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  1. I have give a answer on the question of the topic starter. He wants to know if a cache of him is logd. It is possible in the way i explaind it. I dont know if he has set a notification. But i think you can play with the options to get the right constelation. I think it is better to get a double notification then not at all. Pherhaps you can also set a filter in your email program to see only the notification you want. And last but not least if you don't want to do it then don't.
  2. If you are a premium member yoy can already do that. Make a bookmarklist with all your caches and mark the option "notify me" Editing details about this Bookmark List Make changes Name Description (1,000 characters) I want to share this list with others Make this list public (show on bookmarked listings) Notify me when items on this list are logged
  3. The bestway is to use get premiuim member. Then you can make pocket queries. If you use the program GSAK you can feed it with those pocket queries and send the information to your palm.
  4. Jurgen & co

    Rss Feed?

    Thanks. Is there a thread about the new forum software because i can't use the search funtion.
  5. Jurgen & co

    Rss Feed?

    Sorry with 8 and several other forums i get a message from my rss-reader that this is not a vallid feed. I got this also wit the german speaking forum i like to follow. But this is repaired.
  6. Networked KML Once you download the KML file from your "my account" page, every time you zoom and pan Google Earth the application queries the web site for caches in the area. http://www.geocaching.com/about/google.aspx
  7. Hi Jeremy You are changing the site and there are thouts about a opportunytie to get data without spidering. Is there in the moment something going one how to get the pictures on a easy way on the a palm. Like a extra bookmarklist for picture from some caches ore something like that. Jurgen & co
  8. Hi Jeremy I know it has already been asked in the past but i cant find the right thread without the search function. You are changing the site and there are thouts about a opportunitie to get data without spidering. Is there in the moment something going one how to get the pictures on a easy way on the a palm. Like a extra bookmarklist for picture from some caches ore something like that. Jurgen & co
  9. In the moment i use I have downloaded that per hand becouse it is new delopment. I do not have the problem.
  10. If you go back to the last page the computer wil get the information out of the cachememory. You can use the F5 ( refresch) buton to update this particular page from the internet.
  11. Ask Garmin. Perhaps ther wil be a firmware updat for that.
  12. Witch hardwere you use? Streets and Trips has the advantage that you can make an optimale route along a serie of caches.
  13. Perhaps this is a good site to automate GSAK and Autoroute/Microsoft Streets and trips.
  14. A change can be a log, a change in the text or coordinates, etc. Why do i download all the caches in the area? I do that so i can see if a cahes is archives. The date of the last GPX is out of range ( old ). Now and then a need a little help from a log to find a cache. It is a problem for me becouse i cache in a big areae so wen i only get the caches how have a change in the last week on a weekly base i onley get a max of 500 caches and my database will not be consistant. Perhase i will surge a cache witch is not availebel or archived. A dnf on the outher region of my cache arear wil not be in the system. In this way i have the almostet good database. Perhaps i will change it in the future i will make the area 300KM and get a PQ only wans a week. A good explanation how pocket queries work ore how to get the best result is explaind on this Site . Please reed it good because it give a manual witch GC.COM dos not give.
  15. Becom premium Member and make Pocket Queries of your region. You can get 500 caches per PQ and 5 a day. I get 3 a day with a max of 200 Kilometer. Now i have 3000 caches and stay up to date. I have used the placingdate to get all in this area. The first one starts on 01-01-2001. I chose the end date in that way so that i have almost 500. The second wan i started on the same date as the first ends. So now i have 8 different PQ i get to times in the week divided over 7 days. Every day i get a pq with caches that have been change in the last week. I hope you understand what i have been doing.
  16. Perhaps you can google on: paperless caching palm then you find a lot of good explanations how to work with palm paperless. I am working with Pocket Queries, GSAK, Cachemate, Spoiler sync,Plucker, TomTom, Autorute. In GSAK is it possible to work with macro's to automate the job.
  17. I have testet other forums but 27,29, 31,33,34,36 give a failer. It looks like the php isn't good. So a problem at Groundspeak.
  18. It looks like a problem with ß from (Große Cacherunde).
  19. I try to read German Speaking. Therfore i put in my RSS-feed reader http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/rss.php?forum=29. But then a get a failer. In the internetbrowser it looks like this. XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/rss.php?forum=29 Line Number 13, Column 35: <title>radioscout: Große Cacherunde? (German Speaking)</title> ----------------------------------^ Do i make a mistake or is it a failer from GC.COM?
  20. This is the latest information i have from GC.COM: Hi Jurgen I know that our administrators are aware of this forum topic. We are in the process of using this feedback to make it easier for our international users to obtain Premium Memberships. Thank you so much for bringing this topic to our attention, and as always, the forums are the best place to propose new ideas! Thanks! Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns. Cheers, Kerry Groundspeak, Inc. - The Language of Location Until there's something changed you can use the solution from HHL.
  21. Hi Clyde After importing a GPX i get a Load Summary. At the end i cab see those caches witch have change from available to Unavailable or the other way around. Is it possible to see wicth caches are new? I like to see those caches who were not pressent in the old database. This would be nice fore those people who want to be the first finders. Jurgen
  22. Hi Xangxa I have made my one batch with Winbatch and it works perfect. It was not so easy for the first time. I have change the discription export from GSAK to %code %typ %con %Hint. So now i only have to say yes in the ballon for the discription. Therfor the loading goes a littelbit faster in Autoroute and i see the same as i would do with your system. In the netherlands Terrain and Difficulty are not so important. But i can always change that easy in the export from GSAK and then i dont have to cange it in the batch. Thanks for the advise and the good idea's. Greeting from the Netherlands Jurgen & co
  23. I have testid again but i have now discoverd that the problem is after importing the csv and going to the sepparatorscreen i come in the end screen it shout give a finish. But instead it go's back and come's again in the Sepperatorscreen and then get hikedup. So the problem is that de Finish button isn't used. Even if i would use your advise of renaming or give a other file as a input it wouldend work. I think the best way is to bild my self a batch file like you have don for Pushpin.exe could you give me some advise witch commands you have used in your Puschpin.exe? With kind reggards Jurgen & co
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