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  1. Glad I saw this topic. I was leaning to a HCx over the 60CSx, but now... Now I may wait to see what the reviews of the PN-40 are like, and what the official specs on the Oregon are, then probably move to the 60CSx anyhow. I agree, it seems odd that a handheld unit is having problems keeping track when doing things when it is hand held and not mounted to a bike or car. I also found their response that it is the technology to fault when it worked before the firmware upgrade. That to me sounds like it isn't the fault of the technology, but the upgrade.
  2. No word if the Oregon will include a speaker for Wherigo. Perhaps this is more like their phone, but with the phone features turned off (think iPod Touch vs the iPhone).
  3. Definitely let us know how it works out with the eee. I was thinking the MSI Wind may be cool to.
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