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  1. To the OP, do you log all of your finds? I only see 3 found and 3 hid but you've been a member for a few years. I don't always log a find, becoming a problem since I re-found a couple of caches, so I'm wondering if your stats could be low for that reason. I've been biting my tongue all night between this one and another on here from new caches. Actually I've noticed on these forums new cachers have ideas to change the game as soon as they start. After reading your original post and getting the feeling you're complaining, I looked up your finds/hides and after reading one of your hide descriptions which I find so incredibly rude and obnoxious, you are the first and only hider on my ignore list. And yes I do cache in your area sometimes. My opinion, which is not worth your time to read, is you need to lighten up, relax and realize this is only a pastime.
  2. I agree, fish on the ground should never be counted as a cache container.
  3. since log signing is what constitutes a find according to the consensus in the forums I'd say you did right. You have no way of knowing if the baggie was the cache container unless it was spelled out in the description.
  4. the smallest bison tube might work. don't have any with me to compare sizes. A nano might work better if you don't want it to stick out. you would just have to insert something 1st so the magnetic end of the nano could click with the something and not get lost.
  5. lame, yes. But you did get to walk on a nice path and see the river. That has to count for something, maybe.
  6. This is a cool site that I found a while back. http://www.graveaddiction.com/symbol.html
  7. The one below is from http://coord.info/GC1FVNH That's interesting - They look like Woodmen of the World head stones that were used into the 1930's. These stone logs are labeled "Woodmen of the World" - otherwise I'd have no idea what they were.
  8. It is really good to know you don't have a single fast food place within 10 miles of where you live.... that is the closest fast waymark to you, 10 miles away... did they outlaw fast food in Gastonia? nearest fast food one to me is less than 5 miles. Driving west there are a string of them. I hadn't looked at the site for a year or more but it does look like some of those have been taken off so monuments, etc. don't get lost in the midst I just didn't get the marking McDs, Subway, BK, Wendy's and more along one stretch of road.
  9. "If waymarks take you to special places and geocaches don't" Every fast food place around here has a waymark, very few fast food places here have geocaches.
  10. exactly why I love cemetery caches. I got choked up seeing the rock.
  11. I go after FTFs but not by trying to kill myself for them. But I am curious how cachers feel about cachers who have friends or create dummy accounts to place caches to possibly be FTF on those caches. And I'm not talking about a few I am talking about 100s or more. I would say they need to get a hobby. what a sad life they must have if FTF is their way of validation.
  12. Go for it! if after time the wood starts to suffer you can always replace it. I would suggest putting something under the box to lift it off the ground, that will help protect it from all the squirmy things that hide under things. As for plants on the fabric, ivy comes in vines so it would make adding them easier. Make sure you post a picture!
  13. those of us in the south always seem to have ivy growing. One of mine is more visible in the winter but still blends in. I tend to get DNFs in the summer.
  14. Wow factor - the cooler we put out was easy to name "WOW" - it's inside a tree trunk http://coord.info/GC2TEEG
  15. I used a large cooler - edges are rounded. I used black, green & tan spray paint and it looked really great. I kept it out in the yard for a few weeks, we had a lot of rain but it stayed dry inside until one storm blew it around, same storm that landed a tree on our house. If you really wanted extra large use one of the coolers fishermen use on boats. Not sure why you would put 2 ammo cans in the wooden box. The wooden box will get nasty after a while. Silk and plastic plants hold up, I have 3 caches I've used them on.
  16. It would be great if these could be shown on a map
  17. I've got #40 - got it on my 50th birthday!
  18. I just put a "large" one out, used a large cooler that I spray painted with black, green & tan - looks great. Should be published tomorrow
  19. Well, you could say "quick and easy grab" or something like that, plus TFTC. I don't expect a story, but a few words are nice. When I do lame P&G's I will write more if it was difficult to get due to muggles or just something acknowledging the cache. It is nice to have feedback on my caches and when they don't say anything except TFTC I assume they don't like to write, have done too many caches to write more than one word, or are just in it for numbers. I am in it for the adventures and will leave more than one word, no matter how lame. But that's just me I almost always write more than the one word - it is after all a 4 letter word. sometimes it's hard to be creative.
  20. annoying, yes, but read into those logs the Real message - the cache is still in place and in good shape.
  21. "Unless those are your logs doing that would be a guideline violation and your reviewer will not publish those caches" I hadn't thought about that. This trail is owned by the Catawba Lands Conservancy, part of the Thread Trail. I don't know if it makes any difference but the Land Conservancy asked us to place caches on the trail after giving us permission to place them on another of their trails. The trails are not maintained with the idea that visitors will keep the trails clear and clean. One of the logs I prepared at home and carried in. The other is in an opening we called 'field of logs' because there are so many large cut up ones. I'll check with our reviewer to see if I were to get permission from the Land Conservancy would they approve it. On the terrain - I guess we will rate the ones in the middle of the trail higher, makes sense. Thanks all!
  22. We are placing caches along a trail that is over 2 miles long. You can enter from either end. The path is packed dirt with small rocks and roots, at either end there is down hill but not too bad. The first cache at either end could be a 2 or 2.5 As you go on there are a few trees you need to go over or around as well as rocks to cross a stream in 2 places and a bridge made from thin trees roped together. Not stroller friendly at all. The first ones at either end could be a 2 except if you came from the other direction and already went over the obstacle course. Would it be appropriate to average them all to a 3? The stream crossings may be fairly dry in the summer but at times the stepping stones could be under water. One we would like to put out would require a boat, maybe swimming but rocky and a current - not sure how we will accomplish that - we've laughed about tossing it to the piece of land and having the FTF place it! As to the hides, a couple are logs we drilled into and put a pvc container in, a mushroom with a bison tube, ammo can, a bison tube attached to cool vines (I know, bison tubes in the woods are not liked) and a mid size locknlock with a plant glued to the top. Instead of 2 drilled logs would you suggest another larger container? The second trail we are doing has only 3 caches, one of which is a large cooler.
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