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  1. One method is to have two apps of Mapsource open. One with your "base data" file that you hope to contain all the tracks (and waypoints, routes if wanted), and the second to open individual saved (named) tracks. Select, copy, and then paste each into your base file.


    I will have to give this approach a try. Seems like a PITA though...I have figured out that I can "see" the track labled "current" in the directory, but anything that I have customed labled, or saved using a custom lable, is there in the directory, but Mapsource doesn't see those files, or import those files when I go to recieve from device. I am also trying saving a track, not naming it, and not choosing to delete current track. My fear, is if I go on a long road trip and want to see where we drove when we get home, or total miles etc. I won't be able to have it broken down into "day 1" "day 2" etc and show on the map if I can't import it. I will have to try the cut and past into the base file method...

  2. Greetings all,


    So, I have a Garmin Oregon 300 and have been trying to "get" the whole track function. I have saved some tracks and have named them; Sunday Drive, Drive to Work, etc... When I get home and go to download them, I can't seem to find them in Mapsource. They are on the GPSr, and I can see the file name, but I can't seem to import them. I can import them into a new Mapsouce file, but would like them to import all into one file. I can drag and drop them into Mapsource, but it opens up a new Mapsource file, and doesn't put them into my "main" file that I have all my waypoints etc in. Any thoughts on how to import those custom named tracks into the one Mapsource document. Any additional questions of clearification let me know and I will see if I can clear it up better if I am not explaining it well enough.




  3. Here is my 2 cents....


    I went with the 300 for several reasons. I liked the idea of the compass and the altimeter so that ruled out the 200. I wanted, at some point, topo, much like you state you want the coastal maps. Think of what your priority is going to be. If it's coastal navigation for for the 400c, but if caching and what not first then maybe coastal, I would go the 300 route. You can always buy a mSD card for your coastal maps, topo, and roads. I have a 8GB card in it and don't feel cramped at all for space.


    I feel the greatest route to go is the 300 with a memory card. I feel, IMHO, it leads to the greatest flexibility of what to add to it later. I have been very happy with the 300 and added road maps to it and some of the topo maps on GPS file depot.

  4. I have had the Oregon 300 for a little over a month and find it to be a great GPSr. I have had no issues with the screen being too dim. I have used it in direct sunlight, filtered sunlight, overcast, and in the dark. I have also used it with the backlight on full time, navigating in auto mode, and a full day of driving and still had juice when I arrived (about 8+ hours on.) Make sure you update to the latest software for the unit. I went from an etrex Vista to the Oregon and I think the Oregon's screen is way better then the eTrex and it's weak backlight. Love the unit, great purchase!

  5. Mmm, bugger, don't really like this function. Anyone know if it can be disabled and will show only the cache you are navigating to? Was geocaching around Downtown Olympia and there were several close by and kept flittering around to other caches and kept loosing the one we were going to.


    I agree with you on the name thing. I would like to see an option to see the cache literal name and not the GC number.

  6. Greetings,


    I don't think I have noticed this before or not, so not sure if it's working as designed or a bug in the 2.95 firmware. I am in Geocaching mode and have a geocache selected to navigate to. When I go into the trip computer screen instead of showing the selected geocache it's showing the nearest one. I don't recall it doing that before. I thought I remembered it showing the one you are navigating to and not the closest. Every other screen shows the arrow etc. to the cache being navigated to and not the closest. Any suggestions or something I am missing on an option screen?

  7. I was out today with my Oregon 300 and was in tree cover and then sunlight with some overcast. I used the backlight from time to time, but never really had a time were I couldn't "see" the screen. Sure it wasn't overly bright, but it didn't stop me from doing what I wanted to do with it. I used a eTrex Vista for a while and had a harder time seeing the scree then with the Oregon. Though I would like it a little brighter, I still really enjoy the Oregon and all the features, haven't regretted the purchase at all!

  8. I messed with a Colorado in the store and was annoyed by the rock n roller thing. I have now had the Oregon 300 for about a month and have been pleased with it. I love the touchscreen and it is much easier for my 8 year old to use over the eTrex. I have also been pleased with the rollouts and features put out with each new firmware. My vote, Oregon.

  9. Which file on the Oregon series contains your waypoints. Not geocaching but the ones you marked on your own, like home, the local coffee shop etc. I have looked and looked and can't find them, I know it's a duh moment! :)

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