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  1. I also have some .pure geocoins that I'd like to trade for other .pure geocoins, and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos. I'm a blues/greens/blacks kind of girl, and I have an orange and a pink I'd be happy to trade for a cooler (as in temperature) kind of hue...I'll post or PM or email once those pics are up (and I'll get some of my own up also). Thanks!


    Hi Jackalgirl


    I'd love to trade for a pink one! I've ordered lots of those coins but I did not get the pink one. I will make pictures and upload them today evening.



  2. received 2 of 4



    Thanks for these 3 coins, southpawaz! They're great. Also a big thank you for the three little skulls you added. They fit perfectly in my living room *hihi*

  3. received 1 of 4



    Thank you so much for those beautiful coins!!! Especially the Tengwar made a dream come true. I cannot stop looking at it :unsure: Same is with the Dragon Spinner. One of the most beautiful coins I've ever seen.

  4. I'm going to post pictures later but wanted my great mission buddy die_anita to know I received the package today!! What a great package - it was a BOX!!! and bigger than a shoe box - big enough to fit a mini-fondue that I can't wait to enjoy! The letter die_anita wrote showed how much thought was put into the mission and the coins REALLY showed it - they are so suited to my love of nature and science - an awesome SPRING Tree Coin, a really great Rainbow coin and a very appreciated SwissCross minicoin. And, chocolate !!!


    I know you said you sent it quite a while back ... and that is a bad sign because I am still working on one piece of mine to you (I am making you something!) But - given the international shipping time you may receive it very close to or after the mission end date. I will finish this and send on MONDAY!!


    And will log pictures for everyone else to enjoy soon too!

    Thanks for such a great first mission experience!


    Great that the package made it's way to you :laughing: and even more great that you really like it :anibad: You are very welcome with the coins and it makes my happy to see that you like them all.


    That's absolutely no problem. I do the gifts because of the joy they give to the recipient and not because of what I get in return (but I have to confess that you made me curious :laughing: ). It was so thrilling to putting it together and to imagine your reaction :P


    Thank you for being my mission buddy, Sandyduff and I hope that we stay in contact even when this mission is over.

  5. here is something i learned very late in the coin trading game. if you really want it, it will come to you. have patience and just breathe through it!


    you are absolutely right RSG! When I consider especially my last bubble mailer, it was absolutely worth waiting and longing for it. I got two Earth Turtles and one Yemon Yime I tried to get for quite a long time. But I never succeded.


    I know it's easy to tell and hard to live but it is true.

  6. Today there was a bubbler in my mailbox. When I opened it I almost fainted. It was such a big, great surprise! What a generous, marvellous, surprising gift! I am really speechless (seldom enough ^^) and I can only say, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Wow!!


    I know I repeat myself but I am really touched!!


    Isn't it great?



  7. Today there was a bubbler in my mailbox. When I opened it I almost fainted. It was such a big, great surprise! What a generous, marvellous, surprising gift! I am really speechless (seldom enough ^^) and I can only say, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Wow!!


    Isn't it great?




    p.s. as there was no card or letter or so in the bubbler I can only guess that this is my Secret Cupid mission ^^

  8. Wow, this is great! I hope you get permission!


    What would shipping cost to Switzerland be? Would it maybe be possible that if shipping costs are too expensive that I buy a coin (or more than one), you give me activation code that it shows up in my inventory and then put it in a cache for me?

  9. Today the first Secret Cupid arrived. This package is just great!!!


    I got lots of candy - I love it!!!

    a very nice card - in girl colour :laughing:

    a finger light - really cute

    a nice gift from sea horse :laughing:

    three coins - you are very very generous!

    a path tag - I like the dolphins so much!

    and last but not least a very cute fridge magnet I put immediately on my fridge to hold my concert tickets!


    Thank you so much Fluttershy!!!

  10. :D ... still trying to figure out how die-anita made sure that I would win the Pure. Color - Travel Edition Yellow that she knew I was really hoping to end up with..... <_<:(:D




    Hihi, maybe I felt that you really want this coin? I am always very happy to read that a coin of mine will go to a person who really wants it and is happy to get it! That makes my day :D

  11. I had no internet access during the weekends and discovered just now that all the trading lists are done. So, I am sitting here in the office with a lot of numbers but as I do not have accesss to the spreadsheet I do not know what I traded for. That's very very hard. So if anybody has time to look up the coins I receive I'd be very grateful :mad:


    Howdy! Here's your low-down:



    - ET v1 Multicolor 2008

    - ET v1 Purple 2008

    - ET v1 multi (gold w/green & red enamel)

    - Mibres turtle silver (blue enamel)

    - Tengwar NAWWAL gold/red

    - ROT13 Dragon Spinner TT Silver w/bronze spinner

    - Tengwar Antique Bronze

    - Caught Red-Handed Micro


    Thank you so much, Jackalgirl! You made my day!!! This is just great!!!! *jump*

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