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  1. But GC.COM is counting the pq the produce and not those you get per email. If you have tried to make more then 5 pq a day then gc won't produce anymore. It wil stand in red on top of the page that you try to make more then 5 pq.
  2. Do you know that you can make a maximum of pq a day?
  3. This programm could also be handy.
  4. Perhaps you have made already 5 pq on a day this is the max.
  5. Find a sombody (geocacher) where you can test your GPS ore how can help you at home to test. The problem can be: Computer Software GSAK Cable GPS Settings software Settings hardware. Settings GPS Drivers hardware Are the ports cables connected to the motherboard There can be some problems with settings regarding USB/com Try first to test single PC, Cable and GPS to find where the problem could be.
  6. Do you have other hardware to test your com. of the pc with? You can also look in your system information of your pc if the com port is installed.
  7. It is important that your garmin is hearing in the right modus, set your "Serial data format"to Garmin. You can find that in Main Menu, Setup, Interface.
  8. Try to find some geocachers in your neberhood and do some caches with. So you can lern from there mistakes. The can also help you with the things you dont know and witch are haevy to learn on the internet.
  9. I thry to put my sel on the list on the site of locusprime But I have a mailfailure. Hi. This is the qmail-send program at bouncehost. I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. <gm-announce-subscribe@locusprime.net>: ezmlm-manage: fatal: Sorry, I've been told to reject all requests (#5.7.2) --- Enclosed are the original headers of the message.
  10. Jurgen & co

    Rss Feed?

    The RSSfeeds are working wel until now. One thing I have Discoverd is that in the message I get from the "Geocaching.com website-feed" only the header is displayed. With the others also the the teks is displayed. This is importend for me because i normaly use the preview setting and do not see the real site. A other thing is wen i hit the RSS button a pulldownsreen is opend. Woodend it better to have a pullupscreen because not the hole tekst is displayed. Or you have to scroll the screen again.
  11. Jurgen & co

    Rss Feed?

    Hi Jeremy The new sofware is working for some days now. But i can't see any possibilty of RSS. Will it come? I want to kick this thread. Please give me a answer.
  12. I would advise this macro Cachematelog.txt v1.4 Because this has been updated.
  13. Do you know the macro CacheMateLog.txt in GSAK. This made for this.
  14. Jurgen & co

    Rss Feed?

    Hi Jeremy The new sofware is working for some days now. But i can't see any possibilty of RSS. Will it come?
  15. I miss the posibilty RSS to for every single subforum.
  16. Jurgen & co

    Rss Feed?

    Is there something new about RSS on this forum?
  17. I just saw he i not a prenium member so he can't use those possibilities.
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