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  1. I put any and all containers I think might work in the dishwasher with a piece of paper towel inside. If it's even slightly hinting at being damp it's out. I even do this with loc n locs.
  2. Once upon a time we had them, they would show up in blue. Don't know why they took them away.
  3. Except for ammo cans, every container I want to use goes through my dishwasher, sealed with paper towel inside. I've tossed a few containers out because they didn't pass. If I'm still not 100% sure I put the log inside a CLEAN pill bottle inside the container.
  4. I don't have "your stuff" on my page, am I looking in the wrong place? Yes, as is normal, I'm confused
  5. I think it is reasonable for a reviewer to expect a visit within a year if the last log was a DNF, as most people would only post a NM if they'd found it trashed or there were numerous DNF's before them. Not if it was missing as they have no way of being sure. If you're not willing to make a trip within a year, I don't personally think that you have an adequate maintenance plan. Those are just my views anyway. I had some of my hides disabled after not maintaining them a while back (before I got into caching as much and before I got my car), and reviewer gave me a warning about them saying they would be archived, so I voluntary archived 2 of them and let someone adopt the other as they wanted to maintain it. I didn't have a maintenance plan back then, so I had no reason to argue with the reviewer's actions. I've placed caches since and I maintain them now, If there's even the slightest doubt then I go check on the cache, you placed it there to bring people to the location right? well use it as an excuse to revisit the location yourself +1 x 10
  6. When I see a cache that hasn't been found in a year and the last log was a DNF, I'd ignore it unless I was within 500' of it. Then if I had time to waste sometime I might try it. A friend and I pack up the car once or twice a year and hit all of our caches no matter what logs have said to make sure the log is dry and has room, add swag and see if it's okay in general. Depending on the cache I will check on 1 DNF if I'm in the area, it's easy and it's not a new cacher. Otherwise I wait. I don't understand being archived after 1 DNF. That said, I also don't understand why. if this is an easy walk or park and grab the CO would not check on it within the year.
  7. The easiest thing to of is not look at the notifications in each email, all you need to do is go to the cache page and read them all at once. Easy to do on my iPad
  8. Anyone can put his catch on a watch list and try to get there first if it bothers them. Those that move them, however they get TBs, is awesome.
  9. You said you are not a competitive person. Geocaching is not competitive unless you make it that way. Maybe if you set a goal, as J Grouchy said, maybe work on one area on the map, see if changing them all to motivates you. It could be you are just going to be a casual cacher, nothing wrong with that. I've been off and on over the years for various reasons, my goal right now is to have the county I live in done by the end of the year. Very doable, I avoided finding caches for a while because I didn't want to go alone (life changes) but I'm getting used to it and rather enjoying it.
  10. If the CO wanted to give more hints, they would. As a CO I would and have deleted logs that give too much away and pictures that show the container and hiding spot. I also send a nice email explaining my reasons and offer new cachers suggestions. Those of us that put time and thought into hides also put thought into just how much of a hint we want to give. Te hunt is the best part of caching for me.
  11. Can't be done. Caches are not allowed for advertising of any kind, no agenda at all can be used.
  12. I can't answer your question, but depending on where you stay they may have a guest computer to use. Half the places I stayed a few years ago had one free to use. Just don't plan on typing a lot - the key boards are set up different!
  13. Problem with that is...he has travel bugs. OP, Please, PLEASE! If you decide not to continue, PLEASE return them to the cache you found them or give to another cacher.
  14. I like the state ones and 12/12/12 (my birthday) but I don't get the one a day for a month. Clutter. A friend and I had 10 new ones published on July 4th which have had slow traffic on them. At an event last week I heard people say they are waiting for August to make the finds so my guess is some cachers are excited about it.
  15. How do you go about that then?.... Post a negative experience about someones cache. That is the real question at hand here. Thanks a ton for typing that up. That's the heart of my topic here, no one has really been able to tell me exactly what to say. BTW.... I only show 2 caches as found and logged because all the rest were totally pointless. Thanks for coming in! I read your 2 logs and as a CO I would be put off by your comment : "Gone Campin' TB is headed to a Cache in the mountains of Vermont in about a week. Signed the log book, left a key chain. Was happy to see that there wasn't just a bunch of junk and garbage in there like there was a few weeks ago." What was the purpose of that comment?? Very negative. Why not say "thanks for maintaining this cache" or say nothing about the previous state of the cache?
  16. Oh, it wasn't so bad. On my very high traffic (614 visits) cache, I had visions of him finding it poorly hidden by n00bs, full of geojunk, and finding garbage washed up along the Niagara River shore (which happens, hey, it all flows from Lake Superior, and points east). But I was good. My only regret wasn't following my "own thread" fast enough, and not driving up there to meet him (10.7 miles from my home coordinates). So if you're giving away Geocoins, does that mean I get to go up there and grab one of the two Roman! Pathtags you put in my cache? Just not keen on his self proclaimed "judge/jury/executioner" thing. Kinda pompous in my opinion. Last I checked this was the internet and people do post catchy titles for their threads but if you think I am irritatingly grand I might suggest you hop on over to The Drunken Clam for a beer or two and lighten up, you'll live longer. In your post: "My question is: who's cache should I judge next?" I don't need people coming to Little Rhody specifically to "judge" my caches. Especially not you. One of these days I'll find one of yours. A few years back I solved a puzzle but didn't get close enough to it. I visit Seekonk every few months but they are non cachers. and you know how they can be
  17. I have no idea but don't forget all the sock puppets are in the total!
  18. I'd say they need to step back and take a good look at these.
  19. Just because you think that people think you are nuts doesn't mean you aren't. I hiked to the summit of one of New Hampshire's 4,000+ foot mountains last weekend (trying to hike them all - this was number 46 out of 48 for me). Just as I reached the summit, a group that had arrived seconds before us began searching the summit cairn, and I knew right away they were geocachers. I hadn't checked ahead of time to see if there was a cache on the summit (I usually do), but fortunately they let me know that there was in fact a cache at the summit, and we found it shortly afterwards. Over the next half hour or so, a number of other hiking parties arrived at the summit, and at least 3 other people that arrived while I was there were geocachers, and all signed the log. The non-geoachers at the summit didn't think the rest of us were nuts - for the most part they just chalked it up to "the cool things technology allows us to do these days". Oddly, I was the only one of the geocachers who signed the log that day to post a log online. bet you would have been kicking yourself if you realized after coming down that you had walked right by one!
  20. I wish they still showed the DNFs on the map.
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