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  1. Hmmm, when did that happen? I think I only read about the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor but I will admit History is not my strongest subject I do believe Minimike2 is quoting John "Bluto" Blutarsky in Animal House. She told me that they don't have TVs in Montana. Maybe they don't have movie theaters either... LMAO MJ, and you didn't believe me until now I bet. Never have mine on except for Vikes football Maybe I outta catch up on some movies other than Twilight huh? Tsun I too am a Vikings fan and Twilight!!!!! I have seen the new movie 4 times... and was sad watching the football game last night!
  2. My dad (JohnMac56) just told me that today was the last day to activate any geocoins for the new race and that I didn't ahve any entered into this race, so he gave me a coin to activate. TGDBM1 Todies Wild Ride II: Wish You Were Here So here is my entry. He will put it into a cache today before the deadline.
  3. Sorry to hear about your boss. I am glad he was wearing all his gear. My prayers for his full recovery. It is stories like this that reminds us there is more to be done for bike awareness. Auto pilot is for planes not highways. Thanks... I talked to him today and he sounds a lot better then he did yesterday so things are looking up!!
  4. Hey all... I found out today that my boss was hit on his bike yesterday . Please keep him in your prayers and everyone out there safe. He is very lucky he wasnt killed, but will be out of work for a few weeks. He has two broken wrests and a few bumps. They say that if he hadnt been wearing all his gear he would have been killed. So thank God he is doing ok. Please, Please all of you that ride wear your gear! It really does help. All the prayes for a safe recovery and I hope to see him back at work in a few weeks. ALLWAYS WEAR YOUR GEAR!!!
  5. It wont load up for me or my dad too. I had a hard time loading up Groundspeak too.
  6. WOW Thanks for the update. Hope it will all work out in the end and the coins are great too... Can't wait for them to go on sale so I can get a few of the Turtles!
  7. I guess the Coin Dropping Fairy or someone else who believes in fairies like I do must have seen my dad's post because I found this in our stack of mail today. This coin is now my all-time favorite coin and I have already picked out the perfect spot for this coin among all my other fairy collectibles. I especially like Tinkerbell, but I think the Coin Dropping Fairy may just bump Tink out of the top spot now. Here is picture of my new favorite coin with a couple of my favorite Tink items. So, THANK YOU to the Coin Dropping Fairy and to whoever sent me this wonderful gift! My dad thinks he knows who sent it (if it wasn't TCDF), but he is mean and won't tell me.
  8. WOW I got to get in on something. Im to slow most of the time and then I miss out on all the cool new stuff!
  9. 243 coins 29 lbs SHARE THE ROAD, we all have equal right to it!!!!
  10. 250 Coins 23 LBS SHARE THE ROAD, we all have equal right to it!!!!
  11. After a long 4 days of driving back and forth from Burbank and 8 hours of a class each day, I came home to find a nice black shiney package waiting for me. I got it late yesterday and was so tired from the weekend that I just went to sleep. So today I thought that I should log on and put this up. Now I knew what it was, cuz Johnmac56 is my dad and he got one. So I knew the moment that I saw this package what it was. So I open it up and sure enought I was right. What a nice looking coin it is and it is also my first mystery coin too. Now Johnmac56 is a little upset cuz he has to "share" his coin with Johnslady56 and I got my own. But hey I got one and thats the best part. The number on mine is #305. And THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  12. Driving distracted reduces your chances of seeing a problem, PAY ATTENTION!!!!!
  13. To all of those who have lost someone in a crash or other reasons, please feel free to let me know. My pocket coin for TWR is for you all. This coin is to remember those who we have lost. If you would like to know more about it all you have to do is ask. I am more then willing to have people discover this coin even if we arent face to face. you can check it out at: TB2KZME TWR: Ghost Riders Thanks and be safe out there where ever you are
  14. Just finished setting up my pocket coin for TWR! It is: TB2KZME Todies Wild Ride PC: Ghost Riders Please, could someone take a look at this coins page and let me know if it needs any editing. I think I got all the typos out of it. Oh yeah, PAY ATTENTION, SAVE A LIFE!
  15. Working on a PC will get it up ASAP. Hopefully later tonight or tomorrow.
  16. Well the first coin that I won in these cointests is a coin that I would like to doas a "pocket coin", but I don't have my hands on it. I hope that it will find its way to SoCal and then I can get my hands on it and turn it into a "pocket coin". It has two stories to tell, so that is why I would make it into a pocket coin.
  17. Congratulations on the awesome coin Riley!!! And even though your birthday is over now Geo.error, I just finished doing an awesome series of caches and was thinking of you when we were out finding them all. The cache series is called the Smiley Series. All the caches are placed in the shape of a Smiley, and I know how much you like Smiley's. So, after I logged them all, I grabbed a screen capture of them to show you. If you want to see them, you can do a search for 'The Smiley Series' on gc.com... I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!
  18. Riders face more hazards than drivers, so PLEASE give them/us extra room!!!!! La Kings won over the Ducks 4 to 3!!! GO KINGS GO!!!
  19. Riders face more hazards than drivers, PLEASE give us extra room You released a new coin for Todies Wild Ride
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