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  1. I meant the 60CSx generation, as opposed to the older non-SIRF technology. The newer ones are worse???
  2. What town? I'm nearly done mapping one section of the Clinton Land Trust sections as I skied the trails this winter (for my own use; the paper map they provide is pretty poor). Almost any GPS will do what you want, though the later Garmins with the improved chipset will give better accuracy. I used a 60CSx, what software you use depends on what you want to do with the maps later.
  3. The Geko 301 is a great unit; I've used one for the past several years. I wouldn't want a GPS without the compass (and altimeter, but that's a different story), and the tiny size of the Geko is perfect for a small child. It was only my 50 year old eyeballs and the tiny Geko screen that drove me to a new 60CSx,,,
  4. Now only if they'd make it work with Opera...
  5. Unsurprising, but seems to be lines, too... I can put in four lines totalling 72 characters, but not 5 lines with less than 72 characters.
  6. Hate to reply to an old drawn out thread, but it seems the right place and I can't find the answer anywhere else... I have no trouble creating and loading the custom POI's, multiple databases, custom icons, etc. (thanks to all who posted above!) However, the multiple line comment seems problematic. I'm creating .csv files and using the POI loader to create the .gpi file. According to the POI loader helpfile, if you enclose the POI name or comment in quotes you can include page breaks, and this is correct; it works. However, it seems you can only create four lines either this way or if you enter a long line and let it wrap; anything after the fourth line is ignored, even though the GPS (at least my 60CSx) appears to have room for eight lines of 18 characters each (numbers or uppercase; lowercase gets a few more characters per line). What's interesting is that if I open up the .gpi file in a hex editor the additional information is there, so presumably it's the GPSr that's not displaying it.
  7. Oh, well, I should have figured that with over 33,000 registered users somebody would've beaten me to it! First with a paraglider anyway. IV_Warrior, yes it is pretty cool, even (dare I say it here?) more fun than geocaching! But yes, not too practical for finding most caches. PandyBat, yes, my buddy took the picture, a couple weeks earlier. He took these the day we landed there: Here's our machines on the ground on Cedar Island: Here's me starting the takeoff run from the island (my buddy took off first): -Dana
  8. Has anybody else ever flown to a cache? I don't mean taking an airline flight and then looking for a cache, I mean flying to it. If not then I guess I can claim a first: we flew to a cache in powered paragliders. Click here to see the log and photos. Now of I could only find some more that are accessible from the air... -Dana aka FanMan
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