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  1. I would enjoy that kind of multi where the numbers are gotten from plaques, etc. I've given up on doing a multi with containers along the way after trying 2 in a row where one container was missing on each. So, yes, I would love doing this one. I'd like to see a submarine with a sail.
  2. ones by the walkway could be real - damage to real ones is okay? but don't damage the flowers?
  3. Wasn't there something just last week about putting these kind of things out and how much damage is done to real heads that cost $$$$ to be replaired and replaced???? In the right place they are fine - like the woods - but parks etc. NO NO NO
  4. I looked at some of your gallery. The pictures of cache containers are often removed by the CO so nothing is given away about the container. Noticed many pictures of caches have your picture in them. Is that your calling card? if so, many cachers like to collect them. Not sure what you are referring to, more info is needed.
  5. A few years back I read on a cache page "NOT SPRINKLER HEAD" This was repeated 3 times on the page. The cache was hidden 20ft from the nearest head, yet even with the warning, it was in pieces when walked by.
  6. Usually in parks the maintenance crews fix them but it is still sad to go to an area and find about 5 or more sprinkler guts spread all over. True, city parks usually have city employees do the kind of maintenance required when a head is damaged. The landscape company I'm with does 98% commercial work.When more than a quick replacement needs doing at a school, county property or park, we do it. Private companies do a lot of work on city sites.
  7. We charge $75-85 an hour to repair irrigation systems plus parts. Most problems are broken underground lines, less often are broken heads from mowing. as far as I know we have not had to repair any cacher mistakes.
  8. There are so many other and much better places to put the bolt. Please do not waste it on a LP. even a guard rail is better, but not much. Give it some good thought. Many cachers will not go to any LP cache so you would be better off putting it somewhere fun. park bench, sign pole in a cool place. Keep thinking! don't waste it! I NEVER reach up to find something hidden on the walls of the LP skirt. Things make those spots home same with guard rails. I try to have latex gloves with me for those kind.
  9. Good going! at least you have learned early on the best way to hide a cache!
  10. This could be a significant reason why people are having problems finding it. Your description (and size rating) say that it's a small lock 'n' lock. Cachers will be searching places where you can hide a small lock 'n' lock, and wouldn't bother checking smaller places where you couldn't hide one. Scrabblers' idea of going along with a DNFer is an excellent idea. You'd probably find searchers are doing something you would never have expected and searching in spots you wouldn't have though of. It would become very clear very quickly where searchers are going wrong. Not cool to describe it as something it isn't and misrepresent the container size! We have a local who has put out 53 caches, 28 of those has size (not chosen) and I have yet to see a hint on any of his. The one I found last week took 2 tries because the coords were off by more than 40' Hint from the CO was the only way it was found. This one in particular is like one I had out for years, mine was slightly bigger, about the size of a bison tube and I sized it as micro. His was a little more stubby but I don't understand the no size given. No size, no hint and bad coords does not make for a satisfying caching experience. Can you randomly not choose a size?
  11. I've had a few of these out for a few years, haven't had a problem except when they aren't closed completely.I put fake evergreen pieces from a small Christmas tree on one, put it in the V of branches in a tree, even though the V was bare of other greens it was overlooked often. It stayed for a couple of years until the tree was cut down.
  12. your listing says small lock n lock. here you say it's a micro tic tac container. Make sure you have the right one picked. Have you checked and rechecked the coordinates with a GPSr?? one wrong # and you could be sending cachers to another area. Take someone with you, maybe a DNF cacher, have them try to find it while you watch, that will tell you where the problem is.
  13. neither. use the real thing if you're looking for co-ordinates.
  14. Well you have 280! Don't go on me! not sure where you're getting your numbers from. All you need to do is look to the left of every post to get your answer.
  15. obviously he really liked the container and the surprise he got when he found it. The chance to ruin the fun for the next person is wrong.
  16. Just last week a new cacher was posting pictures of my caches showing exactly what the container was and exactly where he found it. I was not at all happy. My caches are not film canisters under lamp post skirts. I sent him an email and asked him to stop and to remove the pictures. I quickly found out that I could remove the pictures myself so I did. One log I asked him to change because he described in great detail where and what it was. btw - I was nice. he's a young guy just starting and I didn't want him to be discouraged. I know he will understand when he places his own cache.
  17. why not contact a few and ask them to join you caching sometime. then take it from there.
  18. since some have no common sense, the CO could put parking coords
  19. He's still at it. I deleted pictures again this morning - got no response from last 2 notes I sent. Will write again and tell him the entire log will be removed and not just the picture if he continues to do it. One he did of a friend's cache has someone pointing right to the very well camoed cache in an old tree.
  20. Welcome to geocaching. I'm sure it was cool when you signed up and found there was one across the street. I don't understand why you are even concerned about being closest or easiest. The quickest/easiest have to be LP skirts and you hear a lot of complaints because they are so easy. There are all kinds of people that cache. FTF hounds, number players, finding one every day ... many put their own twist on it for an extra goal. It's just a personal thing. I don't think there are any records kept of these except maybe on their own cache page.
  21. Come again? I'd have to give up my house too if the sales guy talked me into a smartphone and all of the side features they offer....... From what I understand, he walks to a nearby shop for a connection. He's a young man, just decided to check out of life for a while. I don't communicate with him on facebook but his posts are really strange. I don't like the way the log was written up, would you be wanting to visit this lovely area if you read that? oh, heck, it's only a game... but I put a lot of thought into each of my caches. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!
  22. I'm working on getting rid of the pictures. noticed this person on their one and only cache put a picture up that is a huge spoiler. it's one of my pride and joys - it's a large cooler. this part of the tree faces away from the path, up a small hill. I need to put another large piece of bark over it.
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