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  1. Ha! Awesome. First, +1. Second, I hadn't considered switching from "muggle" to "muggler" as a way of distancing myself from Potterers, but I like this idea. A lot. "Muggler" it is.* --Matt *I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the first time someone corrects me on this so I can give them the explanation. Thanks Seeker!! No problem. We can also use plunderers. But, that's got more syllables and I often goof it up when I say it! I think we are the only 2 on earth that don't like/know about Harry Potter. I have to pretend I know at work or I'll be strung up! Lol. Count me in as #3 to admit never having read the books or seen the movies. Just not my thing. When I'm around people talking about it I just keep quiet. I often just say "non cachers" I don't get caught up in hype and I worked in a book store when the first few books came out, I was glad so many kids were reading the books, anything to help them know the love of reading.
  2. What is special about the trees or fence you put these on?
  3. he was Not torn apart for calling them mugglers, an explanation of the origin was given which has been covered in many threads. When you post and ask for comments and critique, you are asking for responses, not just "atta boys" What I don't understand is the tear off tabs. When Hunter or whom ever puts their info there, are they saying they are experienced enough to hold classes? Gitchee-Gummee has said it well. I see these type of posters in grocery stores for day care, etc. Not sure I'd want to see one of these hung up on the bulletin board or anywhere else. The reason some caches are made Premium only is because anyone and their brother can sign on, locate caches and destroy them. I don't think in most areas this is a big problem but there are groups of anti-cachers that remove the "geotrash" and leave their own trash in the form of a crappy note. This type of poster, depending on where it's hung could bring out more of the "lets wreck it" types. Sorry, that's how I feel. As for kids not being allowed to post - I think it was determined that question came up because of guidelines on this site - Not because of maturity.
  4. exactly why I think it's so intersting!
  5. I've requested info from a CO as well as received requests and all have gone well except one CO who only said "keep looking" - he apologized later because it was missing. PAF (phone a friend) is one of the best ways to get help if you need it right away while you are searching.
  6. Isn't that exactly the sort of "paranoid" behavior that we complain about here so often? Ive thought about it... Its better to take precautions. So, you, a geocacher, would call the police on someone that you felt "looked suspicious" as they searched around a bush, looking for something. Is that right? According to the OP's description of what the people were doing, yes. Why? Seriously... why? So perhaps, maybe, just possibly, these guys are rummaging around some bush looking maybe, just possibly, for some drugs (not a bottle of booze or food or money or porn, but drugs because they look like addicts) you would feel it important to call the police? Are they attacking you? Interesting take on the subject, it's been running through my mind since this topic started. I don't think I would call the cops unless I knew for sure what was going on and I'm chicken enough to not stick around to be noticed by the "shrub seekers" I've been accused of thinking the best of people (yes, I was told it was a fault) My first thought on someone searching in shrubs would be geocache or they dropped something or maybe a little snake someone wanted to look at closer. As I posted above, I did call the cops when we found needles etc under a lamp post, no one was in the immediate area at the time, there was no doubt in our minds what the items were for and it was right next to a playground. However, now that I think about it, maybe it was for a homeless diabetic. BTW - side note - when I wrote the DNF commenting on drug dealers seen in the parking lot dealing on the early Sunday morning and the items under the lamp post I received a scathing email telling me to change the negative comments or it would be deleted. I did change the wording slightly, but since we had a very small child with us and due to the playground proximity I felt I had to leave the comments - there are no attributes for drug dealers. Never checked to see if he deleted it....
  7. I lifted a LP skirt just to show my son where some people hide caches and there were new needles and other drug stuff, just not the drugs. We did call the police as there were vehicles around that were not even trying to be subtle about selling drugs at 7 am Sunday morning. The LP was right next to a large playground in a beautiful park.
