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  1. Today I received my second ever geocoin, I'm definitely addicted. I can't wait to get enough to start trading, but, I'm still a noobie, so, it will be a while lol. Anyways, second coin, the ghosts of Geocaching Past:






    This is way too much fun, way too many really cool coins out there I'm seeing that I want lol

  2. I hope it's ok to ask a noobie question here, if not, let me know and I'll delete my post :lol:


    What's a mystery coin? I've read about them a couple times, and am not quite clear what they are...


    oh, you are a gone goose now!


    these are the cuties that came today. i just love shaped coins! thanks russ for the trade and ebay for the star.






    I love that shark, that's awesome


    And yes, I can see myself becoming very addicted to geocoins very easily after seeing some of the ones posted here... I have a feeling this is going to get expensive quick lol

  4. I just received mine in the mail today, I'll post photos later. I can't wait to see if anyone discovers it ;)


    And that right there can get your TB page locked. Virtual logging is considered abuse of the geocaching.com system and is not allowed. People have to see your TB in person to log it. Don't post your tracking number in public.


    Edit to add: feel free to post the photos, and I hope you do get discoveries, just understand what I've stated here. Keep your tracking number secret from virtual logging.


    I was going to photoshop out the tracking code from the photos :o


    I'm just waiting for my vinyls to come in before I take the photos

  5. I hope this is the right place to ask this. I am looking for a holster/carrying case for my Vista HCx. I did a quick search on the forums and didn't see any suggestions, and my google search left me wanting. Does anyone have one they would recommend? I just don't want to be carrying it around by the lanyard around my neck all the time :o

  6. That cache that is .02 miles from your home is only about 110 feet away! Use Google Maps to locate the cache. By using landmarks such as trees, houses, etc..., you should be able to locate that cache.


    As for GPS', the Etrex H is Garmin's entry level handheld GPS (not counting the Geko models). They're under $100 but unless your computer supports serial connections, you'll be entering waypoints by hand. The aforementioned Venture HC is a better entry level option. I recommend it for your price range.

    Ok educate me... how will google maps know where the cache is hidden? I know my neighborhood and the approximate location from the geocahing search I did. what would be my next step? Sorry I'm so green! would I be using google maps to get the landmarks?

    I probably should have the person who told me about this take me on a hunt with them, just to see what the process is. But they are out of town and I'm impatient and want to get started, so hopefully my questions aren't too annoying! :o


    With google maps, you can pop in the coordinates of the cache you are looking for, and have it pop up with a pointer to it. That way, you can see the landmarks around it, big rocks, architectural structures, etc, to help you get a clearer idea of where the cache is. The only time it might not work is if the cache is in the middle of a heavily wooded area with nothing but trees around it such as this one at a local park.

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