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  1. I've gotten a few notices that a few of my caches were found. Usually I just read them in my email. Today I went to the cache page and a very new cacher is posting pictures of Every detail!!!!!!!! This one Alliangel Green has gotten praise for being such a surprise container. It won't be any more if this guy doesn't remove his pictures. I wrote and asked/told him to remove the pictures from all his caches - said it was okay to show yourself signing the log but only the log, not the container and ok to take pictures of the area. I can't remember - is there some way I can remove his pics? If not and he doesn't respond I will remove his log and tell him to log it again without pictures. After I read this log I went to the cache page to see what was up. Elf #2 Yes, there is a homeless guy living down there, we've talked to him often, even friends with him on facebook. He found a tank from a large truck (milk/fuel type) and made a home for himself. The owners of the property know he's there and he does odd jobs for them. This area is a small lake where kids take swimming lessons, people fish & canoe. It's not in some derelict spot. I may post on the "other side" but really just ranting and wanting pics taken off.
  2. A generalization of what I'm seeing here is that the old people want to walk/hike, the younger ones want to drive to the LP. age or experience....? I do all kinds but prefer not to do them in public. I like the idea of it being a series in case my feet give up 1/2 way there! Putting parking coords should help with the private property issue.
  3. I asked a similar question several years ago and was looking for a place to go using some frequent flier miles. I wasn't necessarily interested in a place with a "ton" of caches, but one of the places at the top of the list was the Nashville area. One of the others recommendations was Birmingham, Alabama. It's not in the states that you listed but it's closer than Alaska. I've yet to find a cache in Tennessee but have been to the state several times (before I started geocaching) from Memphis to Nashville to Chattanooga to Knoxville. Although there aren't a *lot* of caches in the area I really enjoyed caching in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and there are plenty of caches a couple of hours away in the Norfolk area. In a little over three weeks from now I'll be heading to Savannah (Tybee Island, actually) for a much needed vacation and am planning a day trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Chattanooga has some interesting ones. The area is awesome, lots to do (non caching things). I've done a lot on the Outer Banks, mostly the southern part. Let me know what you find on Tybee - I rented a cottage but had to postpone going for a while. If you make it to the Charlotte area, I have a bunch out just west of Charlotte, mostly on a couple of trails they are working on to connect 5 counties - Thread Trail.
  4. can you do it as a multi where each stop is a cache on it's own and have each cache contain clues for the final? I've only done a couple of multi and in 2 of them a clue was missing so the whole afternoon was a bust even though I found 2 or 3 of the steps.
  5. AneMae, I've said it before, you post nothing but negativity. I decided to look at your profile and see you have hid one cache. Maybe it's just me, but does this info from that cache conflict with your "ideas" on what cachers should not do when hiding a geocache? Gathered on BOT "A camouflaged peanut butter jar off the side of the road. Additional Hints (Encrypt) Hanging on a piece of wire in tree stump." Wire? peanut butter jar?
  6. Sorry this happened. I try not to make judgments, at least not until I know both sides of the story. When the guy came out, how did the OP respond? Have to wonder if he was apologetic or argumentative. I don't know which cache this was about but as a CO, may I suggest expanding your logs from just "TFTC"
  7. This was logged on one of my caches. I thought it was hysterical. It wasn't my husband he called (don't have one anymore - whew) he called the husband of a friend who was with me when it was hid. My link "Sometimes I am just pathetic. I looked all over for this and couldn't make the find so I called the husband of the hider. He told me what to look for and where. still no luck. So I left to get my mojo back on an easy one and got a call from the first finder who said he would meet me back here. He spotted it right off and told me 'hot' or 'cold' and I still could not see it. He described it again for me and showed me the direction to look in and at what altitude. STILL no luck. Duh. So he drew an "X" on the ground, had me stand on it, and then pointed right at it. Nope. I'm pathetic. So finally I walked over to where he said it was and finally saw it. In my defense a lot of leaves had fallen on it, but still, I shoulda seen this one. Thanks for the hide and a special thanks to -."
  8. Did anyone else notice when the green man picked up a large piece of litter he looked it over and over then tossed it back on the ground? Can't have a cache/bomb around but litter is okay. I think there are going to be some pissed off official people when they get around to looking up the cache and see all the hahahas. That was just the wrong way to comment about it - IMO.
  9. What better day to have your heart fixed than today! Prayers still being sent. Can't wait to hear from you, need to know if are a pig or an old woman.
  10. In solidarity tomorrow morning we should all have bacon for breakfast.
  11. I'm voting on the pig veins. You could change your forum title to "Part Bacon." I'm glad to hear you are in good spirits. I've been thinking a lot about you for the past few days. Keep making those plans to get back on the trail. Maybe your new truffle rooting super powers will help you sniff out tupperware and ammo cans. This! Or "The Baconic Man" :laughing: :laughing: Still thinking of you TAR, good luck! Does it also mean we should no longer accept food from TAR? Hope surgery goes well TAR. We might have to check on the old Haitian woman - would TAR then be able to cast voodoo spells on all LPC? AND what if they use some from both the old Haitian woman AND the pig....
  12. The logs on this cache make it look like it was the whiners that didn't get FTF that caused the big to-do over it. some posts seem a bit rude to me. It's not like the OP jumped out of bed to get it, he said he was on his way home from work. Since there was no fence or sign on this on, I don't think it's a big deal. I have no idea what the laws are around here but a sign on a gate would keep me out.
  13. Anyone that gets up before dawn in the winter in Indiana deserves a FTF no matter what! Did the CO post the local laws or was there a sign with hours? Not sure about the one you went to but I've found some in Indiana cemeteries and most were among crops, no fence or gate or sign. Can't see that kind would be a problem to go to before dawn (unless you are chicken)
  14. I still question why if the OP was afraid of these caches, not only for themselves, but for others, Why did they touch or tamper with something they thought was dangerous.
  15. what exactly is your concern with this caches? i don't see anything remotely making them look real They look real enough! Besides read what I posted from Johnny-Geo's blog. That explains it all. One more stick to the dead horse... If you are so concerned about is it real or not - WHY did you open them?
  16. ???????? Mine still are the blue frown. I was a little confused too. Mine also still show up as a blue frown. Interesting. I just did a quick look and 2 that I had DNFs on are temp. disabled which could be why they don't show up as a DNF on my map. I'll have to check more later.
  17. I wish they would go back to using the blue frown icon for ones we log as DNF. That always gave me the push to try again!
  18. I get it in English here in NC, maybe the west coasters are foreigners?
  19. WHY are you posting this again when there has already been a long discussion in another thread?
  20. I think you need to keep thinking. IMO it's lame.
  21. monetary value? I don't think pill bottles are more valuable than Tupperware - well, maybe he puts something in them - my guess is metal detectors do not find plastic
  22. What I wondered is how does "his beloved metal detector" find bottles... and are you to hide caches in in the bottles?
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