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  1. There should be an icon for caches that show weather it is in a mosquito area or not a mosquito area. Some are out in the open and have no mosquitos were some are deep in a bush where you can't even sign the log book without getting eatin. This would help prep people if they should bring spray or long sleve shirts. Also with the west nile virus it would help people with small children to stay away from those caches if tey are west nile aware. Just my 2 cents seems like we have icons for everything else :ph34r: later all


    If we get to an area that should have mosquitos and there are none, who do we complain to?

    The cache owner or Geocaching.com? <_<

  2. Jeremy,


    Couldn't an exception be granted for those of us who, through no fault of our own, find it necessary to suddenly become part of the Witness Protection Program? The thing is, those U.S. Marshals are kinda picky about severing ALL ties with the past.


    Thanks for your consideration,




    cache_test_dummies Phil Johnson


    it's a known fact that anyone involved in the Witness Protection Programme waive their rights to any links to Geocaching as a whole, whether it be physically out and about looking for/hiding caches, or in your armchair gobbing off in the forums....

  3. The topic has been edited:


    I think that users should be able to change their display name once a year for their geocaching account. There would be a static username, that would be visible once the display name was clicked on to see the profile.


    The reason I think that users whould be able to change their display names, is that like me, many users may just want to start geocaching before thinking of a very good name. "Mdccxxvii" is what I'm stuck with, unless I start anew, which would be annoying, even though I've found only five caches.


    mopar, move along cobber, give me some wall space....

  4. I'm pretty new so please bear with me.... Why would one want to hide their stats? What harm is there in having them seen by others? I'm not being a smarta** - I'm asking a serious question.

    because you enjoy an activity, doesn't mean you necessarily want the world to know about it.....


    ex-spouses come to mind... :blink:

  5. Thanks for the quick replies. I will check out the Delorme software.


    As for being able to "spring" for the software , it is really much simpler than not having the money. I didnt get the cable out of shear laziness..... and the fact that it has taken some time to finally get my wife involved in geocaching. Now that she enjoys it more, it is getting a little old punching numbers in by hand AND it is easier to justify the expense if the wife is a part of it.


    Also, the fact that I have 4 computers wirelessly connected throughout the house and to the internet via fiber optic line may have stressed my "fun" budget a bit. I think my wife thinks I have enough gadgets as it is..... Is that possible?

    A man can NEVER have too many gadgets (toys)!!.


    Good luck with your caching... :anitongue:

  6. I have been a Geocacher for a number of years (very on and off) partially due to the PIA of manually entering the coords into the Etrex. Yes I could buy a more expensive device but I am kind of attached to the little yellow bugger. Anyway, I currently purchased the cabling that will enable me to have my laptop connected to the Etrex connected to power.


    My question is, what is a good inexpensive software package to use with this bucket of bolts I have cluged together?javascript:emoticon(':lol:')

    smilie would really like something where I can download my tracks to a map and see where Ive been.......


    I'm sure some of you more seasoned Geocachers have opinions out there.


    Thanks in advance for your support.

    If it's taken you a number of years to "spring" for a cable for your gps, i'm doubting there is any mapping software in your budget range....

  7. I would also like to see a more integrated forum/search hybrid interface.

    I would like to see the site use object-based incremental emulation combined with a polarised exuding toolset enforcing a mandatory modular contingency, while at the same time utilizing cross-group real-time methodology. But that's probably just me.

    If that means a buddy list - then yup I agree.


    Otherwise I fear it would disrupt the nutrino flow theory of divergent dimensional physics.

    Not only that. They would need to up-skill the hamsters in the use of the latest transmodifier they would need to install...

  8. I am going on a 3month boat trip (work unfortunately)

    I was hoping to to do some tracking on my laptop using my Mapsend Worldwide Basemap software (looking to possibly pick up some Secondary Confluence Points - Or Primary if available!)

    Laptop (and me) will be based in a control room (read 20ft seacontainer) hence the need for external antenna

    Current GPSr is Magellan Map330 - good enough unit for me but needs to be outdoors so won't help me greatly on this trip


    Any ideas/suggestions??

  9. Life is too short to have to go and visit all my PQs every day.

    Life is not so short...it's the longest thing we do (apart from being dead i guess??)


    Unless you have plans for later?? :laughing:

  10. supposedly, the base map is shown on screen when you zoom out, and its better to have a base map and detailed map.

    and they charge 300 so people like me can not get a cheap unit from the US and have a base map as well i guess!!



    Thats not exactly true.

    I bought my Magellan from the US for about half the cost that i would have paid in Australia (got it on E-Bay). It came with the Australian basemap.


    Best bet is to contact the seller and see if they will help you out.


    I also purchased the Mapsend Worlswide Basemap (in Oz), as i couldn't find an easy way to get the cheap US price.

    IT cost me near 300 locally.


    The WWBM won't do what the pre-loaded Australian basemap does.

    It works for me because i'm rarely in Oz.




    Oh and the Hugh Jazz persona does not hunt micros and will never place one unless it is a really, really, BIG one.  Yes it is possible to place a huge (and by huge I mean five gallon sized) log-only microcache. As you will see.


    I find this offensive


    (and by huge I mean five gallon sized)


    What exactly are you implying here?? :D



  12. ok, is it possible then to do "all caches found", that were placed BEFORE xxxx date?


    i would think this may give you what you need??

    No, this won't work either. When I find, let's say, 20 caches in a weekend, the placed date of them could be spread over the whole range, requiring me 10 PQs to get all the new finds. Not good, right? Fortunately, Jeremy said he is working on a special "all found" GPX. I can't wait! :)



    just had to retract that suggestion as the problem gets clearer...Doh!!

