk" for beginners at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area near Bradford Ontario on Sunday October 30th between 10AM and 1PM. This event will not be an actual sanctioned Geocaching event, however, it will be a good opportunity for those who want to find out a bit more about Geocaching to come and have a go at it!


    If you, or someone you know wants to learn more about Geocaching and what its all about or even if you simply want to come and enjoy a walk around Scanlon Creek conservation area in Bradford, please feel free to join us!


    You can find out more about the walk on the Simcoe County Trails website at the following link:




    Feel free to email me for further details at dan@centralontariocachers.com

  12. Wow.. I have pretty much fallen asleep at the Geocaching Forum Wheel to have missed this thread. I have been playing through this situation ever since I heard a report on a local country music station regarding this incident.


    It is unfortunate that such comments were put forth by the actual Mayor of Oro-Medonte, but you have to figure that he is only working with information that has been provided to him by his informants (I hope anyhow). I don't know that they Mayor himself is to blame for these comments, however, I guess you can argue that he did say them.


    Anyhow, I visited the spot just after I heard the news, and quite honestly, I did not notice any obvious signs of "digging" of any sort. In fact, the whole time I was there was very peaceful. This is a great location and I feel priveleged that it is within Simcoe County. I would never have known to visit this location otherwise.


    Although I would not want to downplay the vandalism of a site like this in ANY respect, I believe that the involvement of Geocaching in this whole fiasco has simply been blown way out of proportion. It says to me that there are numerous locals who are obviously concerned that are grasping at anything they can find to prosecute someone for these events.

  13. My goal was to finally get to find # 300. I expected to do so by early summer so I could start working on 400 by fall, however a broken foot hindered my drive significantly. Now it seems that I will be having a baby in February, so I am going to have to get innovative! :rolleyes: baby-backpacking.. here I come!

  14. Yeah,


    I wonder if one did import a US model into Canada and used it, would there be radio police that would triangulate your location, follow you out to the bush and knock you down along the trail?


    All joking aside I wonder if, as in HAM radio, there are individuals who police these bands?

  15. So I was reading through my Google alerts when I came across this tidbit of information on Geocaching as written by Media Post Communications:


    "Each video will reveal coordinates to a virtual "geo-cache"-- geocaching is a hobby involving trekking to some remote location, burying a "cache" of items, and then posting the GPS coordinates of where that item can be found, so others can dig it up."


    Obviously this is inappropriate. Perhaps this is what they are doing for their promotion, however to say that all Geocaches are done this way is a step backwards. I understand that the contest involves "Virtual" caches to be dug up, but I sincerely hope that no landowning organizations read this particular article!


    You can read the whole article here

  16. It seems that on the 5th 6th and 7th you will be in Bradford! Just down the road from us central Ontarians!


    Let me know if you are looking for caches to do in or around Bradford. Heck I might even be able to join for one or two depending on the day!

  17. There will be an option soon for benchmarks in Canada.

    The Option has arrived. Time for someone to step up to the plate and propose the category - it will get my vote. And while we're at it this may be time to revive the Tim Hortons project :P

    The Tim Hortons project is a perfect idea. Someone should propose to manage that category.

    This is great! having the Timmies project set up would certainly help my Travel Bug along!!


    The Timmies Project TB

  18. If you saw "Not Annie Friendly" posted in a log it could be taken in many ways and you could even take it as an insult if you're a cache owner.


    Could this perhaps be added to the website as another "Attribute" icon? I wonder what that one would look like? :rolleyes: I have to admit, I find myself every now and then wondering if caches are "Annie Friendly" hehe.


    Anyhow, just a little over 4 weeks ago now I broke my foot doing a geocache that was rated appropriately as a 4.5 or 5 terrain rating. I had to climb a tree, and I knew I was operating just within my limits to do so. In actual fact, I have climbed many trees, and this was no exception. I was very successful in finding the cache by scaling up and down the tree. The cache owner made AMPLE warning on the page that there was much difficulty involved and that the cache was not for everyone. In the end it was my own stupidity that caused my downfall (sorry for the pun).


    I certainly don't blame the cacher for putting it there. I knew what I was up against, and I thought about, and could have turned around, or not even gone in the first place. Turns out that I enjoyed that cache for many reasons including allowing me to test out my own limits. I guess the bottom line is that caches do NOT HAVE to be done. If there was a cache I could only get to by jumping into a canyon without a parachute, even if it was right next door to my house, I can assure you that I would not go for it. To each their own!

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