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  1. I like pictures, yours would really entice me to go there. The only time I didn't like them was back before paperless.
  2. A while back there was a new cache placed in a parking area for Applebees & stores. First day it was out the manager of Applebees found out about it and walked out to cachers and handed out gift cards. ($10 I think) Happy logs to read that day.
  3. I hadn't come across a "series" until recently. I was looking at caches close to my daughter's home and found a few that might be done in a long walk. As I pulled up the descriptions for some traditional caches on the one morning it wasn't raining or snowing I read: "There are four in this series and for them to count you need to get all FOUR!! (as of 10-10-10 the entire series is published so no excuses I will delete them if there aren't all four! They are located so close together that it should be easy to get all four on the same outing." Because of the weather being so unpredictable last week and my plans to do these on walks with my 7 week old granddaughter, I wasn't sure I'd get more than 1 or 2 so I didn't bother. I'm just curious, these were labeled as Traditional, not multi, is this a normal requirement for a "series"?
  4. didn't we see almost the same post a few days ago?
  5. you can get a travel bug number and put it on your car. I've logged one of those.
  6. I have 3 elf door hides - no pictures but most like them.
  7. I wonder if they think a cache will have all sorts of people rushing out to find it - I picture a FTF race of 20 cachers When I contacted a land conservancy about putting out a couple of caches, not only did they welcome them, they asked us to put out more on another property they own. They want people to visit the trails. I have been a little disappointed in the number of finds on either trail. It has been a very hot summer so I hope as it cools down more will visit. That makes me think you could mention to your group that hikes or long walks are not what a lot of cachers go for (hikers/walkers seem to populate the forums more than others)
  8. What attribute do you suggest? The "Unsafe" attribute? If the hider thinks enough to flag it as unsafe, I would hope they would archive it instead. I almost always use attributes on my caches and look what ones are checked on caches I want to find. If every CO would do that check off the parking icon it would be great. However, that's not going to happen so we can only guess as we leave the house.
  9. Garmin has the best customer service I've ever encountered. give them a call.
  10. Welcome! Please, please log your DNFs. We all have them. What happens if you don't, the cache owner will not know there may be a problem. After 2 DNFs, sometime 1, I'll make a trip to check if it's missing.
  11. It's only a number. Do you all feel you HAVE to have one more?
  12. Today I found out about a family situation that will take up any time I had to devote to this so I need to withdraw. I only know of 4 that would be easy to use, finding others would be the issue. I do want to follow the progress. Good luck everyone!
  13. I just responded to your email - yes, I'll give it a go. My mind needs a work out and just the instructions for this have done that!
  14. I found this one, see it every day. When I first looked at your list and from what I remember reading a while back I thought it would correspond with FA in this one. what am I looking at? Details for Benchmark: FA3125 Start a New Search N 35° 15.670 W 081° 10.829 (NAD 83) Altitude: 0 Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is UNKNOWN and location is ADJUSTED. (more info) Location: In GASTON county, NC View Original Datasheet Designation: GASTONIA BLACK WATER TANK Marker Type: elevated tank Setting: setting not listed - see description
  15. This makes a bit more sense. I've only found 2 so far, know where 2 more are in town. So many I've looked for in the past were covered by pavement or curbs. Can we use past finds? More wine and I'll tackle GSAK
  16. As you may have guessed, I love Scrabble. But my head started spinning reading this. I'll need to clean my glasses, get a glass of wine and then read it again. I got GSAK a while ago but haven't taken time to learn it. sheesh, I make myself sound like I'm brain dead. I need a vacation. or a tutor.
  17. By all means, ask how they feel about Challenges and whether or not they should count as a part of one's total finds! I was off line since last Thursday, I couldn't ask that until I know what the challenges are about. However being with me could be a challenge in it self
  18. I'm thinking about getting back into dating - maybe geocaching should be in the same list of questions with "do you have a job" "do you have a wife" "do you live with your mother"
  19. Come back in 40 years and post again. It doesn't always have to be a hiking cache - some people just don't like the stop, search, sign, go, stop, search, sign - they don't see the fun or the point.
  20. Makes you wonder if GS's palms were greased by verizon, tmobile, A T & T etc. Thank you - I've wondered this but.... I've been without Internet since last Wednesday so you can guess my surprise and what the heck is a challenge. Too many pretty things that don't make much sense to me. But change happens, just please slow it down for a while. Going back to get the Readers Digest version of a challenge for now.
  21. If she's that active in the find, does she have her own caching name? You could teach her how to sign her name, log it on the computer. She could write great logs as she learns! So cool - love how kids get so excited about things! And it's something she will always remember doing with you. priceless
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