  13. Actually, no - I can't.


    Of course, that was my preferred approach: Assuming I'm current with my finds, it would be GREAT to have a PQ that returns:


    All Caches found after date XX/XX/XXXX


    Unfortunately, if you look at carefully at the PQ options, what you actually have options for are:


    All caches found that were PLACED after date XX/XX/XXXX


    (or any variation of placement date: Before, after, between dates).


    But, the "filter" is the PLACEMENT date, not the found date. This caused me some confusion early on, and I was assuming that a PQ would return my most recent 500 finds. Not the case.


    Does this make sense?

    ok, is it possible then to do "all caches found", that were placed BEFORE xxxx date?


    i would think this may give you what you need??


    sorry,can't check myself just now due to my PM lapsing and lack of renewal thus far (where i work i think there is only 1 cache in about a 200mile radius, so not much caching for a while)


    Having just cracked 2K finds, I know have to burn 4 PQs (of my available 20, or 20%) just to get a listing of all my finds.

    Ummm...is it not possible to create a PQ of all your finds AFTER a certain date? This would negate your requirement to continually d/l all your previous finds no?

  15. Actually, there is already a complex heuristic system in place that scans forum posts for users who complain about approval time, and automatically drops them to the bottom of the list.

    Maybe the proper thing to do is find out why it's taking 3 days to get cache's approved. Doesn't sound like the norm. And what's wrong with Premium members getting faster service? Just another incentive for people to buy memberships. And the more memberships purchased, the better the services will be from this website. Then, instead of premium members complaining about taking too long, the folks that choose not to pay can complain about it taking too long.

    Reviewers are volunteers

  16. perhaps the Emailing them thing would work, but that does not address the topic I posted. I'd like to see that feature added to PQ's so I don't have to go through all of that happy horse s***. PQ's are supposed to make our lives easier, if you can query the database from the user profile page, you should be able to hit the database with the same search criteria from a PQ. It would just be nice , I do know how to find the info the old tedious way, I am just darn lazy and would like to have the work done for me.

    I wouldn't hold my breath on the request.Given the guidelines i would say your situation would be exception rather than the rule.

    Depending on when the guideline was put into place would obviously have a bearing on how many times the problem will come up.

    Request away! Good luck.

    Hopefully the email solves your current problem.

  17. The radius  feature in the PQ's is limited, the user I have in mind has caches all up and down theeast coast, arount 3000 miles.

    That seems fairly unusual due to the guidelines on maintaining caches:


    "Placing Caches on Vacation / Beyond Your Maintainable Distance


    Placing caches on vacation or outside of your normal caching area is unacceptable and these caches may not be approved. As the cache owner you are obligated to be in a position to manage your caches, and caches placed on vacation require someone else to maintain them for you. It is not uncommon for areas to be cleared, trails to be blocked or closed, objects used for virtual or multi-caches to be moved or removed, etc. You must be able to react to negative cache logs and investigate the location quickly. Please be responsible. This guideline applies to all types of caches including virtual caches.


    The territory in which a geocacher is able to maintain caches responsibly will vary from one person to the next. An active geocacher who regularly visits areas hundreds of miles apart can demonstrate their ability to maintain a cache 100 miles from home. A geocacher whose previous finds and hides are all within 25 miles of their home would likely not see their cache listed if placed 250 miles away from their home.


    If you have special circumstances, please describe these on your cache page or in a note to the approver. For example, if you have made arrangements with a local geocacher to watch over your distant cache for you, that geocacher’s name should be mentioned on your cache page."


    That being the case - maybe you could email the owner and ask if they would mind doing a one-off pq of their own caches and have them email that to you....

  18. I would like to be able to run a PQ with the search conditions "Placed by" so I can find all caches placed by any user whose caches I'd like to find.  From a users profile I can search for all caches placed by that user,it would be great to have it in a PQ so I can get them all in one GPX file instead of having to go to each cache page to download them one by one. I see no way of doing this right now from the generate PQ page,am I missing it? if not how hard would it be to make this possible?



    :unsure:  B)  ;)  B)  B)  B)  B)  ;)  ;)  :D  :D

    You could use the likes of GSAK to filter on "placed by"....

    I'd have to do 100's of PQ's as the users I want to search have caches in many states

    only if there are hundreds of users' caches you wanted to find....


    pick a cache in an area by user #1

    set up a pq for caches in that area

    d/l pq into gsak and filter


    repeat for each user whose caches you want to find


    if there are in fact hundreds of different users' caches you wish to find , a filter won't help you...just a general pq

  19. I would like to be able to run a PQ with the search conditions "Placed by" so I can find all caches placed by any user whose caches I'd like to find. From a users profile I can search for all caches placed by that user,it would be great to have it in a PQ so I can get them all in one GPX file instead of having to go to each cache page to download them one by one. I see no way of doing this right now from the generate PQ page,am I missing it? if not how hard would it be to make this possible?




    You could use the likes of GSAK to filter on "placed by"....

  20. I have a Loc. files in but the center point is not set, I have my home set but all the distances are thousands of miles away still for the local caches.

    From your other post it would appear your home coordinates are set correctly. However, home is only one of the many locations you can have in GSAK and you need to set it as your current centre point to have GSAK show all the caches in the distance from your home.


    To set "Home" as your current centre point click on Home button on the toolbar. home.png


    Some times you want to see caches that are close to other caches, so you then set that cache as your current centre point. To do this right mouse cick on the cache, and select "set this cache as centre point"




    You can also set post codes as your centre point (certain countries only). See the main menu Centre Point=>Post code...



    Clyde , is it possible to code the "postcode" side of things so we can just punch in a name and the correct postcode comes up?


    If you're caching in unfamiliar territory it's likely you'll know the name but not the postcode

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