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  1. Thanks for the update. I remember reading something about image hosting. Yeah Groundspeak needs to step in. I can understand a image hosting site having new or to be published caches to pay. Don't seem right to remove images from GeoCaches that are in play. 

  2. Ever cache page I look at all the images are broken. The images in the in the log are ok. It's.the images that the C/O use on the main page. Anybody else having this problem? Yes I have tried everything
    I could to make sure it wasn't a problem with my phone or an app I'm using Android. It does it when I go to geocaching.com in my mobile browser. I tried several different browsers before posting on here.

  3. Instead of them bucking it, maybe they should learn from it. Lol thanks for whispering. I for one would love to see the new app be top dog. Alot of ppl not happy with the new app. Groundspeak will get it right. Get the app tuned and tighten up. People have to be patient. I don't think everyone knows what it takes to develop an app, then have it work on phones with 4 year old software, and work on brand new software. Thanks for the heads up. Ww👻

  4. I used the offline feature today with new app. One feature I think would be good is the ability to download a map of the whole state that someone is caching in. Instead of downloading just the list that was created. Most phones have external storage and the ability to move or store offline data. Noticed that I was getting close to the cache buy had to stop and let the map catch up. When it a white screen with a green waypoint icon, kinda looks like it's in the middle of a field. Also make you think you missed a turn. Downloading the whole map one thing that I would like to see, or have the option to import a offline map. Lot of websites to get a OSMap. I know it will get better, I'm not gonna give up on the new app. Plus I never used the old one. ww👻

  5. If you root the phone, break the security placed by the developer's. You can find apps that will lock to a GPS signal quicker. As far as boosting a GPS signal, that is the hardware of the phone. Get a newer phone with better hardware. Gotta have root access before you can do any modifications to a smartphone. All root access does is give you access to the phone system. Becareful you can brick a phone if you don't know what you're doing.

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