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  1. This comparison might help. It is fairly balanced and from a reasonably neutral party. If you have never used either, there will be a learning curve. There is a lot of overlap on what they do and how they do it, but they are basically as different as Windows/Intel desktops and Macintosh. Asking which is better is like asking about "Ford versus Chevy" or "Nintendo versus Playstation". Personally, I like Palm OS handhelds. I think the learning curve is horter and they tend to be much better on battery capacity. Check out a shareware programs at www.palmgear.com; search for "geocache" or "geocaching". There are a number of titles available that are very inexpensive. The one I wrote is called GC Logger--yes I have reason to be biased for Palm. Hope this helps, Dave_W6DPS Had a read of the article,fairly interesting stuff. Doesn't make my choice any easier,but i am learning lots. Thanks
  2. Great,thanks for your input. Do you use a pocket pc yourself? If so,which one?
  3. A PPC, or PocketPC actually refers to the operating system that runs on a PDA, or personal data assistant. Palm is also an operating system that runs on a PDA. In other words, Palm and PPC are two different methods to run a PDA. Because they are so different, they of course run on different hardware. So, you cant take a PPC operating system and install it on a device designed for Palm, and vice versa. Think Apple and PC. So, if someone says they use a PPC, they are specifying an operating system and a hardware type. Also, applications (software) are generally designed for one or the other. Just like the hardware, an application designed for the palm wont run on the ppc. Make sense? As for the iQue, it is a Palm based device with a build in GPS. Very nice, save one big thing: I hear the battery life is pretty bad. You can add a GPS unit to any PPC that has a compact flash slot (CF for short). For details regarding that, do a search on "CF GPS" or "compact flash GPS" or maybe even "bluetooth", but thats a different story. I know, it sounds really complicated. Its not though. There is a learning curve, but you're in for that no matter what you choose, Palm or PPC. Thanks,that has definitely cleared up some grey areas.
  4. The online article doesn't contain some of the specifics about the 60C. It also doesn't include the rating for each. Here is how he rated them. Garmin GPSMap 60C Garmin IQUE 3600 Magellan Meridian Color Traveler Lowrance IFinder Pro (and a budget value) Cobra 500 Jeremy,just out of interest,and without trying to incite the usual debates: your review of the iPaque3600 suggested "not rugged enough for the trail": - was this the only downside to this unit?
  5. OK,i need to show my ignorance here and ask this one: What is a PPC - obvious acronym aside that is! Is it a non-Palm PDA? Does it cover a variety of PDA's? Had a look at the Garmin iQue - that's a pretty awesome looking unit. Did i read correctly? Does it have a GPS built-in? If that is the case,it appears to be a good deal.
  6. Just spent an hour reading through lots of old posts but ended up confused. What's the difference between Palm and PPC? More to the point,which one requires the least third party apps? I'm unsure if i'm needing a Palm,an Ipaq,or some other option. What i'm after is the PDA that will help me to cache,with the least number of steps to get the info onto said PDA Money is no object
  7. Ok,i just gave this a shot (first time for everything),exported it as a csv file and with some manipulation in excel it's an easy enough process. Just delete coloumns not required,maybe change page orientation,adjust column widths and you're good to go. Maybe some of the more regular users can offer up some ideas also
  8. Actually, that is, of course, the number of active caches out there. That be the exact reason i mentioned it in the original post:
  9. i just took a look at the Garmin site,took about 2 minutes to find what you're after. eMap Manual The link was on this page
  10. Firstly , it's Rottnest Island Secondly , it's not full of rats More info can be found here This will tell you what a quokka is,along with lots of other information.There's also some pics showing some of the sensational beaches and other activities on the island
  11. A quick look in About Geocaching will tell you this : "As of today, there are 86831 active caches in 199 countries." This would suggest we have some breathing space.I'm sure people will be quick to point out that these are only "active" caches , but i'd say it's a fair indication. Edit:put correct page and link in
  12. It only takes a couple of seconds and a couple of mouse clicks to copy and paste your log as a note in either GSAK or Watcher. I realise this would be tedious for those that already have hundreds of logs,but for any future logs it may save some angst.
  13. Lifted to avoid more topics on GSAK being opened and possibly left unanswered
  14. Rosco,you'll never stop people reading too much into things at times,so don't go beating your head against the wall,it'll just start to hurt. If the cache was nearby,i'd do it.If for nothing else than to simply enjoy what this is all about...having FUN.
  15. This link may help if you haven't seen it already Paperless Caching by mtn-man Or there's this one Geocaching Without Paper by CYBret Hope these help
  16. Couldn't put a name to my new avatar,but it LIKES cats
  17. I'm tipping this will be a no-win situation. If it gets changed to reflect the correct number of "total" logs,someone is sure to come back and say, "hey,there's only 6 logs here and the total says 45,must be a bug". Edit:typo
  18. Not really. It just appears to be on local time, because it's performing an offset calculation before displaying the time to you. Internally, it's UTC all the way. Storing the track times in the local setting is pretty much a bad idea, especially if you have a unit that automatically adjusts the offset for DST. Think about it, and you'll see why. Ok,i understand what you mean with the first part and UTC. But why is it a bad idea to store in local time(even given DST)? Wouldn't it be better to be out by one hour rather than eight hours?(be a lot better to not be out at all obviously) All that said Prime,what are the options apart from altering the file after the fact? BTW:I appreciate the lesson Edit:just another thought as i pushed the submit button. Ok,it's performing an offset calculation,fine.But if it can report the local time on the display,why isn't it programmed to give the local time when downloading tracks etc? (that's not a question btw,just thinking out loud)
  19. Being the "Topic Starter" , you have an option (near the bottom left corner of the page) to close the topic,it's in the drop-down box.
  20. Pilty,as was quite clearly pointed out to you in This topic that YOU started,removing your post is not possible.Other options were offered. Maybe you just "slipped" and forgot huh?
  21. Anyone else using the Mapsend Worldwide BaseMap have ideas on this one?
  22. Yep,spot on ClayJar! Definitely BBB! It would appear "the author" is unfamiliar with the term "Hypocrite"
  23. I think what you're after here is "projecting a waypoint". In the Manual this is described on page 35 of 76 (page 45 of 86 in this pdf doc.)
  24. Jamie, what i have just found is a way to change the details(ie the time) AFTER you d/l the track.But ideally configuration setting is what we need. To change AFTER: right click on the details on one of the track nodes and you are given an option to CHANGE Time and Date. Edit:took out irrelevant comments and tidied up bracketed comment
  25. Magellan Map 330 Mapsend WorldWide BaseMap Software Toshiba TE2100 1.6GHZ ,512MB Ram, 32MB GeForce 420Go ,20Gb HDD Standard Magellan Coms link to serial port Item 730335 Specifics:After downloading a track from my GPS i open it up in the said software.The control centre allows you to play back the track.The field showing the time is never showing the correct time,it is 8hrs out. Given that the two countries i have done this in are both GMT+8hrs,it would appear that it is showing GMT.After much searching i am unable to come up with any means of changing this.Maybe you can help
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