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  1. Welcome to geocaching! I hope you'll enjoy it too.
  2. Yeah, there's even a TB with a similar issue not far from my home. It has been in the cache since December 20, 2008 though the cache has been found several times since then. Whenever I get around to finding it, I might take it somewhere if I know a good place to drop it. There's one cache that I guess I can drop it off in a lot closer to my home just for the sake of it no longer sitting in the same cache for months.
  3. So far, I've only found caches (however few that is right now). I've been wanting to hide at least one for some time now. I think I'd really enjoy it and all that it entails. I do have one place that I would love to place a cache. I guess the main reason I haven't placed it yet is that I just don't have a clue who to ask permission to do so and obviously we don't want to place without permission.
  4. So after reading someone's log this morning that they saved their double zero finds (200 - 900) for the oldest cache in a given state and their 1000th for the one that started geocaching, I got to thinking. First, this sounds like the kind of goal I would enjoy setting, so I decided to do so. For each of my double zero finds (whenever those happen), I'm going to use the oldest cache in each state (whichever I decide to hit) to be that mark with the one in Oregon being my 1000th. But then I got to wondering how many other people here have found the oldest caches. Who all has found the oldest cache in your state? Here's the one in mine, Mississippi, which was placed back in 2000: Bonita Lake EDIT: I just realized I likely should have posted this elsewhere on the forums. So yeah, I'm sorry if so. Do these usually get moved on there own or do I have to ask someone?
  5. Using Google Earth is how I've found all the caches I've found so far. I don't have a GPS right now either.
  6. I'm in a different state with the same situation!!!! It keeps making me wonder if they are sewing the seeds of conquest for our area or just getting our attention as "that place which advertises here for no reason"? It does sort of make you want to go to one, just to say you have after seeing it for so many years without one in sight! It makes it stick out in your mind more than places with ACTUAL LOCATIONS around, I suppose. Seeing as we both noticed it (and many others) there probably is a method to their madness. WE just got our first Sonic this year, stopped at a lot while motorcycling in the midwest I have a similar situtation too except with a different fast food place, Red Robin. I live in Mississippi and every so often I'll start seeing a bunch of RR commercials where I live. The only thing is is that there are no Red Robins anywhere IN Mississippi. As for the question at hand, unfortunately I don't really have any ideas other than possibly one. Maybe it's underneath one of the tables that are located in front of the building where the employees come from? Likely not, but it's the only suggestion I didn't notice.
  7. The most adult thing I've found was back in December. The cache I found contained a small package of Trojac Twisted condoms, which I promptly took and discarded in the trash.
  8. I must have missed your posts somehow. I don't check around here but maybe once every so often. I'll send you in the next few days.
  9. I'm not sure how far out you're planning on caching, but if you're ever in Cleveland, feel free to hit me up. I've been looking for a caching partner for a while but I can't ever find someone.
  10. I found out about geocaching last year. I think I had heard the term 'geocaching' before, but I didn't know what it was or anything. I believe I must have passed over the word somewhere online, but didn't take the time to find out what it was. Late last year, a friend came by my house one day. While we were hanging out, he happened to mention geocaching and that some of his friends had been doing it. He told me to come to this very site, which I did. That's how I came to be a part of the caching community. Short and sweet lol.
  11. The weirdest thing I've found so far (not that I've found many caches yet...) is just a small package of Trojan Twisted Pleasure condoms. Just so happens that this was today (Dec. 6, 2008)
  12. Okay, I'll try to locate something around my room worth at least a dollar and go back and leave it. Thanks.
  13. Okay, this morning I found my fourth cache. When I found it, I also found two items. One was a dollar and the other was a package of condoms. Are condoms allowed in caches? I'm not sure. I have read on here people taking them since apparently they're not, so followed suit and I took them. I was just thinking though if I was really supposed to or not. If not, I'll go back and put them back. Can someone fill me in or point me to the rules where it says something about this? On a related note, another question I feel stupid for asking. I did take the dollar as I said. So I want to be sure, am I supposed to leave something in return or is money on the same "level" as TBs and don't apply to that rule? Again, if so, I'll go back and do my thing. You can probably tell I'm still very new to geocaching. If I'm going to play this "game", I just want to play it right and all.
  14. It appears the Delta is a little dry on cachers, Hagar responded to you on the MSGA, as did Ronbo, but they never heard back, stop back in, make a few more posts, get to know some folks. I spent three days in the Delta last week and would gladly have hooked up with you while there. I will drop you a line next time I come up to stay, which will probably be the third week in January. Ronbo was actually the person I was referring to when I said I didn't know if the offer still stood or not. I just sent Ronbo a message on MSGA a few minutes ago, so I'll see if the offer about going sometime still stands. I'll be seeing about everyone else soon.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm still relatively new to geocaching. I've only found three geocaches so far, none of which have included tracking bugs yet (although I do know some close by that have at least one). Since I'm still new, there's something I need to find out about involving TBs. I know the rule for the general trinkets and whatnot is if you take one, you should leave something of equal or great value in return. But when you take just a tracking bug, are you supposed to do the same? I may be wrong in thinking that we are, but I want to know for sure.
  16. I've asked this before, but it seems as if my topic was deleted some time ago. So I guess I'll ask again. Is there anyone here in the MS Delta area, especially near Cleveland? I'm looking for at least one person to go with sometimes (as they say, the more the merrier). I know there were two or three people who said something about it, I didn't hear from one when I wrote her afterwards and the other I don't know if the offer still stands though. But yeah, is there anyone here in MS near Cleveland that would like to team up and go together sometime? And by thw way, I've already tried MSGA as well. EDIT: Yeah, I just happened to notice my original topic from September several pages back. Guess it didn't get deleted after all. Wish I had noticed beforehand.
  17. Anyone here live anywhere near Cleveland, MS? I am relatively new to geocaching (found my 1st one back in late June or early July). I'd like to meet some fellow geocachers and maybe we could go caching together sometimes? So is anyone near me by chance?
  18. So far two in one day. But it's only been just a day under a full week since I found my first cache.
  19. So far two in one day. But it's only been just a day under a full week since I found my first cache.
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