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  1. I'd love to trade for these coins. Have a look at my trade list. For instance I have .pure travel geocoins in several colors
  2. Great mystery coin! I wish those were to find in Europe too!
  3. To be honest I have to confess that I heard for the first time about Earth Day. But I think this is not so bad as to me every day is Earth Day. You can do so much in your own little world. Just look around and think and then you get ideas to take care.
  4. My favourite would be a glitter penguin just for girls
  5. New Standings: 1. Tranquility 2. Pi Geocoin 3. Musketeer Geocoin 4. Tux Micro Coin 5. Wales Geocoin
  6. Mine is the Traquility. What a beauty!
  7. Wow, what an incredible design!! I will order those as soon as sale is open
  8. Great that it arrived before the Easterweekend!
  9. Could not resist placing a last minute order
  10. My actual heart desire is a Tranquility. Having just one would be a dream come true.
  11. I did not get an invoice until now. Could you please send me one? Hang on, I'll check it out! All orders are packaged and ready to ship tomorrow! No waiting in aisle 5 email on it's way answer back. Thank you so much, Rod!
  12. wow, what is this coin? how big is it? thick? what is on the back? ok, i can still be curious even if i am not acquiring coins any longer. rsg Wow those are cute! Are they still sold? Where can I buy them?
  13. I did not get an invoice until now. Could you please send me one?
  14. Just sent through my email and I hope that it came in time to get my order Thanks for this coin Rod!
  15. I'd love to have some of them but now it's after midnight and after the CoinMania event I am just too tired to stay up for another two hours. I hope tomorrow morning there are some left I can order. Could you please provide the link where we can order? Thanks!
  16. Still looking for a Birka What do you mean with Frost Silver? I think I have one spare Birka in silver here but I do not know whether it is Frost Silver.
  17. Wow!! I really love the copper one and must have it You did a great work! Can't wait to get them!
  18. wooooooooooooooooooooow, do I get this right? Wow, wow, wow, I am crazing out!!! How cool is this? Thank you so much!!!!!!! *jumpjump* Out of bed for not an hour yet and my day is made
  19. Congrats to Gatoulis! I hoped I posted in time, but I was too late I have to quit this now as here in Switzerland time is heading to midnight and I have to get up too early Have fun!
  20. Might I have one for my collection?
  21. email sent- 4/1 received name- smiles sent- smiles received-
  22. Glad, it finally arrived and you liked the little extra. I am so sorry that the mail was so slow
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