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  1. Email sent: 28.04.09 Name received: Mission sent: Mission received:
  2. This would be great! Send postcards and describe your city on the backside explain what is to be seen on frontside.
  3. I'm glad it safely arrived and that you liked the coin!
  4. The harp coin is stunningly beautiful. If anybody has a spare one and is willing to trade please let me know! Thanks.
  5. Well, it's too beautiful a day so I am heading off for the Irish pub to enjoy late afternoon here in Switzerland with refreshing beer and some chips Tsun, thank you for your effort and I am sure everyone did his/hers best. No one is angry at you, but anybody was nervous because of the sale. Jackalgirl, I'm definitively off now as the sale is cancelled. I wish you a good night and we will hear from each other - maybe I will bid you to cover for me next sale date .
  6. If I am able to get more than one I'll contact you.
  7. Dropped at magic event and raced home. But the store seems to be down. Cannot get in.
  8. Here it worked with the newest firefox version. There was an update last night. Did you install it?
  9. Today there were three bubblemailers in my mailbox, coins out of trades and one out of my very first won cointest! Thank you so much!
  10. email sent: 4/1 received name: 4/11 smiles sent: 4/20 smiles received-
  11. Perfect! CF30 Oh no, please not!!! Then is prerelease of Alara reborn of Magic the Gathering!!! Please not Is that a geocoin? CF30 *hihi* no it isn't. This is a trading card game - quite addicting and money-consuming as coins
  12. Oh, don't do that! If you're shipping more than one coin it will cost the recipient a lot of customs and postal fee I always declare 5-8$ per coin and never more than 15$ for all items together. As a coin is nothing with "real" value customs can only rely on metal value which is quite deep. So you won't get in any trouble with this kind of declaration.
  13. Perfect! CF30 Oh no, please not!!! Then is prerelease of Alara reborn of Magic the Gathering!!! Please not
  14. 117 ounces 19 inches not that I have any idea what those measures really mean, as we here have metric ones but it's fun to join anyway
  15. And here a picture of the coins that arrived this week. Thanks to Rod, thanks to Kat for the trade and thanks to Tha Saint for this great gift!
  16. Today was a very good day as after a 4 days Easter Break with no mail I received three mailers at once: My set of Todie's Wild Ride coins - they are enormously big and really beautiful, you did a great job Rod!!! I love them but I will set one or two of them free to spread the bike awareness message! a .pure travel coin in pink - my favourite color! and last but not least a gift from The Saint! He sent me his "The World is our playing Field" geocoin! Thank you so much for this surprise!!! I just love this coin!
  17. Wow...this is truly a beautiful coin!! I am almost halfway there... What a great coin! I only managed 100 caches during the Easter Weekend. So I will have to find many more until I earn such a coin!
  18. Thanks for posting the dates of different time zones, Tsun! I guess I will be able to take part in the sale before we go to the evening concert. Cool!
  19. Congratulations!! I am a great Fan of the EarthCache masters program. The subject of a coin has been brought up in the EarthCache forum and I believe it is a work in progress. The "Discover The World" geocoin by Clarkbowman was designed to reflect his interest in EarthCaches and it is a beautiful coin. Ohhhhhhh, Congrats you two................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! I didn't know that earthcache program!!! The pin is so beautiful!!!! So, with 3 earthcaches in 2 different countries or states. you have bronze pin! the only thing I was wondering is.... if the earthcaches are in different islands (but inside the area that you live - In dodecanese, there are 3 earthcaches, I think! all are in different islands! even if they are consider to be in the same area, they are 2- 4 hours away, by ship!), or different parts of Greece???? I am also wondering how many earthcaches are in Greece! Congratulations my friend for receiving the pin! It is a kind of an earthcache medal! That's cool! Is this a worldwide programm? As I plan to start with Earth Caches, they're just great and you can learn a lot!!!
  20. Name received, mission will be sent out after Easter.
  21. Hi Tsun, Is there a possibility that you create a time schedule for the other regions as for the last ET sale? This would be easier for some of us to get to know the correct time for the sale. Thanks!
  22. Great the number of racers is growing! That will be fun!
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