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  1. I just want to bold this because many new cachers (and not so new ones) don't understand the difference between them and swag. This is not pointed to the OP, it's just something that should be brought up often. Geocoins and travel bugs are NOT to be kept in a collection at home.
  2. I got some at Michaels. There are 6 or so hooked together. As long as your log is small enough to easily close it back up they are waterproof.
  3. I have a survey stake cache, been out for years. But it comes apart and has a bison tube inside. I've seen others like mine, are you sure it was a solid stake? Plastic bags are just geo-trash. Maybe the container is missing? I did find one in a shopping bag, log was all moldy. Owned was not aware the ammo can was missing.
  4. There's a slight chance she's going to disrupt the space time continuum. That's my birthday, too! but no longer anywhere close to 12 ..sigh..
  5. We need more reality shows like we need another hole in our head. Wonder if they are putting out their own caches and if so, will they be leaving them....
  6. I went to check on one of my caches near a river that had a few DNFs. I reached under where it was, before I could grab the cache (it was there) a small beautiful snake departed very quickly. I was startled, then said to friends with me that I'd never seen such a pretty snake. They couldn't believe I'd never seen a copperhead before. One of my friends had a snake bite kit in his bag, thankfully we didn't need it.
  7. Is it water proof? If I had a hint to bring a screwdriver it would be cool. Just depends on how far you would need to go back to get one..
  8. Thank you for moving coins and trackables along for others to find! Wish more cachers did that.
  9. Unfortunately we all know that some when using a GPS, walking or driving, never look up from the unit, follow it blindly. We've heard the stories of those that drive to a cliff or equally dangerous spot because they trust the GPS more than their common sense. I bet this guy never looked up from his unit while walking. I wonder how far he was from the cache when he was stopped. I imagine there was another way in and the cache was no where near the range.
  10. Sounds like a wonderful time. Lots of memories for all of you!
  11. Bill Buckner sure does. Exactly my first thougth!! I woke the entire house up at that point in history. groan.
  12. Glad I didn't leave the airport when I was there Saturday. Reading news from home while I'm here in Utah and see there was death in NC. Scary thing going on.
  13. That works very well (follow its directions), and I've also had good luck with "Liquid Nails" and "Goop". Hot glue will deteriorate, get gummy and lose all its stickiness (at least it sure does around here in heat and humidity) but that might be perfect with natural foliage -- when the leaves and sticks wear out (every few months or so?), easily pull it all off, start over. I've not had that problem with hot glue but I'll watch for it. A couple of mine, because of they way they are set up I've used "Great Stuff"
  14. on something flat like a loc n loc I use a glue gun. I have put out a few using silk/fake plant pieces and they work very well and look real enough they get overlooked a lot even though it's become kind of an MO for me. Dead leaves are just going to crumble. Bark works well. Have fun!
  15. Scary. Are they spraying or doing anything like treating water supplies where they breed? I know spraying is frowned upon but that stuff gets in our food anyway. I'd want what ever could be done, done. This is the first year I've lived in an apartment so I'm not hanging out in the yard like I used to, but I do have a balcony with my hammock set up that I frequent. I'm knocking on wood like crazy but I'll say it - I have not seen a mosquito yet this year. shhhh
  16. That's not good for your area. I live in a white state as long as those pesky things observe borders.
  17. I agree with all being their own cache and add a bonus one to tie them all in. I don't normally do multi caches after the last 2 I tried were missing parts. very frustrating. And having it available to the masses the chance of some going missing is pretty big. Bonus sounds much better than contest.
  18. Well, good on ya for trying to come up with a definitive answer to the old issue of un-signable logs. Perhaps there will someday be a way to log your find that doesn't involve signing a logsheet. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that day, since pushing a button on my electronic device really can't compare with the satisfaction of actually scribbling my username on a scrap of paper. +1
  19. As a reviewer pointed out to me once, snakes and spiders are venomous, not poisonous. They are poisonous if you inhale or eat one, which isn't too difficult if you happen to hike, or ride a motorcycle or mountain bike the way that I do. yum
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