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  1. Thanks for stepping up and letting us know about the problem and that it was being looked into and resolved. Honesty is the best policy!!
  2. This isn't the first time this has happened and Groundspeak always says there is nothing wrong with the PQ server. I know we only pay $30 for a premium membership, but if there is a problem and they are working on it, it would be nice to hear about it on the forums instead of denying there is a problem. Honesty is the best policy. I'd rather hear there's a problem than not and sit around waiting for a PQ to run for hours!
  3. I'd also like to thank piolitsnipes for creating the macro as well as the excellent tutorial. I've been caching for some time now and for 3-4 years with an iQue 3600 and loved it until it finally died and Garmin no longer will fix them. I've written a few tutorials for friends using the iQue and cachemate and thought you had done an excellent job with yours. I recently bought a Nuvi 750 and followed the tutorial and was very happy with the results. Thanks again!!
  4. I grew up in the area and have spent many hours hiking throughout the Quabbin. I have traveled around our country quite a bit and this is still my favorite place and I still call this area home. In the past I have even been down on the Prescott Peninsula as I was a member of the Swift River Historical Society. Back then there was a member who grew up on the Peninsula, it wasn't a Peninsula when she lived there, it was a hill where her farmstead was, we as a group would travel down the fire access roads by bus with her. I have done quite a few of the caches in the Quabbin when I return to the area for work or to visit family. I would ask all cachers to police themselves when in the Quabbin as the State Police don't really seem to want anyone in the Quabbin, the Rangers are pretty relaxed and enjoy seeing visitors. This area has been called the Accidental Wilderness and I would hate to see Geocaching or any other access to this area restricted by carelessness! Thanks for listening
  5. It would still be nice regardless of all the opinions here that an "Official" statement be released by the Administrators and IT support of this board. I would think if it was simply a lot of backed up PQ's running that were bogging down the server it would be simple to state this again. It doesn't seem plausible that the server could be bogged down for this long of a time frame regardless of what anyone is doing in the area of deleting and recreating PQ's. If this is not the case I feel that an explanation is not only due but overdue, your membership deserves better!
  6. I just created a new query at 3:40pm CST and had it in less than 1 minute. So it appears to be working now.
  7. I am sorry I cannot offer an "official" Groundspeak response. I suspect that many lackeys are enjoying their weekend. I am off to have breakfast with two lackeys myself now, as they are visiting my area for an event. While we understand that you are not able to offer an "official" Groundspeak response. Can you or someone else and Groundspeak tell us if there will be one?!? I think this would pacify a lot of the people who had to cancel plans, spent money on plans that were cancelled or were just angry about the whole situation. From what I've read it seems most are angry with the lack of response from Groundspeak on this. While Raine did respond, I think based on the circumstances most would agree that the assessment given of the situation at the time of that response with what we have seen now was that is was not 100%accurate. Computer/Server problems happen, it's the nature of the beast, disclosure of the problem and the resolution would be the best follow up to this issue in MHO!
  8. Had the same PQ issues as everyone else, even created one early this morning and it never ran. After reading some of the comments I delete this PQ, recreated it and ran it again. Three minutes later I have the PQ. These things happen, but it would be nice to hear from the Groundspeak crew on what the problem was. I know there are posts saying that the server was running fine and we should get them eventually, but if you create PQ earlier today and it doesn't run and then you re-create it and have it three minutes later that answer doesn't seem to fit. It would just be nice to hear what the problem was, honesty is the best policy and I don't think there would have been as many angry cachers if it was presented this way.
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