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  1. Two of us place caches together sometimes under a group name but they are listed with one CO. We have each "found" the other's caches, mostly to get them off the map but since we've both done maintenance on them alone we have to find them again. We would never claim a FTF, only log after a few weeks. I don't know about anyone else but I've had trouble finding some of my own caches, not to mention ones we hid together! We do have a cacher in the area who does not maintain her own caches, they are a mess even after many NM logs. But when she does check on them or says she does she claims a find. She has found some of her own caches 3 times. Seeing that I don't feel I'm wrong to find joint caches. We all play differently.
  2. I'm really curious, what made the LPC fun? 11 favorites, it must be good.
  3. It must not be your ordinary LP cache with 11 favorites.
  4. Maybe if you do a search for favored caches and read through those comments? I go with what I would like to see on one of my caches. No cut and paste logs please Thank you for changing to a more informative log!!
  5. I just put a reminder to use geo-sense when there is heavy tree cover.
  6. I saw this on facebook. If you were not already a cacher or if you were a new free app user, wouldn't you look at any nest and think...maybe it's in there and disturb a real nest. Or sit on a bench, 'this wood is not as solid as it once might have been, lets pull it off and look. Not there, oops, we just broke the bench' And the logging. "You feel like you speak a whole other language, in which “FTF” means joy, and “DNF” means anguish." What that really means is 'I'm too lazy to write anything for something that had hours of thought put into it for the cacher's pleasure. It was a fun list. From #10 on, I was good with. If only cachers saw this list it's fine. But posting it on facebook, well, maybe it's just me. Anything else I write would have to go to a different thread.
  7. Has anyone else had the found it button pushed multiple times? Someone is typing in DNF with a found it smiley. I sent a note to see which it is but if they don't visit the site.... sigh...
  8. If we all change our caches to Premium Only, we would never have to see that log again...
  9. If you aren't in favor of this version, you REALLY wouldn't have liked my first 7 drafts of this message. Thanks Michaelcycle for your supportive comment, I put a lot of thought into the message, and haven't sent it yet. I am, in the immortal words of Meatloaf, I'm going to "sleep on it, I'll give you an answer in the morning". Did you sleep well? What wording did you dream up? I wonder if the new cacher can even see what the default response is or do they just hit 'found it'. IMO if a new cacher isn't told to check the rules or that this response or TFTC is not appreciated, they will never know. I'm all for passing on information.
  10. I delete any pictures of my caches that either show the container (I try to be creative) or the hiding spot. If it's a new cacher that posted the picture I send a nice note letting them know I'm glad they liked it and to please let the next cacher have the same element of surprise and fun. Once someone takes the time to make and hide a cache, they understand!
  11. I had a look. Ackkk. TFTC-only logs. I agree that effort goes both ways. A log describing the visit to the cache is far more encouraging. As a CO it's the people who comment specifically about our cache(s) and say how they enjoyed the swag, who motivate me to maintain our caches and regularly replenish the supply. What they said
  12. I like your pictures, and as a cache owner I appreciate that you keep pictures of the caches In your "notebook" and off the cache page. Thanks for that.
  13. They used to show up on the map with the blue frown face. Don't know why they removed it but there have been many threads on here about it.
  14. Thank you, for once I didn't have to say it (and when I do, people argue with me ) On top of all that, it has been shown they won't even delete the accounts of spammers who have created accounts for no reason other than to spam these forums. and don't forget sock puppets
  15. Encourage them to write interesting logs like you do!
  16. The only thing I'd like to change is to remove the last "s" making it singular.
  17. I received a few tonight so they had been working.
  18. I think that is a National Park. If you get started now you may have permission by the time you move to place one at least somewhere near it. There is at least one Delorm square that was very hard to do a few years ago in that area. Could be because of the park. (I haven't checked the map)
  19. There is one that leaves from FL. I believe they are going again this March. They called themselves the Castaways I think. They have a Facebook page.
  20. When finding a cache I will repair, dry it or what ever I can. Three of us will help maintain each other's caches because we know it's not lazyness that keeps us from doing our own right away. Other owned caches in the area I would not go out of my way to fix, ones like the magnetic key holder on the side of a telephone pole. That one has needed maintenance for many months, I found it and sort of signed the plastic bag. Tried to replace log but it needed way more than that and didn't take the time because of the lack of parking on a sharp curve in the road. Really, who thinks a hide a key container is even close to waterproof? So in cases like this, and this cacher has lots of them in town, who would make a special trip back to a cache to fix it when it had no business being ther in the first place and no thought or planning went into it. I can honestly say I would not.
  21. I'm not a fan of cut and paste logs, especially when you have 3 cachers out together and they all cut and paste "found this's with X, Y and Z" That said, many times a comment is added at the end which is nice. As much as I don't like cut and paste logs, I like them way better than TFTC. On a DNF, I want to know more. Dd you lack time? Did you look all over and not find it, did you find a piece of it? Those comments are important.
  22. Thank you Tricia. I don't know why I expect this forum to be any different than others. I've got to learn to just ignore the negative. Again, I didn't make the video. I talked for an hour straight about every aspect of caching that came to mind. They only used what they wanted to. What you saw as negative could also be seen as suggestions/disappointments of things left out of the final project. I do agree with all the "negative" points. Ignoring what you don't like is pretty narrow minded. How else do we learn? When you put something on a forum, you are putting it out for everyone to see and comment on, not all will be kudos.
  23. The video was well filmed and for the time you were allowed did have some good points. I hope you get to do a follow up and will take some of the suggestions into consideration. Of course we can't see all that was taped or said, we can only go by what the general population saw. I hope you have a chance to show a regular size cache, one that is hidden on a trail or at least out of town. My GPS can be had for $100 and has no data plan and as long as there are batteries never loses service. You may have mentioned it but it didn't make it in the video - about the time, effort and expense that goes into hiding a cache. That it's not (or shouldn't be) something that is just dropped off on the fly and that should be taken into consideration when logging on line. Simplify putting a TFTC or or found it or found it with so and so is very disappointing to the CO. Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine and of many other CO. Also if you have a chance to add to your video, talk about maintenance on caches. I realize what you did was just a short beginning guide and you couldn't cover everything, I do hope you can expand on it at some time.
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