  8. The news article was one of the better ones I've read.
  9. I had that happen twice - both moved by the same cacher. What ticked me off was it was a cacher with only a couple of finds and they actually buried one of them. Honestly I don't think any seasoned cacher would ever do this. My guess is your "helper" was fairly new (didn't check so it's just a guess on my part) I'm not bashing new players, we all started that way, but I wish "the rules" were read, reread and read again before anyone goes out. I love talking to someone just starting out - brings back the excitement and motivates me to get busy. It's not just geocaching, it's lots of places that people bringing in experience from other places think they can make it better - think about someone new at a job, who doesn't get tired of them saying "we always did it this way" and then try to get everyone to go along with "this way"
  10. If you're using a 13 year old phone then I'm sorry, but I just have to say, you're dumber than your phone and a bag of hammers put together. Nothing personal. My family is on a tight budget. We can't afford the absurd data rates required by most smart phones. So we have dumb phones that allow you to text and make this ancient thing called a phone call. I guess that makes us dumb too. I'm so dumb that I only pay $8.33 a month for cell service which allows me to make and receive, of all things, phone calls. If I'm ever out and about and need some info fast, I just get one of my smart friends to look it up for me on their $100 a month phone. I hear you! I'm so dumb I let the company pay for my phone/2-way radio unit that does just that, phone calls and direct connect with other employees. Every now and then I think maybe I should get one of those fancy units...then quickly think of what else I could spend the $$$ on. Like a massage every 3 weeks - another twist to "reach out and touch someone"
  11. knowing for almost a week I have a wet cache in need of maintenance and work & my car are not cooperating
  12. If you're using a 13 year old phone then I'm sorry, but I just have to say, you're dumber than your phone and a bag of hammers put together. Nothing personal. Nice. Some of us are not allowed to have smart phones at work (secure facility for example) so our phones make phone calls, that's about it. No web, no camera, no apps. Does not make us dumb as hammers. And I'd re-read the forum guidelines before I'd post again if I were you. And adding "Nothing personal" to an insult doesn't make it right. yup, work requires me to have 2 way on my phone and no camera. And since the company pays for this phone/service I think I'm pretty dadgum smart to not pay up to $100 a month and have to carry 2 phones. edit: dadgum? LOL auto correct on here makes me sound older than any telephone
  13. If you want to say the same thing on both places, just cut/paste. You aren't doing a double post, just posting in 2 places. I will not open any link that makes me wonder if it's spam. One virus was one too many.
  14. Each and every time I will post a DNF. I wish more people did that for some of mine so I'd have a heads up to check it out.
  15. I like his posts, anyone have a fake id? funny how we used to use fake ID's to get into clubs or R rated movies - who ever thought.....
  16. Two of us carried a pretty large cooler down a trail. Only encountered 2 people but we're sure we just looked like we were going to picnic. What is the container you are trying to sneak in?
  17. Really? I looked at all three of their hides after reading this, and I have no clue what about their cache descriptions may seem rude to you! They all seemed very straightforward and polite to me. WOW! This is NOT the way it read a few days ago! It has been highly edited since then. I would not have commented on this one if this is what it originally said. OP? comment? The Cached (no pun intended) page from Google shows a different page, but I'd hardly consider this an "ignore all hides" write-up. Personally, something like an entire cache page that says "Quick P & G, BYOP" would be an ignore all hides offense for me. still not the same write up I saw - would not have ignored this write up either.
  18. Really? I looked at all three of their hides after reading this, and I have no clue what about their cache descriptions may seem rude to you! They all seemed very straightforward and polite to me. WOW! This is NOT the way it read a few days ago! It has been highly edited since then. I would not have commented on this one if this is what it originally said. OP? comment? "Originally I placed this cache out here just before Hallowe'en filled with Hallowe'en toys for the kids, to honor "The Haunted Monastery". However, I now suspect the area is ACTUALLY HAUNTED by the spirits of grumpy and cranky geocachers! The original cache was protected by a guardian, but a well meaning geocacher took him away as trash. The new cache also has a guardian, not a very scary one, but he shoots so be careful! Please don't put him IN the cache as another well meaning geocacher did. If the guardian is there, it will be easy to find. This is the second cache, since the first one got stolen (pitty too, it was a nice solid ammo box). It's in a slightly different location so make sure your coordinates are updated"
  19. That sums it up very well. Often extra clues are in the write up, not only things like bring gloves but more subtle ones that when you are in the area makes the light bulb go off. Isn't reading the cache page like studying for a test?
  20. I used to start out as Marie, Mrs. Scrabbler. Now that I'm no longer a Mrs. I usually say Marie - pause - Scrabblers I would love to change my caching name to make it singular instead of plural but someone in Scotland has it.
  21. So what happened to the cache in question???
  22. guard rails - all the bird poop, spider homes, wasps nests, etc. that are under and out of sight. I always have latex gloves in my cache bag, guard rails call for them and sometimes a stick as well. I have a bit of anxiety over a cache I placed a month ago. we've had a lot of rain so I wanted to check for dryness. Started to move the bark placed over the container and a small Copperhead came slithering out. Way, way too close for comfort! I added snakes to the attributes. Never worried about snakes before...but now...
  23. cool! Best part is it looks like you had a great time!
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