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  1. I know this site exisits: Arizona Geocaching I don't know how active they are...My brother is a cacher in Arizona and belongs to a group called Tombstone Diveded. Good luck!
  2. Bill introduced us to paperless caching a couple of years ago. I can't imagine caching without it anymore! (Although I do remember all of the binders of caches I used to carry around with me!!) Congrats on your "find"!
  3. OH NO!! Not another trip!! BOGA's not keeping track once again. And just about when his probation should end. Maybe there will be another trial at the MAC May event; if so, this time he should get a lifetime of probation. Poor Bill...Always taking abuse from so many in this forum...If I were you, I would just pack-up and create a REALLY evil code cache to make them pay for picking on you so much!
  4. Forrrrrrrrrrr every seen I sow, I know a tree will grow. And there will be, an apple tree, for every one in the world to see, the Lord is good to me! Johnny Appleseed. Am I right??? I used to love that song (and story) as a child..May have to look for it for the youngest geocacher in our group.
  5. I was just thinking the same thing this morning.
  6. I would pay $30.00...So there is my vote.
  7. I think he is too far out on his ranch (harvesting) for the ethernet cable to reach...
  8. I was scanning the forums this morning and saw this thread...I found it interesting as I too are considering a move to Arizona. We are looking at the Sierra Vista / Tombstone area. I have now been back several times and think we will be moving this year, but still am not too sure yet. I know Bisbee is nearby and someone from an above post mentioned they lived there...Are there any downsides to the areas I am mentioning? So far it sure seems to beat Modesto, CA where I live now!!
  9. Yeah, that is the one from the UbeHebe crater in death valley. (Mike took that shot)...I also have the one he took of me at the top of Europe, but I was not holding a Geocaching banner. I would love to do the hike that they just did! (Now, if I could only find a spare few days!)
  10. A lot would depend on the dates considered...When are you planning this? Sounds like fun though!
  11. Well I guess I got the flipside of that photo Kablooey is on the left, and I'm the one with the shorts on his head . And no sign of Tag there either Both of those are beautiful shots! Congratulations on your accomplishment! Now, if I could only find that photo of me in the opposite direction...Caching at the bottom of Ube'Hebe Crater in Death Valley!
  12. You don't think our pirate is a puzzler and that tin can has the clue - do you? No one would go that low to make us work on this during harvest! Anyone look at the back side of the note and did anyone hit it with a black light yet?! Nope...The can has officially been thrown away. The contents of the can were disgusting and I am quite certain that is is not a "clue" to anything aside from this person is a lowlife. On a more positve note, I am looking forward to the upcoming Oktoberfest in Atwater!
  13. We been lookin' forward to this day since last year...arrgghh
  14. I am still unclear as to why Groundspeak moved ANY type of cache away from the Geocaching website. Geocaching is just a hobby/game. There are no prizes to win and everyone plays the "game" the way it fits their likes, schedules, lifestyles, etc...So if someone does not like virtuals, then they don't do them. The same holds true for terrain, public places, remote places, and so on. Personally, I never really cared for locationless caches but I liked having the option to do them should I want to. (or NOT do them!) I know many people that hate micro caches, but they appreciate the option of being able to do them as well. To me, unless I have missed the concept, Waymarking is nothing but an online yellow pages with different types of categories, and you use a GPS to find the store / restaurant / whatever...So I don't see the "game or hobby" aspect of it which is what draws me to the Geocaching website. Geocaching is an outlet at times for myself and my family. I still go to the Waymarking site to check on the changes....I know it is still in Beta which is why I still visit it. I am waiting to see the changes and to see how it evolves. Perhaps I will understand it someday and I am maintaining an open mind for the Waymarking site. Who knows, I just may like it better than Geocaching someday! (Then again, maybe not!!) So I am happy that the Earthcaches are coming back to Geocaching. And yes, I'm afraid that I am one of those individuals that would like to see all of them come back. (Especially web cam caches as I particularly like them!) And yes, I would even be happy to see the locationless ones come back as well!
  15. I sent both Krypton and Nomex all of the information I had, although I am not sure what they can do about it. If indeed, this person is the same geo-coward from New Mexico, I can only wonder how many in this local area will be hit. Oh well...Not much we can do about it. Unfortunately, you find jerks in just about every hobby or sport.
  16. I will send a note to both Krypton and Nomex in the morining.
  17. Who would you suggest I send this information to?
  18. Here is the note left by the geo-coward...
  19. We went to retrieve a travel bug today that made its way from Arizona to Oakdale in about a year ad a half. (It's goal was to reach us). Anyway, DavidT&fisherwoman were kind enough to bring it close enough for us to retrieve yesterday, but once we arrived at the cache location (which we have done in the past so we knew where it was), we found a campbell soup can with the following note attached: "Captain Johnny Campbell World Famous Geo Pirate: Plunder #372, T.B. Kills 218" So needless to say, this coward has stolen a cache, all its contents and the traavel bugs included. The TB wasn't worth anything so it was no big loss for us, but what a schmuck! Last I knew, Pirates were not cowardly and would face their foes...This person is more of a weasel than a pirate. (Although I wish he had the courage to face me face-to-face!) I will post a picture of his note shortly.
  20. Tag loves to travel and would perhaps like to go on a backpacking trip to a place where he can look down on Half Dome. Yosemite does have a Valley and it is indeed Central in California after all.
  21. We have been considering a move lately and have been giving some thought as to how we may want to "advertise" our caches being up for adoption and I was thinking of doing this; First, temporarily disable all of my caches with a note stating that these caches may be up for adoption and to please reply if interested. With the new notification that goes out to any changes in your local area caches, I figured that most would get the message. (Reading it is another story). Then reactivate it shortly thereafter with the same note. It's not a perfect solution but thought maybe I would try it should I be in that situation.
  22. Hey Steve! Welcome to the CVC! And congratulations on shedding the "lurker" skin!!
  23. Well, not quite true...We had some action at your new cache this weekend...I sent an email to you regarding our adventure. (Stopped very short due to a maintenance worker). Although I did forget to mention in the email about the 5 black widows that we had an encounter with at the same time! We killed 4 of the 5. (But I have never seen a black widow in the open like that before...I'm not tallking about something hidden away in a corner...RIGHT next to the sidewalk where everyone was walking!!!) Anyway, we hope to get down there again soon.
  24. I hear that it is going to be a doozy! I am looking forward to attempting a find! don't build it up too much.... I wouldn't say it is better than Tim's... in fact not really all that hard at all. I am proud of it BUT it shouldn't prove to be too difficult! I jsut keep forgetting to take it with me.... I know where I am putting it... just have to get it into my car on my way to Football!!!! You know, "better than Tim's" is all relative. I was proud of that one as well but I have done other caches that I felt were much better than my creation. R.I.P. Tag was one that comes to mind...Laura's rock was absolutly amazing and evil in more ways than one. I appreciate the compliment but am looking forward to the "new and improved" Tag!
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