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  1. Blindleader,if you take a closer look,you will see on the second link that there are TLE's for "GPS Operational" satellites.When these TLE's are loaded,a "batch prediction" can then be run giving information as to what satellites should be in sight of the co-ord's you enter. I don't have a telescope,but the program still works for me
  2. Try this lot for some planning help: Download satellite tracking software here: http://www.heavenscape.com/download.html Download TLE's(two line elements) here: http://celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/ Input your location co-ordinates and you can look at projected passes of the satellites Hope it helps
  3. Anyone travelling on the South Western Highway between Walpole and Manjimup like to do where's in a name at this point: S34 46 425 E116 30 xxx (176 should be right on the highway) South co-ordinates are from "Fivegallon",i tracked the "easting" to the highway for an easy hit Another option:At E149 41 xxx (339?) should be close to the Old Hume Highway,approximately 3km S/E of Goulburn
  4. I spend a quite a lot of time on "GPS Units and Software" Topic,trying to take in the wealth of information it provides. Quite often people are posting very useful links to software etc.... Any chance of "pinning" a topic where people can post their links,with a brief description as to what it's pointing to? Might be useful
  5. Is it possible to cheat at something that is not a competition? Can't quite get the head around that! Very SAD! And Leet speak.........FFS! Not required here
  6. A nickname given to me about 5 years ago whilst working at a refinery...purely based on the size of my bonce! I'm happy that my mate was called Ten-gallon. It still sticks with me when i get back to Oz a couple of times each year. Here in the Philippines it's Big-Dog.
  7. I personally have no probs with this thread,but there appears to be two rules..... And subsequently locked Then: CO Admin Posted on Nov 29 2003, 09:27 PM QUOTE (CYBret @ Nov 29 2003, 09:15 PM) QUOTE (Webfoot @ Nov 29 2003, 11:00 PM) TRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAINING SIR! What kind of training? AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRMY TRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAINING SIR! Or maybe i missed something and got confused
  8. Just tried EasyMPS.....brilliant...thanks for the tip
  9. Jaime,there's more chance of "that cool foam stuff" affecting you rather than animals,environment etc.... This stuff is dangerous,if you use it be sure to wear gloves,a long sleeve shirt,long pants/trousers,and a decent pair of goggles. Whatever you do,DO NOT let the kids near it. Be careful,and good luck decorating your hide.
  10. Baa Baa Edit: mental note to self.....read ALL instructions in future
  11. Great job guys.I've shown my appreciation by becoming a Premium Member. Good to see the subscription dollars at work.
  12. OK,i've done the right thing and become a premium member,when do i get my red cross? Edit: oops,my bad. Always better to read instructions first
  13. i purchased my gps on-line from the US for AUD$395....the same unit retails in OZ for around AUD$850 further research on different makes and models shows this is fairly common...and the same goes for software Mapsend Worldwide Basemap for around AUD$150 from the US....retails for AUD$300 in OZ
  14. maybe a comparison of caches/cachers for each country could throw some more light on the subject? the resultant ratio may prove interesting....or not
  15. Bobthearch;with the display being at the bottom and buttons up top,do you find this easier or a bit more clumsy?
  16. Thanks for all the feedback so far.Interesting comments and preferences. Boromir;glad you mentioned about antennae,i'm just searching the forums at the moment looking for comparisons. Thanks once again for your input. For the record;i have a Magellan map330,but am looking at possibly an Etrex Vista(mainly due to the size factor)
  17. Not sure of the best ones,but you can get a list of all of them here http://www.roblisa.com/geocache/ Hope this helps
  18. If you were looking to purchase a new unit to be used ONLY for Geocaching,what one would you pick and why? Don't let price be a factor(but don't just nominate the most expensive one) Look forward to your suggestions!
  19. On my pc i have the WORLDWIDE BASEMAP,this is a lightly detailed map of the world that allows you to build up a database anywhere on the map. The basemap on my GPS is the Australian Basemap,which is very well detailed. I purchased the worldwide basemap as i travel a lot for my work.I would like to take the detailed basemap from the gps and incorporate this to the lightly detailed worldwide basemap on my pc.
  20. I have a Magellan Map330 loaded with the Australian Basemap.How do i download this to my Worldwide Basemap on my laptop. I can download waypoints/routes/tracks ok. The reason i want to do this is to create tracks etc using the laptop and then upload them to the GPS later.Working on the laptop is simpler for measuring distances etc.
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